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This was it. The day he had dreaded since the moment his baby girls had come into the world, so small and helpless. Now they were grown, ready to fly away from the nest and spread their wings as young adults. At ten moons old they were hardly little girls. They had already had their first encounters with the evil in the world, already shifted and had started to learn to ride horses and fight like true Cavaliers. There was no reason for them to stay in the little faded yellow home anymore, being watched over by their mother and father every night. Yet, Luca desperately wanted to cripple their progress to keep them at home with him.

All morning, he had been quiet, just waiting for the girls to finish packing their few belongings, tidy the room for the last time, and tell them it was time. From his an old couch in the living room he stared at their door, golden eyes hoping not to see them emerge from the room for the last time. Turning his head to look at Lyris, who was waiting near by, he whispered, “Can’t we just tie them up and force them to stay?” The words were spoken as a joke, but his heart still pained at the content. ‘They’ll be okay. It’ll all be okay.’ He reminded himself internally. They wouldn’t be too far away, just inside the courthouse. It really wouldn’t be that bad. Hopefully.

OOC: Dated early July (to work with incoming sibling dates XD <3)200+ words

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Hope it’s okay that I posted before Ann? Using a graphic table-table because Indi and Teagan’s icons are the same at the moment xD Also, Alex, lemme know if the assumptions are a no-go! Teagan’s trying to be tough xD

It’d been a day that had been seldom spoken of outside of a daydream-like wonder. It felt weird, yet, exciting. Indi and she would be living without their parents’ constant supervision and presence. No longer would they be separated by a mere wall. It wasn’t every far, where the two siblings were going, but, it was far enough that it’d be noticeable, different. Teagan was torn between feeling nostalgic as she looked about the girls’ shared room or excited for the new life ahead of them. Their relocation was a sign of maturity, yet another step into becoming independent Luperci.

The house had been eerily quiet when she’d originally woken up. Not wanting to face their parents for the big day without Indi awake and lucid at her side, Teagan had slipped outside of the bedroom window to deposit her falcon, Agrona, back into the bird sanctuary. The ordeal would be easier without having to mind where her young companion was. It’d been so early that the birds had yet to sing, and even Agrona herself was bleary-eyed when Teagan had roused her.

Teagan’s trek back had been without hindrance. However, falling back asleep had proved impossible. Her mind had been racing, active, and yet her thoughts had been full of nothing. She’d stared numbly at the wall, then the ceiling, then the window, silently willing the sun to rise faster so that she could get over these anxious feelings she had. Or, at the very least, so there’d be someone else up that she could share them with.

Sleep had found her somehow, and she’d been awoken by the soft sound of her parents’ door being opened.

It was time.

Indi had woken up some time later, and the two girls had begun to pack their belongings. They’d talked idly here and there, their conversations lingering between elation and sadness for the inevitable that was to come. Once their things were packed, Teagan shouldered her bag and gave the room one last, long look.

“What do you think Mom and Dad will do with our room when we leave?” She asked as her canary eyes took in every last contour of the fixtures within it. A humorous twinkle sparkled in her eyes as she turned to give Indi a devious smirk. She gestured to their beds with a tilt of her head. “Think Dad’ll come in here now when Mom kicks him out of their bed?” If he put the beds together, he might be able to fit better than laying on the couch in the living room.

She chuckled dryly at the thought before moving to their closed door. Her hand clasped around the handle, and her head turned to look over her shoulder to make sure Indi was ready before she opened the door. It wasn’t like they’d never see the room again. They weren’t leaving the Fort. As well, she was sure their parents would let them set foot in the house again for family get-togethers. They’d see it again, and the house too, before long.

Teagan led the way out into the living room, finding their parents on the couch talking to each other. “We’re ready,” she stated with a small smile, her facial features set in a way that indicated that the Stryder teenager was ready to get the move over with without getting sentimental over it.

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it is I, the Annturtle. Here to make sadness (+400)

Her wings had been clipped, time as it passed the blade. Lyris could not longer hold her children beneath her dome of protection, as she had until the last second. They'd grown too tall and too strong to justify it; coddling was not a word of Lyris' vocabulary, but she felt its pull. Even though it was just a house and an extra four minutes of walking, Teagan and Indi's new place of residence felt days away. There would be no late-night whispers, hushed and giggled. No mischievous patter of toes as sisters young slipped out the door, believing they had escaped their mother's detection. There would be no returning home as the sun sank to death; no assurance that her puppies were nestled warm and close just behind the other wall. Lyris felt empty, and it was a stupid fragile thing to feel. She was frustrated that she felt so lost, but it was not an emotion she could help. Not expecting to become the mother that she was, Lyris of old, steely heart wouldn't have been able to fight against this. It was a tide too strong, this loss.

Luca asked a question, and though his lilt was light and full of joke, the undercurrent of truth was far from missed by his mate. Lyris sat on the couch, stiff as was her usual poise. But as the Lune spoke, a high-pitched whine whistled through her nose, and she sunk into the male, tucking her nose beneath his chin with her arms curled against his chest, tender for but the second that her warrior's exterior was cracked. "I wish." She said, honest. Her delicate heart frustrated her to no end, but the mother had long since learned that concealing it did her no good. The knob to the girls' door turned, and Lyris pulled away from Luca, jade gaze light as she watched Teagan and Indi stride from their room, bags full. The sliver of a tightly pulled, empty bedsheet behind them elicited another pang of loss. She let the silence lapse, and then stood, crossing the room in three strides and offering Teagan a brief, enveloping hug. Her nose in her daughter's hair, the canary-eyed girl smelled like home, but it would not remain such a way for long. "You both better not start to ignore us now that you're adults." She tried at the humor, though it was only half-successful. She released Teagan and moved to Indi for a second embrace, no less genuine or tender than the first.

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