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So it looks like the history pages haven't gotten a ton of love lately! A lot of the more recent pages have a lot of empty spaces where there were things that probably were happening, but just didn't get added. I'm going to work on sifting through a bunch of old threads looking for things to add, but I don't know a ton about what has been going on lately.

If anyone has any links to threads, old pack news posts, etc. that have information about important events or just in-general things that should be added, I would really appreciate if you could either (1) add these to the wiki pages yourself or (2) send me the links if you aren't comfortable adding them yourselves.

Examples of things to add: Character births, character deaths, pack meetings, pack plot threads, anything else you feel should be added.

If you have any questions about editing, check out the History Guidelines, Wiki Guidelines, or Wiki FAQ. You could also probably ask a staff member!

I also put together a nifty list of the years that need the most love!
  • 2016
  • 2015
  • 2014 — specifically, the months September and December (which are empty).

The Current Month is also always in need of updating.

Thanks for reading!
Have question with this, because I love looking through threads and I can totally help. Which is preferred, formatting like 2013 and forward, or like 2012 and back? I'd think the recent ones are slightly easier to read in-wiki, because you can always put them in date order and people can see the date when they open the thread, if they are interested.
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Callum Knight Wrote:Have question with this, because I love looking through threads and I can totally help. Which is preferred, formatting like 2013 and forward, or like 2012 and back? I'd think the recent ones are slightly easier to read in-wiki, because you can always put them in date order and people can see the date when they open the thread, if they are interested.

If I have some time I would totally be willing to help out with this too, just depends! But Katie, I would probably definitely go with the 2013+ format. The 2012 and back is a bit more difficult to follow and seems to be more of a waste of space with the big, bold headers for each individual day an event happened. The bullet-points seem to have a cleaner look and make it easier on the eyes, in my opinion. But, if somebody else thinks otherwise, feel free to share ! <:
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I definitely would want the 2013+ format for the reason Ann mentioned -- the headers are so pointless lol. And a lot of us don't actually date threads?? I know that I don't, so I wouldn't want to be forced to pick a date.
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If the 2013+ format is approved upon by everyone involved, I'll go back and reformat the old pages. :) I personally DO date my threads because that way I know what I can/can't/should mention in other posts, but I wouldn't want to have to look up the exact date for every little thing.

EDIT: Looks like that old formatting was used in 2009-2012, so maybe it won't be too hard to fix.
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