Animal NPC Questions (Fox/Kitten, Catching Horses)
Where in Souls can one of my characters go to get a kit (baby fox) or a kitten? would she need to trade something for it? would she have to pay? or could it just be a gift? D: Cuz i want one xD it would be sooo cute to have a kit or kitten!

Also, this is another stupid question. Where could someone go to catch a horse? :P Calla loves catching and breaking horses so it would be good for her to continue catching them. Though she would have to find someone to give the horses to after she is done. Is it possible to give the caught horse as a gift for a pack leader? like i know Niro came with a pigeon as a peace offering or what ever, could Calla do that but instead of pigeons, with horses?
Well if you can think up a good way for it to happen, they could just find one. I know that there have been wild horses mentioned in the neutral lands (both the northern ones and some down south, Casa has some wild'uns in the forests as well) and Keldava found her cat Devini near Arte. Once you've rped breaking the horse you can do whatever you want with it so if you want to give it to someone you can.
Yay :P Also, I cant has a baby fox? D:
You could do, just mentioned kittens since Keldava has one so it's an easy example. Heck we had a player who was a fox at one point, so i'm sure you can have a companion one :D
Your character can probably find both foxes and kittens in the wild. However, your character could also trade for them with other packs/characters -- a few packs have cats, I think, but none with foxes unless I am mistaken? Some may respond here and offer their cats or foxes!

You can have a baby animal, but make sure you're being realistic in the obtainment and care of the animal -- a few days' old kitten is super cute, but Calla would have to devote many hours of her day to feeding and tending it. It'd be much easier to take one at 8 weeks, when it can be separated from its mother without being bottle-fed. Foxes wean at 5-9 (arctic) or 8-10 (red) weeks.

There are likely wild individual horses and small bands all over 'Souls, though probably not in large herds. Here you'll find a description of the typical horses found within 'Souls. You won't capture any huge, purebred Clydesdales, but a hardy medium-small horse as per the description of wild horses in this area is fine.

For giving them away -- you can certainly find pack leaders willing to accept them. Most leaders would take the horse for themselves, add it to their pack's communal horses, or try to trade it off for something they need more. You can plot these threads out beforehand with the leaders themselves, oor you can just start All Welcome threads and give the horse to the first likely member of the pack who happens along. :3

Also just make certain you're being realistic in her capture and training -- it should take a whiiiiile to completely break and train a wild horse. See here (same page as above, different anchor link) for detailed information about training and stuff. :)

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