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Oh look, Inferni, a shooting star! Everybody make a wish -- oh. Oh dear.
A meteor will hit the off the western coast of Nova Scotia, and the impact will trigger a series of earthquakes and tsunamis, leading to flooding and destructive waves along Inferni's coast, not to mention aftershocks that might unsteady the most surefooted coyote! Please read more about the <a href="viewtopic.php?p=217771#p217771">Board Wide Plot</a> here!

<h2>Immediate Effects</h2>
<li>The meteor will be visible in the sky on from <b>March 31st to the night of April 1st</b>. This bright falling star will stir the new Cenizan coyotes, who see it as a sign for the coyote clan -- and encourage Inferni to perform a ritual and party it up, at least until the the ball of fire hits the ocean at <b>10 PM on April 1st</b>...</li>
<li><b>One minute</b> after impact, the first earthquake will hit. Coyotes -- especially indoors -- will feel the tremor, and several who went to sleep will be awakened. The D'Neville and other buildings will feel like they were slammed by a truck, the walls making a cracking sound, and unstable objects in rooms will be knocked over, any fragile items like dishes broken.</li>
<li>About <b>twenty minutes</b> after the impact, the air blast will hit with a great roar like traffic -- shattering the mansion's remaining windows. </li>
<li><b>Two and a half hours</b> after impact, the tsunami waves will hit.</li>
<li>This is only the initial impact -- the waves and aftershocks may continue for days, and it will be weeks before the floodwaters recede. Take a look at the <a href="http://soulsrpg.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=217771#p217771">Board Wide Plot</a> for more information about dates and effects throughout Nova Scotia. If you're interested in <i>specific</i> damage and measurements, give <a href="http://bit.ly/1PJkKlC">this page</a> a look. :></li></ul>

<h2>Inferni Damage</h2>
<li>The Bay of Fundy sees wild high tides when the weather is <i>normal</i> -- and with the waves, the bay will be extremely dangerous. Swaths of coastline -- including <a href="http://inferni.soulsrpg.com/territory/#Titanstretch">Titanstretch</a> and parts of <a href="http://inferni.soulsrpg.com/territory/#Charon%27s_Landing">Charon's Landing</a> -- will be flooded entirely until the level finally recedes. Anyone caught out on one of the <a href="http://inferni.soulsrpg.com/territory/#Five_Islands">Five Islands</a> during the tsunami is likely to be washed away; the waves will all but swallow them. </li>
<li>Structures throughout Inferni will suffer. The small buildings in <a href="http://inferni.soulsrpg.com/territory/#Great_Village">Great Village</a>, already sinking into their foundations, might crumple entirely due to structural weakness. The <a href="http://inferni.soulsrpg.com/territory/#The_D%27Neville_Mansion">D'Neville Mansion</a> will see some weakening, too, though it will remain standing; its windows, however, will have shattered. </li>
<li>The <a href="http://inferni.soulsrpg.com/territory/#Grimwell_Caverns">Grimwell Caverns</a> will flood <i>again</i> -- though the tremors will endanger more caverns than ever before. Some of the caverns might collapse from the impact of waves and aftershocks.</li>
<li>Small fissures might open up along the coastline, filling with water and altering the shape of the coastline. Tremors might affect structurally weak parts of Inferni's mountain claim as well, increasing the threat of rockfall.</li>
<h2>What Is There to Do?</h2>
<p> That's mostly up to you guys! We're happy to brainstorm and promote threads for the plot -- whether you want to get your coyote into trouble or not! ;) However, we have some thread prompts revolving around the event! </p>
<li><b>Good Omen:</b> The Ceniza Valley coyotes, our newest pNPCs, are a fire-worshipping lot -- and the sight of a streak of fire in the sky at the start of spring has filled <a href="http://wiki.soulsrpg.com/index.php?n=Characters.DiegoDelBosque">Diego</a> with excitement! He proclaims a prosperous season for Inferni and invites everyone to gather in a communal, festive ritual. Diego will perform a fire dance, while encouraging the coyotes to play -- and to sing a group howl!</li>
<ul><li><b>Main Thread</b>: <a href="http://soulsrpg.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=14&t=26940">I wish upon a star that it might fill our dreams with dust</a><br/></i>
<li><B>Side Threads</B>: Feel free to start your own side threads breaking off from the celebration!</li>
<li><b>Impact:</b> The impact will come shortly after the meteor vanishes over the horizon. How will your coyote react to the first earthquake? The shattering windows from the air blast? Is it the end of the world?!
<li><b>Main Thread</b>: Grimwell Caverns evacuation! Fearing for the integrity of the caverns after the quake, Vesper orders coyotes to come help the cavern-dwellers evacuate -- and by the time most get there, the waves will come in. Time is of the essence; grab your stuff and go!<br/>
&mdash;Starters: --
<li><b>Main Thread(s)</b>: If the coyotes are freaked out, Inferni's other animals certainly are! Horses will try to flee and might injure themselves in panic, and the ravens taking flight might be blown away by the 54mph wind blast! Check on them to make sure they aren't hurt, calm them down!<br/>&mdash; Starters: -- (horses), Vesper (ravens)<br/>
<li><b>Side Threads</b>: Make your own! :D Fun group threads are encouraged -- see if your neighbors are okay, speculate about what just happened, or just flip out. ;D</li></ul>
<li><b>Aftermath:</b> Damage to Inferni's territory is minor compared to those closer to the impact site (thanks to the ritual, Diego smugly claims), there will be some lingering effects. Scouts will need to survey the damage and see how it effects the clan -- and the other packs.</li>
<li><b>Side Threads:</b> Check in on the Drifter Bay horses with a Salsolan!</li>
<li><b>Side Threads:</b> Scout around the territory to see what damage the tsunami has done -- note changes in the coast and the mountains, and see if any of the caverns are still viable.</li>
<li><b>Side Threads:</b> How have the other packs fared? Could Inferni capitalize on helping them out -- or kicking them while they're down? Look for opportunities and share your gossip with the higher-ups!</li>
<li><b>Side Threads:</b> Many coyotes are curious about the impact site -- and the massive destruction in former Western Tangles. Head out that way and see what you can find!</li></ul></ul>

