Update Your Profile Day!

Update Your Profile Day


Occasionally, members will note that it can be difficult to roleplay with someone whose profile isn't filled out. They provide a lot of useful information, such as a character's appearance and notes on demeanor, that can be worked off of in addition to the roleplay itself. Newcomers seem to have a hard enough time already, so we don't want to have too many requirements, but it's easy to agree that a nicely filled out profile is more useful than an empty one. So when "Update Your Profile Day" was suggested, it seemed like a great idea! Here's a day to give everyone an excuse to get off their bums and finally get around to updating their profiles!

Filling out your profile still isn't required, but it's highly, highly encouraged. In addition to helping out those you write with, a profile can be a great way to keep track of things for yourself, such as your characters' relatives or escapades or various reference pictures or even his or her age and birthday. Keeping a profile up-to-date is also useful to help people stay in touch with your character even if you haven't roleplayed together in a while.

How Often?

"Update Your Profile Day" will happen quarterly on the first of August, November, February, and May. Naturally, you're encouraged to keep things up-to-date on all the days in between, but we'll only make a spectacle of it on those days. :P You should be updating your profiles at least four times a year though -- at the minimum, your characters age would be out-of-date otherwise!

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