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If you are dropping a character, please reply here. You are welcome to make a post in the Player Updates forum informing the rest of the board about your character drop, but you must also post in this thread.

If you are killing off an active character, you should use this form when you are ready to drop them entirely.

Pack leaders must reflect their NPCs in this thread -- please reply and let us know when you have granted NPC status to a character within your pack, as it is the same thing as dropping that character.

Drop Date?

The date you post your drop notice is the date you officially drop your character, regardless of when your title is removed, etc. Similarly, the date you PM your leader asking permission to NPC constitutes your drop date, and leaders should reflect this when they post aNPC notices.

Character Drops

2023 2022 2021 2020

Dropping a Character?

[b]Drop or NPC?[/b]:
[b]NPC Date[/b]:
[b]NPC Rank[/b]:
[b]Character[/b]: [url=]Name[/url]
[b]Current IC Threads[/b]: [url=]Topic[/url]
[b]Post Log[/b]: [url=]Topic[/url]
[b]Other Active Characters[/b]:
[b]Character Services, Paid Artist Directory, and Open Characters[/b]: If you are quitting entirely and you have one of the three indicated posts, let us know so they can be removed.

NPCing a Character?

Only leaders may post NPC notices here. This ensures that the player of the character being NPCed has the leader's permission to do so. If you would like to NPC your character, please talk to your leader. If your leader agrees, they should then post here with the above form. Loners cannot be NPCed.

Dropping a Dead Character?

  Did you recently kill off a character on-board?  When you have completed all of your threads (or, have no further interest in making replies on said dead character), you may request for a character to be retitled with a "Dead" status when you drop them.  Simply state that the character is "dead" in your drop request!

However, a character cannot be retitled as "dead" while still remaining an active character.   Dropping a dead character is no different than a regular character drop, other than that the dead character gets a "Dead" status in their title!  To note as well, you do not necessarily need to drop your character on the same date of their IC date of death (of course, you can't have them being alive in any threads post-such IC date ;P).  So, if you have some threads left to finish up, you can certainly complete those first before you actually drop the dead character from your roster of active characters!


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