[AW] I walk a lonely road
"I walk this empty street on the Boulevard of Broken Dreams"
Word Count: 282

OOC: July 30th | Morning | Charlottetown | Optime

Avinalora is in town for the first time!

It was a quiet morning in Charlottetown and a new face padded along the cobblestone. She was quite petite in stature and if she wasn't in her bipedal form, one would think she was a fox. Her monochrome fur stood out and she was clad in her normal white and grey raglan and dark grey cargo pants.

This was the first time Avinalora and Jarix had ventured into Charlottetown town despite having come to Midnight Shores weeks ago. The jackal siblings only had ventured into the Kingsweald and mostly stayed near their house. But the darkling male wanted to see what the town was like and maybe scout for things they needed.

The silver jackal walked down the path. She was silent, not wanting to wake up anyone who was sleeping at this hour. She scented the air every so often, her sight unreliable. The new Pollux was mostly on the lookout for books and perhaps a seamstress because she felt tired of wearing the exact same outfit everyday. Her crepuscular companion was simply exploring the city and the petite female envied his speed as she was reduced to a slow pace due to her short height and lame leg.

The vixen picked up the scent of tea and baked goods. She still felt a little hungry despite her morning meal that consisted of cooked vole and some dogtooth violet bulbs which her coal-coated brother thought of as strange-but he ate frog legs as his morning meal which was equally weird. The medic followed the delicious smell and found herself standing in front of a modest, but quaint building. The foxlike female stood outside of the place, unsure of what to do.

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