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IPB Archive Information

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At Long Last -- The Archive's Back!

In 2012, after five years on Invision Power Board 1.3.1 Final, 'Souls moved to phpBB3 due to our host upgrading its software to be incompatible with IPB. The IPB forum was left as an archive, as we were given very short notice on this upgrade. While the old forum survived on Sie's personal host for a while; eventually they, too, upgraded software. The archive has thus been inaccessible for quite some time, leaving no access to old topics and posts. :(

After struggling for a while to get a flat version of the board going, we decided to convert from IPB to phpBB. This was not an option for the original move since we knew it'd be a difficult and time-consuming endeavor that wasn't guaranteed to succeed (particularly because we were using a very heavily modified version of IPB, which was likely to confuse converter software). Since we knew we could save/archive the IPB board either way, our foremost priority in 2012 was to get a functional board going as soon as possible -- not converting the old IPB to phpBB.

With our current board alive and well though, we were able to revisit that option with the archive board. And we're thrilled to announce that we (really, it was all Sie; please praise and thank Sie) succeeded! We were able to save user accounts and private messages. This would not have been possible on a flat archival board, so hooray! We have all our delicious, delectable, dazzling drama back -- and we can all have a nice collective fainting spell together at our old writing!

Related Updates

  • The Wiki shortcode linking to the archive board has been updated and should correctly link to the new archive board.
  • Links from this forum to the archive board should have also been updated. Let us know if anything still points to the old URL (which was soulsarc.sleepyglow.net).

Known Issues & Data Lost

  • Long usernames were truncated to 20 characters -- e.g., Cosette Fauchelevent Trouillefou became Cosette Fauchelevent Trou. If your username on IPB was longer than 20 characters, you'll need to log in with the truncated version.
  • BBCode has issues: some of it displays, some of it does not. IPB's shortlinks, unfortunately, did not survive the conversion. Workaround: copy the ID number and replace the topic ID in your address bar with the copied topic ID.
  • Permission levels (e.g., if you were a leader, you won't be able to see into the leaders' forum). Aside from staff permissions though, we're not going to be redoing these.
  • Lost all custom profile data, custom titles, pack associations, ranks, usergroups, and topic subtitles.
  • A few of our earliest posts were lost -- primarily those whose usernames don't seem to have survived the transition or were deleted. See this topic for an example. Unfortunately, as the user is a "Guest" the post does not seem to have survived.

Broken Code

Those of you who were around for the move from IPB to phpBB may remember a lot of IC posting table codes being breaking the new phpBB board. Welp -- here we go again! There's a ton of broken code -- yes, it looks really bad, but the posts are perfectly salvageable. See the IPB Archive Broken Code topic for how to deal with that.

Other Possible Areas of Problems

  • Usernames with apostrophes, dashes, other non-standard or non-English characters (e.g., é or á) may have difficulty logging in. Please reply here if you have trouble.
  • Although administrators and moderators have tested the board as thoroughly as possible, there may be issues we haven't discovered! If you find an error or issue with the board, please reply here.
  • Reminder! Broken template and table code should go in the IPB Archive Broken Code.


IPB Archive Information


  • What can I do on the old board?

    Log in, read archived topics and your own Private Messages. That's it: you can't edit, you can't start new topics, you can't reply, you can't send new PMs. If you can do any of those things or anything else -- or if you see forums outside of the Dead OOC and Dead IC categories -- please report the error.
  • How can I get my old table code?

    If there's old table code you want from the archive board:
    • Copy a line of unique text from the table.
    • Right click on the page somewhere.
    • Go to View Source.
    • CTRL + F and paste the line of text. Hit enter.
    • Figure out where your table starts and ends -- usually with div tags -- then copy the code table.
  • Can you help me get my old table code?

    No, sorry. We've got a lot to handle already between updating broken code preventing thread readability and maintaining the live board! Post in the Requests forum if you have trouble with the instructions in the previous question. Someone will help you out!
  • Can you help me update my old table code for use on the live board?

    No, sorry. The most common source of errors is unclosed div tags and failure to wrap external resources -- like background images in CSS -- with apostrophes. In other words, change:
    Count your opening and closing div tags and make sure you have the same number of both! Post in the Requests forum if you have further trouble.
  • Can you merge the archive and active boards?

    No. There is high likelihood for database corruption. Many topic/user/post ID numbers overlap -- necessitating massive database edits.
  • Why didn't you just convert the board in the first place?

    This was a process we initially avoided because our IPB was very heavily modified, with many changes to the code and database that might have caused issues with conversion. The conversion also required us to go from IPB > phpBB2 > phpBB3. IPB 1.3.1 Final is so old, there is no direct conversion from IPB > phpBB3. We figured between the IPB modifications and the phpBB2 conversion, we'd wind up with mangled data at best. As it is there are a bunch of things we lost, and a couple things that didn't survive conversion. We're feelin' pretty lucky!
  • What were you trying before conversion?

    We tried "flat archival" -- using HTML mirroring programs to download pages pages onto our computers. When we tried this, we tried multiple tools. Two different admins had to run the process for about a week apiece, and wound up with nearly 200,000 files (!) including duplicates, blank pages, and other garbage. Working with that many files (including ensuring all links worked!) proved difficult. The conversion process was no picnic either, but -- as you can tell -- we did get it going!

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