The Bigger the Fish the Better
Storm, Black Lake
Anny had a long week and felt tired and depressed. he had kids around the corner and he hated to have to deal with such things especially when he wished to be fully charged on the birth of his kids. Whether or not he'd be able to forget the hellish day his sister and storm went into his home was a mystery. All he knows is he could have handled it better and the damn kids should have been more mature. Anny knew he could kill Storm and Cat without a single second where they could fight back.

But he hated to go to violence and they were family. One was adopted family and the other blood. but it doesn't matter they were family either way and he would protect family not hurt them. And so he had invited storm out on the raft to fish. He still looked around for the boy as Anny cast his line into the water pondering about the life he chose. Obviously he made good decisions. But then why was he being punished. It made no sense to Anny. Maybe it was his sister. No, Anny dropped the ball a long time ago but he sees his sister trying to better herself for the kid which is respectable as long as she keeps at it.

The important thing now is to make amends with a dear friend of his. Anny felt horrid for making the mute angry and he himself was distressed every night about that day. He felt he lost two people at once.
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