[DONE] Tag/category idea
So, I had an idea where (kind of like Alive/Dead characters tag) there could be an Active/Inactive players tag? I just though it would be a lot easier than manually updating the Players page. It would probably be a little hard to put into action because there are a lot of Inactive players on the list, though lol kite would be willing to do all the things though

Anyways, just an idea I thought I would throw up to look for 'SA/member opinions
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We got rid of the similar Active/Inactive characters tag because it was so hard to keep up with. :( Tons of characters (and even players) will go inactive at once, or return, and they're generally missed. There is a smaller number of players to keep track of than characters, sure, but active/inactive characters lists on the individual player pages and the main Players page itself is out of date enough as it is. xD; IMO, it would just be one more thing to keep track of/be neglected? It's not a bad idea -- just difficult to keep up to date when we're already failin' at keeping the Players page and individual pages up to date.

edit: Durp. Misread about Players page -- you're right in that the category would make it easier to keep track of, but so many Player pages go under the radar already without a main list. @_@ Idk. OTHER OPINIONS WELCOME OF COURSE.
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