[NEWS] Happy New Year!
(And Happy SoSuWriMo)
News & Updates

Aaaaaaaand they're off! It's time to start writing, if you're planning on participating in this years SoSuWriMo! Check out our sign-up topic, if you'd like to try for a late start. c;

If you need a thread, the Open Threads can help. Good luck, everyone!


Submissions for the yearbook ended on December 28. Our staff will be completing it as soon as they are able, and they are already well underway! Keep your eyes peeled for its release, we expect it to be ready shortly over into 2013.

Secret Santa

We've wrapped up the Secret Santa gift set exchange -- check out the drop-off thread where all the pretty gifts were posted!

Community & Spotlight Souls

Congrats to Sammiie (Axelle Napier), our Spotlight Soul for December! Raze (Vesper, etc.) is our Community Soul!

Auxiliary Character List & Errors

Are you properly listed on our Auxiliary Characters list? All of your characters there? Are you in proper alphabetical order? Are your characters listed as your primary, secondary, etc.? If not, please let us know in the Maintenance Thread as soon as possible. ;O

Additionally, we are still in the process of fixing and fiddling with things leftover from the previous board. Any oopses, broken things, and anything else can be posted to the Maintenance thread or still the Bug Reports thread. The Maintenance thread is for the "usual" errors, while Bug Reports should be used primarily for board issues, icky colors, etc.

2012 History on the Wiki

Another Wiki related poke -- our 2012 History page was looking so very barren before Miyu accepted the challenge proposed by the 'SA over Twitter and slayed it.

This was originally another poke to help out with the 2012 history, but considering how well-filled the page is now (thanks again, Miyu!) -- how about some love for next year? If your character gets in trouble, does something cool, gathers with a bunch of others -- these things are absolutely welcomed on the Wiki. We hope 2013 will be a kickass year for the Wiki!


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