[DND] Don't clam up now
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The day had started off mild enough that Liz had gone about her morning chores with a thin shawl wrapped around her shoulders; now, as noon approached, the dog had cast it aside. With the sky heavily featured with grey-white clouds, it wasn't exactly sweltering in the Krokaran territory, but warm enough for Liz to want to spend some time down by the lake. Of course, she still intended to be productive – as such, she had brought with her a hand net and a cast net. Liz had historically had more luck with the cast variety of net, but she liked the feeling of control a hand net gave her.

The Cormier dog was excited, and it was emblazoned across her shaggy features. Since Peony had disappeared to Goddess knew where, Liz had had trouble making new friends in her packmates – one of the perils of living with so many Luperci she considered family. With so many heavy subjects brought to mind when she dwelled on her family – Storm's past and the conversation she had had with Gus about it – she was missing the light banter and the give and take of a simple friendship. This fishing and clam digging expedition had been arranged with Nvda fairly recently, but the odd-eyed seafood lover had seemed eager enough that Eliza wasn't worried about her not showing up.

Hunching down on the shore, Liz transferred the nets she had brought from under her arm to the soft sand, working with her fingers to fiddle out any ugly knots in the mesh-like fabric. She kept half an eye out for her packmate as she prepared, unsure whether they would fish or dig for clams first. At least, with the air warm and fairly still, they wouldn't mind being splashed in pursuit of the sea creatures.

Once the nets were ready Eliza rocked back on her heels and smiled.

My Dream Are Bursting At The Seams

Waking in an actual house like structure once again and not her cart was a strange experience. Nvda had grown used to her first sight being the leather canopy above her head and Clarence's braying good morning. It had been her scheduled for so long that she found herself slightly disturbed by the deviation. The house was fairly roomy and already Nvda was planning where she could separate it into rooms for certain functions, she didn't nee much space for a bedroom for she could always just actually sleep in her cart and use the home as a make shift storage center.

Moving out of her bed that was just a pile of furs, Nvda stretched and set about writing down her list for today. The morning was still young and there were clouds filling up the sky above her but the day promised to be a warmer one later, this fact had Nvda heading down too the ocean to gather up a bucket of salt water. She would leave it out in the sun, covered to ensure no flies or bugs got into it. There it would stand for days until the water evaporated and she was left with the pure salt. This salt she could use, for cooking, for medicine and for trading.

After that she returned back to setting up the shelving units that she had roughly scribbled drawings of. Scavenged nails and an old hammer served her well enough to nail them to the wall, letting her stack her bags and bags of dried herbs in a somewhat organized fashion. A quick glance outside at the sun showed her it was now close to the time when she should be meeting her friend, Liz.

Unsure of what she should or shouldn't bring she grabbed her rudimentary fishing pole, made of just a longer stick of wood and a thin long piece of leather to use for a line. She could use some clams as bait if she needed to. Walking onto the beach her feet sunk into the sand and she wiggled her toes. Raising her hand she waved at the female waiting for her and made her way towards the Cormier woman. "Where do we start?" She was eager to learn and begin incorporating more of the Krokarian culture into her daily life. Many AniWayan traits and habits still remained and she could adopts all differences if it gained her any inch of success.

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Nvda was easily and instantly recognisable by the streaks of fire red in her hair which were even more intense in colour than Eliza's own flaming ginger tangles. The dog raised a hand to wave before bounding forward to close the gap between them with those strands of fiery ginger which weren't captured in her ponytail streaming in the breeze. “Nvda! Good to see ya,” she greeted her newest of friends, glancing approvingly at the fishing pole the other carried. “Lookin' like a good day for it.”

The lake was really quite stunning when the sun was climbing, although Liz had no doubt that the cool waters would seem even more appealing when the ball of fire was at its peak. She would rather appreciate its beauty in short bursts while working to secure fish and clams than sit gazing at it, inactive and too warm – and if they worked up a sweat then they could reap the benefits of the fresh water.

Nvda queried where they should begin, and Liz's lips pressed together as she considered which pursuit – clam digging or fishing with poles and nets – would be best taken care of first. After a moment's thought the heel of her hand came up to smack her brow lightly, and another broad grin appeared. “Oh, but I haven' shown ya the nets yet! Me 'n' my brothers made one of 'em ourselves, 'n' my Pa made me the other.” A net was a fairly simple thing to make, but time-consuming, and Eliza wanted to give Nvda an opportunity to ask any questions she might have before they started actually using the fishing implements they had brought along between them.

Prancing over to where the nets rested on the sand, the Cormier woman bent and plucked one up into her hands, spreading her arms wide. It looked rather as if she was holding up a garment for an assessment of how it would look on her. “Whaddya think? It's called a cast net, see the weights 'round the edges? It'll sink. It'll mostly catch smaller fish, but they let ya choose which ones ya want 'n' you can get the others go unharmed.” She turned, then, to the hand net which had been lovingly made for her by her Father. Carefully, she placed the cast net back on the sand and took hold of the hand net. “'n' this is a hand net, they're better for catchin' fish closer to the surface. You can have a go with both if ya like?”

Liz didn't want to overwhelm Nvda with information or choice, so she ceased her enthused babbling and waited for a reponse.


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