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<div style="width: 600px; border: 0px; padding-left: 20px; padding-right: 20px; padding-top: 20px; padding-bottom: 20px; margin:0px auto;"><span style="line-height:150%"><font face="georgia"><p><i>This was meant as a character study for Akantha's babies and is set when they are a little bit older -- probably soonish after their first shift-ish. This isn't necessarily canon (depending on what players would like to go with later on!) but I thought it was fun! :D [WC: ]</i> <b></b></p>
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<p>The children lived a lavish lifestyle in the Estate of their birth. Akantha ensured that they had want of nothing, and that each of her children from the time they could shift were dressed impeccably in what Austri created for them. Odalis had taken a liking to wearing the same outfits as her mother – thick wool skirts perfect for playing in the forests that surrounded The Estate and beautiful blouses that were made up of scraps cast off from her mother’s wardrobe. Akantha enjoyed weaving flowers into her young daughters hair just as her own mother had done for her – but today Odalis had insisted upon little pastel bows.

<P>Odalis spent much of her time in the library after playing with Solomon or Kadir – the fierce little irish girl that lived on the same floor – and was happy to bury her nose in books, tracing the scrawling lines with her chubby fingers.

<P>The children’s lessons were often enough, and though she was not sure what all the letters meant, she did so enjoy sounding them out – those perfectly soft vowels and hard sounding consonants. Sometimes she made up stories of her own while flipping the pages, allowing the ancient smells of the leather tomes to fill her imagination. Sunlight fell upon her through a half open window and warmed the soft puppy fur about her shoulders. As she lay upon the floor she recited a story her mother had told her some nights before, her face propped up on her hands as she kicked her short legs behind her.

<P>The snip snip caught her by surprise, and she rolled to her feet sharply – and bawked at the length of hair with the perfect bow that now was being help aloft by her older brother.


<P>It was one of the first times that Odalis had felt true rage. Red hot and angry it crept from the base of her tail to engulf her face in nothing else but pure unaltered fury. Her small hands were balled into tiny fists at her sides as she shouted wordlessly at him; the carnal sounds of anger drawing Lucian’s lips up into a sardonic grin. He twisted the scissors about in his hands, flipping them so that he caught the blades effortlessly against his palm. Odalis’ lip quivered as she raised a hand to touch the uneven edges of her once flawless curls, and some piece of her couldn’t help but think, Mother will be so upset.

<P>Lucian seemed to understand her immediate thoughts, and his teeth shone brightly as he spoke. <”Don’t worry little sister! It will grow back!”> The children were old enough now that they mostly spoke in their mothers tongue, and Lucians voice was sing song as he watched her with those overly-keen emerald eyes of his. Akantha was always the one to mention that his eyes had been a gift from their father – a man of which she rarely spoke. Odalis had begun to take note of the small tidbits her mother occasionally revealed to them – but so far the only item of substance had been that Lucian and their father shared the same glaring eyes.

<P>Akantha never mentioned where her large baby blues had come from -- though she had spent hours staring at herself in the mirror, wondering. She wondered if Solomon too had the same questions – but as was his way he remained quiet and unobtrusive. Akantha had to call upon him during their lessons to ensure he kept up, though it was Odalis who found herself competing with Lucian for attention. He was goading, an annoying prick at the best of times – and Odalis found that she avoided him for fear of having him tease her for her imperfect curls and her tiny frame.

<P><”You’re adopted,”> He would say, in that sing song way of his – and even though Odalis knew the truth – that Akantha was her mother and that she was [loved -- she couldn’t help but feel each of his quips left their mark. She was young and impressionable, and he was quick to undermine her, quick to tease her.

<P>He made a sharp sound as he twirled the long piece of hair – his eyes bright, as always.

<P>Odalis wailed, teetering away from the boy who-looked-most-like-father on uneven legs. The perfect lock of her hair was held like a trophy in his hand – and with a whooping call he took off through the library, scrabbling across books and loose paper with glee. Odalis snuffled, wiping tears on the sleeves of her blouse as she cried for her guardian. <”S-Solo! Solomon!”> She cried, stamping her feet through the halls, <”He took my hair!”>

<P>The darker boy appeared quietly, as was his way – and silently was lead by the hand back to the library. He brushed a hand over Odalis’ spaniel ears, and the sound that he suddenly made in his throat was dangerously low. Odalis whined, but said nothing – her large wet eyes seeking out the hair-thief in the library’s bright light.

<P>Lucian came to a standstill when Solomon appeared in the doorway, the taller boys scruffy muzzle pulled into tight line. Odalis stood slightly behind him, her small hands hidden in the folds of his shirt – and by the damp mark against his chest it was obvious that the girl had been crying. Her large eyes appeared even more owlish than usual, and shone with unshed tears as she pulled at the short piece of hair that marked where Lucian’s scissors had found her.

<P>Solomon blinked, an exasperated sigh escaping his mouth as he glared in Lucian’s direction.

<P><”Why do you always do this?”> Solomon muttered, holding out a dark hand to take the scissors from his younger brother, <”Give them to me.”> It was not so much a question as it was a command, and Lucian complied wordlessly. Solomon gave him a long look, <”You will tell Mother about this.”> He tucked the scissors into the waist band of his pants and ushered Odalis before him in an attempt to return her to their rooms.

<P>As they went, Odalis spun about, and through the crook of Solomons elbow stuck out her tongue at Luciano.

<P>He would pay!

<P>And then in a way that was entirely like her mother she peered up at Solomon through never ending lashes and asked, <"Does it look alright?">

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