[AW+] and in the book of Nathan the prophet,
[AW; D'Neville Library; Prompt #1]
Prompt: Inferni I's birthday is 24 October -- why not celebrate by learning a little clan history? Check out the large book in the D'Neville library, or talk to a fellow clanmember about the past.; 323 Words

Prophet had decided to make her way to the library in order to check out what was in there. She had heard of the history book that was contained there and was eager to check it out. She wanted to see what was written about her relations. She was curious about the numerous great things that they had accomplished. Or at least she was assuming that was what the book was about. She was hoping that there would be some amount of redemption for their name in there. It might even give her some ideas as to what she could do herself. She wanted to end up getting recorded into this book as well.

Once she got into the library she noticed that the book was much larger than she could have ever imagined it to be. She wasn't certain how she was supposed to manage to get that down without giving herself away. She uttered curses in her head and wished that Stigmata was here to retrieve it for her. She felt fairly certain that he would do it without any questions. Perhaps he would even desire to take a look at it himself if he hadn't already done so himself.

Instead she settled with pulling down something easier for her to manage in her supposed condition. She ended up finding a pamphlet and pulling down down. The robed female eased her way down to the floor to sit with her staff resting across her lap. She frowned as she read from the pamphlet. What was written there ascertained that they were doing the correct thing. The wolves needed saving if this was what they produced. She would be certain to show this to Stigmata. He could use it in his sermons. Even Messiah could do with seeing it as well. He had been worried about the path that he was on and no doubt this would reaffirm his faith as well.

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