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about halfway between IF and AT on the edges of the mountains. hopefully, this is far up enough for Adari!

Teme Optime is by Alaine!

The familiar strap of the bow string across his chest was a comfort to the male. He'd learnt archery on this bow and the fact that his father had given it to him upon his departure attached a sentimental value to the male. In just a few days time, it would be his birthday and he would be a year old. Already considered a man, adult and grown up, Temeraire found the responsibility of looking after himself and Lena an easy weight to bear. He enjoyed the fact that she was there when he returned from hunting and gathering, a greeting called out before he'd entered the house. While she was blind, she certainly wasn't unobservant and on the handful of occasions he'd attempted to sneak up on her, she'd always turned at the last minute to cause him to fall on his face. It was a source of amusement to the boy and it often ended in a tumbling wrestling match between the pair. More often nowadays, he found excuses to touch her.

Blue eyes were narrowed in concentration. He'd been tracking the herd of deer for a few days now, getting a scope for the animals within the herd. With his bow, he didn't need to expend the effort in chasing the weakest one. He could strike from a ways away and if he was accurate enough, a shot through the eye would preserve a whole pelt to add to the small collection the pair had bought with them. Presents were a common occurrence for Temeraire to return with, whether that was an unblemished pelt or a bunch of flowers he was amorous with his presents at least.

The forest bled into the mountains, fingers of the trees reaching up to blend the two features seamlessly together. But as the slope began to climb he couldn't help but feel far more exposed. The deer herd had settled into their usual routine- eating as they walked until they found a meadow or copse to graze properly in. Settling back into the shadows, Temeraire knocked an arrow, keeping it loose as he surveyed his prey.

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Might need to mark this thread for graphicness, but idk... <_< // Optime// Word Count → 000

As she continued to move South through the unclaimed territories, Adari did her best to remain unnoticed. She wasn't all that social most days and when she was she often got herself into trouble with others so she was accustomed to being alone and rather masterful at avoiding company. The only companions she needed were her falcon Qeyta and her horse Vespasian. The two creatures seemed to understand her like no one else, even if their speech was limited. The orange hued woman didn't need conversation to bond with them though. It was something special to just be able to communicate through a simple touch or signal. Signals. Speaking of them, the loner's body was giving her a very obvious one in the form of her stomach gurgling as she rode alone upon the giant gypsy stallion's back. It was time to feed. It had been yet another many days since her last meal, such was typical for winter time. With her sensitive nose trained on the scents in the air, the Blaise woman was able to detect a herd of deer close by. With a soft word, from her heavy cloaked shoulder, Qeyta rose into the sky to scout ahead for the wolfess. The peregrine would be able to tell Adari how far they had to travel to get to their next meal.

Continuing to gently steer Vespasian through the snowy, mountainous landscape, his massive hooves making soft crunches with each step he took, Adari remained silent, waiting for the avian to return. It wasn't but five minutes when a soft twitter alerted the woman of the falcon's return. Qeyta informed her master that the herd was just ahead in a field. Adari dipped her hooded head and whispered her thanks to her feathered companion who came to land on her arm. Leaning down over the stallion Adari stroked along his muscled neck and whispered in his ear. The horse snorted softly and flicked his ears in response before briefly pausing in his steps as Adari turned in the saddle and rummaged through the various packs upon his back. Carefully from between two of the bags, Adari retrieved a beautiful yew bow and a quiver of arrows fletched with feathers marked by burnt orange and black and gray stripe looking markings. Slinging the quiver over her back and knocking an arrow, the lone woman nodded to Vespasian who once again began to walk forward, bringing his master closer to her prey. Soon Adari could smell the deer herd strongly ahead and keen bi-colored eyes spotted their slight movements in the yellowed and snow patched grasses of the field they grazed in. Smirking the hued wolfess maneuvered her mount into position in the shadows of the trees out of sight of the unsuspecting herd but with a clear pathway out into the open. There was a moment of utter silence as wolf, horse and bird all tensed, readying to make their move. Then suddenly, with a swift squeeze of Adari's legs against the stallion's side the large equine surged forward and thundered out into the open. The falcon rose into the air with a screech and sped along just above the running pair's heads.

The herd, hearing and seeing the charging horse with its rider upon his back gave startled barks and snorts of alarm before bolting in all different directions. Laying flat out against the horse's back, her bow at the ready to take aim and shoot, Adari spied a slower of the fleeing mammals and steered Vespasian after it. The stallion's long, powerful strides allowed the hunter to catch up with the doe with ease and within the blink of an eye, her hood falling back and her hair whipping out behind her, a feral expression upon her face, Adari let loose a carefully aimed arrow which whizzed through air and pierced the doe's neck through and through. With a tragic cry and spray of blood, the doe stumbled and fell in a graphic display of flailing hooves and crimson before ending up twitching upon the ground, the snow and grasses turning quickly bright red. The arrow stuck out from the animal with just the fletching showing from the back of its neck. Growling triumphantly, a wild gleam in her eyes, Adari leaped off Vespasian's back before the beast could even begin to slow himself then come to a stop. Running up and coming to crouch at the doe's side, setting down her bow and pulling out a knife from her belt, Adari quickly plunged the blade through the dying creature's heart ending it's suffering. The spurts of life slowed to a trickle from the piercing wound in it's neck as Adari's face grew stony once more at the sight of her kill. Lifting the tree shaped pendant around her neck to her muzzle, the woman kissed the wooden symbol once, muttering some soft choice words while hovering a paw over the doe's body. She then sighed and stowed away her knife and took a moment to glance around her. The rest of the herd was long gone, and in the thrill of the chase, Adari hadn't noticed the other luperci lurking in the trees on the other side of the meadow. She didn't know that he had been seeking a meal of his own. But now, through the tang of blood, the Blaise woman could detect his scent. Eyes darted around her as she slowly stood and tried to pinpoint the other canine's location. If he was a threat she would be ready to defend herself. If he was after her kill, he'd find it very, very difficult to steal. Growling low Adari glanced at Vespasian who stood off to the side, ears pricked and alert for any sounds of movement. Up above a screech sounded from Qeyta and the orange wolf flicked an ear at the sound but otherwise remained completely rigid and still, guarding her meal with a paw firmly around her knife. Alright, where are you you sneak...? Adari thought sneeringly to herself. She'd wait as long as was needed until the stranger revealed himself.

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