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<h3 id="star">When you wish upon a star...</h3>
<p>Oh wait, that's not a star at all! In fact, is that... a <i>FIREBALL</i>?! It seems that that bright, <a href=https://twitter.com/soulsRPG/status/712057363629416448>new celestial body</a> in the sky is actually a meteor! And it's headed right for Nova Scotia! Though it appears to be ocean-bound, don't expect Krokar to come out of this <i>entirely</i> unscathed...</p>

<h3 id="expect">What to expect</h3>
<p>Please refer to the official <a href=http://soulsrpg.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=18&t=26980>news post</a> for additional details</p>
<p>At approximately 250km (155mi) away from impact, the meteor's effects on Krokar will be mercifully <b>mild</b> compared to coastal territories but it will still result in quite a bit of damage, expansion to some subterritories, and overall fear and unease. A full calculated report based on this distance can be read <a href=http://impact.ese.ic.ac.uk/cgi-bin/crater.cgi?dist=250&distanceUnits=1&diam=579&diameterUnits=1&pdens=3500&pdens_select=3000&vel=40&velocityUnits=1&theta=45&tdens=1000&wdepth=150&wdepthUnits=1>here</a>, but these are the pertinent facts:</p>

<h5>Thermal Radiation</h5>
<p>Time for maximum radiation: <b>330 milliseconds</b> after impact.</p>
<ul><li>Fur on animals would be singed. Horses, cows, etc. may have burns on their noses where fur is thin. Those who are inside when this happens could be largely unaffected.</li></ul>

<h5>Seismic Effects</h5>
<p>The major seismic shaking will arrive approximately <b>50 seconds</b> after impact (Richter Scale Magnitude: <b>7.7</b>). </p>
<ul><li>Earthquake felt by everyone; many frightened, including livestock and wild animals.</li>
<li>Buildings are likely to take a fair amount of damage; roof cave-ins, cracked/damaged walls, the southern watch towers fall over.</li></ul>

<p>The ejecta will arrive approximately <b>3.85 minutes</b> after the impact.</p>
<ul><li>At your position there is a fine dusting of ejecta with occasional larger fragments.</li></ul>

<h5>Air Blast</h5>
<p>The air blast will arrive approximately <b>12.6 minutes</b> after impact.</p>
<ul><li>Glass windows will shatter.</li>
<li>About 30 percent of trees blown down; remainder have some branches and leaves blown off.</li></ul>

<h5>Tsunami Wave</h5>
<p>The tsunami wave will arrive approximately <b>1.8 hours</b> after impact.</p>
<ul><li>Flooding of rivers and lakes will be seen over several days, but no massive wave.</li></ul>

<h3 id="timeline">Timeline</h3>
<ul><li><b>March 31th:</b> Meteor is visible as a "very bright star."</li>
<li><b>April 1st:</b> Within seconds of the 10pm meteor strike, the thermal radiation, ejecta, first earthquake, and air blast arrive. About an hour later, the rivers begin to rise. Some buildings collapse in Fiskebyn, and the southern watch towers are knocked over, along with many trees, especially in the southern area of Krokar. </li>
<li><b>April 2nd:</b> Aftershocks continue and river levels continue to rise. The mine shaft north of Sister Lake partially collapses, as does the Ail Po barn (again). The feral cat colony can be seen wandering around Fiskebyn.</li>
<li><b>April 4th:</b> Small tremors continue and the rivers are officially at flood level; lakes rise as well. Echo Cave has new caverns that open up, but they are inaccessible due to high water.</li>
<li><b>April 7th:</b> Members of Sapient begin to arrive to check on Krokar and offer to help with repairs and medical needs.</li>
<li><b>April 10th:</b> Earthquakes have stopped, but the flood waters remain. Distressed water fowl gather on the lakes, giving Honks some new friends.</li>
<li><b>April 14th:</b> Water levels begin to fall, but the lakes and rivers have slightly new shapes. New caverns in Echo Cave can be explored.</li></ul>

<h3 id="prompts">Thread Prompts</h3>
<p>Between making repairs, exploring new terrain, and comforting pack mates and animals alike, Krokarans will be busy little beavers in the days to weeks following impact. Thankfully, our allies from <b>Sapient</b> have offered to help us out however they can! Completing one of these thread prompts with a Sapien will net you <b>10</b> additional points, so grab a friend and let's get down to business!</p>
<ul><li>Harvest wood from fallen trees</li>
<li>Rebuild the watch towers</li>
<li>Fix collapsed roofs</li>
<li>Repair Ail Po Barn</li>
<li>Relocate the tobacco</li>
<li>Calm down the animals and treat wounds</li>
<li>Save someone from the mine shaft</li>
<li>Explore new caverns in Echo Cave</li>
<li>Make more rafts/canoes</li>
<li>Hunt the terrified prey >:D</li>
<li>Get chased by Honks and his new frands</li>

<center><b><i>EARTHSHAAAAAAAKE!</i></b><br />
<img src="http://i.imgur.com/gzJjWsV.jpg" style="width: 370px;" /></center>
Feel free to link your thread prompts here if you want to keep track of them all in one place!
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