Can someone help me with this hover text?
Mod help please
I'm not sure why, but in my last post half of my hover texts haven't wanted to work. I'm not sure if I have a typo somewhere or messed it up, but would someone have a look? If a mod or admin could help me edit it to be correct, that would be ideal because I find using any kind of code really confusing. Usually I just copy/paste. Thanks for you guys' help, this kind of stuff is the reason I don't bother trying to use tables x__x

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Seems like the problem is caused by the use of apostrophes in your hoverover text. :) Removing them fixed it. Maybe consider using HTML for hoverovers, as those won't break with the use of apostrophes.
<img src="" style="height:110px;" alt="by the amazing Alaine!">
Oooh, ok. That makes sense. Thank you for your help <3 I really don't want to have to do that, or really know how to use it. But I can try to look some stuff up about it or maybe use a table template. Edit: Thank you for fixing it:)!!!
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