[P] Gone Fishing
[p] - Aindrea
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Storm wasn’t sure why he’d asked Aindrea on a fishing trip. He liked the tall, white furred wolf very much, but their last meeting had not ended well. The winter storm eyed youth was in a transition phase and sometimes….sometimes nothing, stuff just happened. Anyway, Storm was trying to mend a few fences, so he’d invited the older luperci.

Now he stood on the jetty which projected into black lake, and tied up to it was a canoe for two, loaded with provisions and fishing gear, all very neatly stowed. The youth reckoned that they could row out to the floating platform, there they could dive off, fish and perhaps Storm could teach his pack mate a little about free diving.

Autumn had well and truly set into the land, but the evergreens that surrounded the lake seemed to hold a memory of summer, and of course the clear, early morning sky helped a lot too. There was a little bite to the air, but that had never stopped Storm diving into the lake, or any body of water before, and it was unlikely it’d stop him today. Taseko wasn’t going to be with them today, so he hoped that the older wolf was good at using his non-verbal communication and was remembering how to read body language. You could fish without talking, and enjoy one another’s company, but still it would be more fun to talk. Perhaps Aindrea had a few stories he could tell, he sounded like a story teller sometimes, it would be interesting. So Storm sat on the jetty, his feet in the boat ,waiting for his pack mate.

Table by Myst | Photo by Ondablv | Texture by Ransie3


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