[INFO] Footnotes
A new functionality was just installed to the Wiki, per Tammi's suggestion. :) You can now add automatic footnotes to Wiki pages, so:
  • Wherever you want a footnote in your text, simply use the [^footnote text^] markup.
  • When you want to display all the footnotes you have so far, below a short blue horizontal rule, use the markup [^#^] (on a line by itself; it won't break the recipe to do otherwise, but it might look funky).
  • If you do not want the short blue horizontal rule, but just a listing of all the footnotes defined so far, use the markup [^@^] (on a line by itself, too).
  • You may have multiple occurrences of the listing markups; each one will display only the footnotes created in the text since the last listing markup. (So you can have footnotes at the end of each section of your text, for example.)

You can include links in the footnote, like [^This is from [[URL|this link]]^]. Feel free to play around in the Sandbox to text it. :)
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