[AW] Herb Hunting
AW | For medic co-rank!

Lupus | Morning | Herbalist's Avalon
Avina is with Luna gathering herbs in the Avalon. | I post too many AWs, sorry
Word Count: 303

A pair of foxlike creatures stepped into this Avalon of herbs. The light furred grey fox was bouncing around, her lilac eyes wide. The silver jackal looked at the younger creature with an amused look, her bi-shaded green eyes sparkling. This was one of many trips the healer had made, but was the first for the youth.

Avinalora had decided to take her trainee to the Herbalist's Avalon for the first time. Luna's normally calm demeanor had changed to one that could be compared to her adventurous brother. She was raring to go and investigate every herb here and the ivory vixen was sure that the kit would faint from the excitement. This place was a treasure trove for and medic as many rare herbs could be found her. This place was one of the things that had brought the moon-washed maiden to the Shores.

The young fox loved to learn about herbs and to help out her adopted sister. The medic knew that her apprentice would make a great herbalist, healer, or assistant even though she was limited to her four paws. She was very caring and calm and how she reacted when her brother was injured told the moon-washed maiden that she would do well in the medical field. She still wanted the Mist girl to learn how to hunt and at least a few fighting skills since those would be important in life and she didn't want the kit to be like her, unable to defend herself or survive.

"Just collect the ones we need." The Pollux said as the Mist girl stopped bouncing to look at her. She looked slightly crestfallen but soon perked up once she started to hop around and sniff each plant and bush, looking up at her mentor to ask if she should collect it.


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