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Sam had a slow start at meeting the locals in the southern peninsula of Nova Scotia, but now that he wasn't in as much of a hurry he had been going from one place to another, but steered clear of packs until his father was back to his normal self. He got a fever one night and Sam had to nurse to old man back to health. It worried Sam but he knew his father would pass away soon. It wasn't that time though. Shaw was still strong, still alive, and fighting to stay that way. He brooded more often now that they visited Shaw's old home, so it was normal when Sam got up and saw his father in the same spot he figured it was better than getting worse. Packing was easy, though they had some things for trade, bottles, herbs, leathers, skins, even some wood carvigns his father made, most of what Sam took out was small and easy to put in the back of the large wheeled wagon, including his father.

Sam figured today would be as good a day as any to visit the next pack, from what his father had said it was called Cour des Miracles, and it was full of interesting wolves, possibly including his one time mate Orin, though he wasn't sure and it seemed to Sam he didn't want to find out. Sam stopped at the borders with a bit of a plan, to get gossip, trade and of course, tell stories. At the edge of the borders the young man Stopped Fran and lifted his head, singing a musical voice, one he had inherited from his mother.
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William had had a long a horrendous time in Nova Scotia. But yet it felt nice to finally be freed of the curse and pursuit of false love. He would help to raise his boy knowing that the mother would have another love in her hands. It was funny how this didn't hurt but yet all he worried for was the child yet to be born. He gently and gingerly played his fiddle dawning his suit and hat.

The young and fat bird , a ruffed grouse, by the name of Steven followed the British dog. The Brit would once be angered by the bird but in all honesty the creature made him happy. And so the two walked on letting the music take them wherever it wished to travel. There was no refusing the music.

But almost as if to drive the music he there came a wondrous sound. Will knew it must have been a wanderer looking for entry but why. Or was it a trader. Oh how Will felt lost at times in this feral world. Without another second he howled in return going towards the lad who had made such a wondrous sound. But of course he never stopped playing his fiddle. "Excuse kind sir what business do you have here?" Will smiled attempting to keep things friendly. Maybe this boy could be an interesting friend.
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Sam waited patient and a return call came, then the noise of a fiddle. Sam's ears perked at the noise. He didn't really know the instrument until the man came into view. It was a strange sight and Sam cocked his head in curiousity and bright eyes as he came closer. The fiddle playing never stopped and Sam wagged his tail at the tune itself. It was pretty entertaining to him and he would love to learn it for his flute sometime, perhaps it could be exchanged for a story or something. Who knew.

"Good day, my name is Samual Menue, I'm here to learn new stories, perhaps give news to other packs, or even trade." He said with a smile; "I sure would love learning that tune you are playing with that fiddle. I have a knack with the flute myself." He motioned at the wagon where his flute was packed away. Then he remembered his father and felt a little foolish. "The elder in the back is my father Shawchert, he is probably resting right now, but do not worry, he can't do anything to harm anyone." He said. Though Shawchert had deminished in weight he could not deminish in height and as tall as he was, he was a formidable creature, though a sad looking one at the moment.
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