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Let the adventure begin! Halifax Outskirts, 16th August

Indi’s eyes were wide and on a swivel as they entered into the outskirts of Halifax, ears twitching wildly at every sound or scent that caught her attention. The youth’s initial reluctance at leaving Casa di Calavieri for the first time had kept her quiet and glum for the first day that they headed east from the border, but as Halifax slowly came into view on the horizon her excitement began to build.

Halifax was like nothing that Indi had ever seen before. Even bowed and broken by the tremors that the red star’s inpact had caused, the buildings here still towered far taller than those in Windsor or Wolfsville. As they made there way deeper into the city, past endless rows of the familiar broken-down dens that were slowly speckled with ever increasing amounts of larger buildings, Indi could feel a chill building up along her spine; equal parts excitement and unease. There was a silence to this place that the human settlements never quite managed, the near complete silence of birdsong and of the smaller prey creatures that made the woodland home. The only living things that Indi had seen in Halifax so far were a scarce few rats that had turned tail as soon as they came into view.

Off in the distance a cluster of tall buildings dominated the horizon, burnt-out shells piercing up into the sky like the skeletons of mountains. They followed the grey human paths towards this landmark, a route that became increasingly difficult to pass as the path became littered with odd metal husks, and the debris of collapsed buildings. Eventually they came to a sign by the side of the road, hanging crooked and ravaged by age. Beneath the rust and damage, Indi could just make out a few faint flakes of an olive green paint and parts of a phrase ‘Hali-ax d—nto-n’ beneath an arrow pointing forwards.

“We’re here,” she said wonderingly to Teagan, voice cut down to a whisper by the odd atmosphere of the place. Almost automatically she began to sniff, seeking out the scents of their grandparents. Indi had never actually met either Neela or Tony, but surely there would be enough similarity to their parents for her to pick them out? Whether or not Indi’s theory was correct, she was disappointed to find not a trace of wold-scent near them; all that Indi could smell other than herself and Teagan was a faint whiff of decay, and an unpleasant bitter smell that emanated from the odd metal husks littering the road.

“Do you have any idea where we should go now Tea?” she asked distractedly, peering around at the buildings around her. If she remembered right, their grandmother should have made her home deep in the centre of the ancient city, near what they thought the humans had used as a harbour. Where exactly that was though, she had no clue. The tall buildings from earlier dominated the skyline now, making it almost impossible to navigate. When it became obvious that a way forwards wasn’t going to jump out at her of its own accord Indi flicked her ears in annoyance and cast a quizzical glance at Teagan, wondering if her sister had any ideas.

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Teagan Stryder
Optime | NPC: Agrona
Set after this thread.

Feel free to PP Agrona coming back and them moving through the city and finding Neela! Also, again, Stormie, lemme know if Alistair’s mentions are kosher with your split-plot for him or not!


It felt good to stretch her legs and be granted the freedom she’d always wanted from her birthplace. Their parents had never limited their range, but, having their consent and support to roam the countryside had taken the burden off of her shoulders of making sure she returned to the pack’s territory within a reasonable hour. Most of the stretch of land between the Casa di Cavalieri and Halifax had been familiar to the teen, as she had often snuck away when her responsibilities allowed her to.

Traveling with their Sole, Alistair, had helped as well, as he had apparently visited the abandoned city a time or two. He had traveled with them as far as was beneficial for his business, and had departed from their group with instructions on how to reach their grandparents. As the sisters had traversed the cold cityscape though, it became clear that the instructions were frustratingly vague and unhelpful for two Cavaliers unfamiliar with the layout and structure of the human ruin entirely.

Agrona patrolled the skies above them, occasionally perching on something so as to not travel too far from her partner. The falcon had yet to find anything of interest to report back to Teagan about, and the Bracciante had started to doubt their luck of finding their mysterious blood kin at all. The city was just too large, and, the fact that they had never actually met their grandparents didn’t help matters. Teagan was distracted from her scrutinizing when Indi suddenly announced their arrival to the destination Alistair had given them.

“It’s like walking through a graveyard in here,” Teagan grumbled, tapping on the roof of one of the rusted, metal behemoths that littered the various paths they had used thus far. The whole city felt colder than winter with how silent and lifeless it was. “I can’t believe they supposedly live here.”

If it hadn’t been obvious before with her reproachful glaring about the city landmarks and features, it was obvious now with her tone that she had some doubts of finding their relatives within the city. Where would they get food? Water? Their father was so nice and warm. Surely their grandparents would be similar, and, if so, why did they choose to live in a place so devoid of nature?

Her mismatched ears flickered when Indi sought her advice on how they should continue. Teagan considered the question for a moment, her canary eyes taking in the sharp and repeating patterns and edges of the world around them. They were deep within the labyrinth of the human ruins, and, like Indi, Teagan couldn’t make heads or tails of which direction they should go. The Stryder made a noise of irritation before a thought came to her.

She let out a loud whistle and held out her arm. Not moments later, her falcon alighted down obediently onto the outstretched limb. Teagan turned her attention to Indi. “Alistair said they’d be near the harbor, right? Agrona can scout out a path for us and we can go from there.” Teagan stroked some of Agrona’s feathers before nodding, indicating that that was what she was supposed to do. With her instructions clear, the young falcon took to the sky.

With her bird searching for the best route, Teagan turned to Indi with a playful, teasing smirk. “Aren’t you glad I’m a falconer?”

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Teagan Stryder
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