[AW] Pretty Pretty
Oh how love made a man softer than ever.

Lycaon was soft at heart but Nadia made him softer than ever. He even wandered out to the fort to continue his project to make it pleasing to the eye and a sanctuary to the plants. He had been bombarding the place by weeding( A non lethal transfer to another location) and trimming trees (saving each trimming for art projects and arrows). It was odd but the man was happy doing all of this work He lifted beds cleaning under them and even moved or lifted people to get the job done.

He was dedicated to his job and as he watched the land change it was turning around although he still had vines left to cut after his 10 hour session of cleaning. His eyelids were saggy but the man was still full of energy and rushed from place to place cleaning and picking up any rubble. It was easier than most thought but he needed help as he didn't know what to do with the left overs. Where were they to be place? How could he keep this place clean? What organizational pattern should he use?

All questions that the man pondered about for the session he took.

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