[P] on the heels of war and wonder
p. lycaon

The day was clear despite the oncoming cold, the leaves on the trees turning all sorts of vibrant shades of browns and golds, clinging on to the branches that had held them throughout the summer with all of the strength they could muster. Jade eyes—the color that the leaves had been before they had took on the hues that told all who saw them that fall would becoming, winter in its wake—studied their surroundings, chocolate brown fur fluffed up against the wind. A purple shirt shielded the male from some of the cold, brown pants protecting his legs as well, a cloak hanging from his back, although the fingers of cool breeze still pierced through his chocolate fur, rubbing against his skin with a certain harshness that made him realize that he was still alive—no wonder Valencia had said that she liked the cold.

In the silence that was cast over the forest he padded through, he had time to think. And although there were many things that swirled around in his mind, Eugene had wanted to leave the pack's territories in order to get a bit of peace and quiet that would not be interrupted by the numerous concerns he held. One of the reoccurring thoughts that kept showing up: his mother. He couldn't remember when she had left, distracted by the cold, although he missed her. And he hadn't exactly taken to Abigail when she had joined, seeing as she had been part of the reason his mother had left the pack.

Eugene gave a sigh and continued walking, moving along the forest floor as cautiously as he could, although it seemed as if he hadn't been paying very good attention to his surroundings. Twigs cracked beneath his paws, possibly attracting unwanted attention. A groan now slipped past his maw and he continued walking, not caring who saw him at this point.

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