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P. Vesna!

"This was no accident
This was a therapeutic chain of events"

A pair of Luperci were in a meadow in the middle of a forest. One of the two was sitting with her back leaning on a tree trunk. She had shocking silver fur, a large bushy tail, and bi-shaded green eyes. She was clad in a elbow-length, high-neck, moss-green mini dress and black leggings with her hair pulled in a ponytail with bangs covering her left eye. At her side was a worn leather satchel that was still around her shoulder even though she wasn't even thinking of leaving. On the log in front of her was a square slab of wood that had a dark brown and brown checkerboard pattern. Placed on the board were carved out wooden pieces. It was a chess set that looked as if it was in mid-game. The brown side had killed several pawns and had took out a knight and bishop. The dark side had only a few pawns.

The second Luperci was standing up and staring at the board and the girl in a mixture of shock and frustration. Her fur was almost black and had dark grey stockings, undersides, and tipped tail which was a stark contrast to the light-hued one. Her garb consisted of black leggings and a purple tunic. Her eyes were two shades of amethyst, much more vibrant than the silver and green female. Grasped in the female's fingerless gloved-hands was a black violin and a matching bow.

Other than the difference in hues, the two girls had similar appearances. Both had the long-legged jackal build as well as the large ears and face. They both had heterochromia and bottlebrush tails. They also shared the same black hair and were close in height, the darker one being taller.

Avinalora and Adrian had decided to go to Colchester Quarter. They were unaccompanied which was unusual for them as they were almost always followed by one of their many allies. They wanted to bond more as sisters as just days ago they weren't even aware of each other's existence. The dark vixen had given her sister a dress to celebrate her sister's promotion to the rank of Spica. The healer had immediately made the Pollux a few bracelets made from string and beads she had colored.

The jackal sisters had brought along some items to play with. The silver fox had brought the chess set Jarix had made to play with. The two often challenged each other and they still kept tally of the winnings. The ebony jackal brought her violin as well as her normal throwing knives. She didn't exactly have a lot of items to contribute but she thought that maybe she could teach the medic to throw knives or maybe do something musical?

After a round of chess that the former assassin lost and a rematch, she had given up on beating the former loner. Her sister seemed to have seen every single possible move that her younger sister had been oblivious to. Now she was in lower gear yet was on her win to winning match three. Then, the hybrid had grabbed her violin and was now glaring at her sister.

"Who did you sell your soul to so you could become a chess master?" The Raven girl said accusingly while pointing her violin bow. The medic had a smug look on her face and shrugged.

"It took practice." The Spica answered. It was true as she had spent a lot of time playing the Caelum.

"You've owned this set for barely two weeks!" The new Midnighter responded. It had taken the trapper time to carve out the pieces and board but he minute he taught the ivory female to play, it was like she became a master overnight.

"I played Jarix at least twice a day! The fox pointed out.

I'm just gonna post it because Adrian has a good chance of joining MS

I also have no idea who's NPC'd in this thread...

  • Form: Optime (Both)
  • Location: Colchester Quarter
  • Time: Day, September

  • Word Count: 635

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