<h2>Rules and Information</h2>
<h3>Points, Prizes, and Things to Earn</h3>
<li>Get <b>10 game points</b> for <em>starting</em> or <em>joining</em> (i.e., your first reply to) a thread related to the plot!</li>
<li>Earn an extra <b>3 game points</b> for every reply after your first to a plot-related thread.</li>
<li><b>Related Co-Ranks:</b> Jester, Performer, Mason, Veterinarian, Protector, Diplomat, Patrolman, Chief</li>
<li><b>More Points?</b>: Remember, other Inferni <a href="http://inferni.soulsrpg.com/game/">game points</a> may apply!
<a href="javascript:ShowHide('inferni_example','inferni_example_close')">Show Examples</a>
<ul id="inferni_example" style="display:none;z-index:2;">
<li>Repair any archery stands that have been shaken loose and earn five points! </li>
<li>Earn a co-rank (e.g., earn Mason by repairing damage to the mansion) and get 15 points!</li>
<li>Just replying to an Inferni thread request nets you 5 points!</li>

<p>See the <a href="http://soulsrpg.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=217771#p217771">main plot topic</a> for the timeline of events.</p>
<p>All this wraps up on <strong>May 1st</strong>! Get your threads in before then to earn points.</p>

<li><b>Does this count for the <a href="http://inferni.soulsrpg.com/ranks/rex-titles/#Rex_III">Rex III</a> plot?</b> <br/>
Yup, as long as you participate in two threads relevant to the plot.
<li><b>Do completion rules apply?</b> <br/>
<li><b>How do I submit points for this mini-plot?</b> <br/>
Note them in your game points log -- there's no need to report these points otherwise.

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So, if I'm reading the Inferni wiki right -- we have no wood? This'll present a problem for repairing damage to the Mansion and other structures.

http://soulsrpg.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=14&t=27162 -- made a wood gathering thread.
As of April 1st, Dorcas is covered in burn scars.

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