[RO] You Ate My Heart
RO - Lillith's Departure
Set for the beginning of February, middle of the night. +1383
and his eyes have all the seeming of a demon’s that is dreaming
and the lamp-light o’er him streaming throws his shadow on the floor

Lillith sat by the slowly dying fire in the silence of her sea-side cottage. Outside, only the far off crashing of the waves stirred the night air. She sat upon her old, moth eaten couch as if in a trance, staring unblinking into the burning embers. On either side of her, like gargoyles in the shadows sat her two raven companions, Skrak and Barkek; she had summoned them here earlier and now they waited for her commands. They had been sitting in silence for over an hour now, the birds patient with their dark mistress; they knew she was waiting for something to happen that would bring her back to life.

In truth, Lillith was in a trance, an opened-eyed reverie as she mulled over her decision again and again. She had known when she had returned to Anathema, starved and skinny but much alive after her fight with the infection, that she could no longer call this place a home. She had been nothing but loyal to Anathema, she had found a niche in its strange social structure; but she had been betrayed by the woman who had claimed to have had loved her. Aeron, once Lillith’s dearest leader and the only woman who had truly ever made her smile, had symbolically cut out Lillith’s beating heart by her decision to make Panda and Venom her mates. It was a disgusting and unjustifiable decision, one made out of the lust for power and sex. Lillith had nearly let herself die because of it, but now the blood ran cool through her veins again and she could think and see clearly; she no longer belonged here.

Not only did Lillith feel betrayed by her parents and Aeron, but she also seethed with anger. It was not that same kind of anger that boiled hot in ones belly, but instead like a slow burning ember it continue to eat away at her core. This anger soon fed a hate that grew so strong and dark within her that she could no longer bare it, and she knew that had to leave as soon as possible. But the Trombetta woman would not leave this pack without leaving a message for its leaders, and that was what she had called her feathered fiends to her for.

Ever so slowly, the room in which they sat became ever so subtly darker; a cloud bank had passed over the half moon, shielding the world below from its light. At this minor change the tall, skeletal woman rose to her feat, and the ravens perked their ebony heads to look at her. She walked slowly to the door and opened it, and immediately the two were upon her dark, bony shoulders, "Sends us away now." Barkek hissed in his crackling voice; Skrak echoed this with a soft clacking of his beak. Lillith raised her arm and both birds scuttled down it, beady eyes looking upon their wolf mistress, Shou, bring him to me. She said in nearly a sing song voice, and petted each bird gingerly with curled claws. Silently, the two took wing, and under the moonless sky they became invisible almost instantly.

Lillith was quick to begin the next step in her departure; she had already parsed most of her belongings to only the essentials, those items that she would need to survive in the wild and comfortably. She dark lady had not yet decided where she was to go, but as long as it was anywhere but here she would be content. She had managed to get all the belongings she would take into two packs, and these packs she attached to Korosk’s back. The stallion muttered a protest, not so much at the weight but at the knowledge that he knew they were leaving. Lillith shot a sharp glance at the horse and he quieted quickly and relented, not wishing to invoke her anger. Once he was laden with her goods, she lead him many yards away from her cottage and tied him against a wind beaten tree before turning back and entering her abode. The fire had nearly died now, but the coals stilled flickered with a dark red light. Lillith stared at them momentarily, as if distracted, but then moved to her kitchen area. There she retrieved a large jug, the contents of which smelled vile. It was gasoline, some that she had filched from Halifax when she had run into the wolfess named Sky. Now that she knew how to syphon this liquid, she did not fear losing the amount she had.

Without hesitation, Lillith tipped the jug vertically and began to walk around her house, saturating the floor, walls, furniture, everything she could with it. Soon the vapors became too intense to bare, and so Lillith set the jug on end to let it pour out as it will. She exited the cottage and moved quickly to Korosk once more, and just as she got to her horses withers did the cottage explode with a terrible woosh of fire and wind. It shocked her, even though she had been expecting it, and Korosk reared slightly and cried out in fear as the home went up in flames.

Things had to move quickly now, she could not linger here at all; surely those who moved about in the dark of night would have heard that sound, and also now see the pillars of flame rising high into the air. She mounted and pushed the stallion, and he much readily agreed; anything to get away from the blaze. In the dark of the night they rode quickly and as slightly as possible, but Lillith did not right away head for the nearest border, but instead towards Aeron’s villa. The ride took nearly an hour, Thackary Village on the complete opposite side of the territory from Lillith’s now burning cottage. But soon, the twinkling lights of candles came into view, and though most of the village was asleep, Lillith knew she had to act quickly to not be noticed.

She left Korosk just outside the village, and it was at that moment that Barkek and Skrak returned to her, like two demons in the night. Between them they carried the smaller black body of Shou, Aeron’s crow, who still continued to struggle in the ravens grasp. They alighted on Korosk’s back, "We catches him." Barkek said, blinking at Lillith with his one good eye. Lillith gave a wicked smile and snatched the crow from them, who cawed at her in protest. Silence. Lillith said, and with a flick of her wrist the crows beak was removed, falling to the ground with a thud. It was then that the dark woman moved quickly and quietly towards the village, the still living but now silent and bleeding crow in her hands.

She made it to the villa without coming across a single soul, save for the ever watching and sad eyes of the broken angel. Once at the door, she pinned the crow up against it, wings spread as if crucifed; she then took the two nails she had been keeping between her lips; rusted by still sharp, and with for quick taps the birds was attached to the door.

The body of the feathered thing still struggled, obviously in agony as beady eyes rolled in its head. Lillith stuck two clawed fingers into the gaped hole where the creatures beak had been and pulled away sticky fresh blood. With this, she wrote a curse onto the door; Aeron might not know the symbol but Panda and Venom surely would; they would know it had been Lillith who had left this sign. Once finished, Lillith looked at her handy work and then spat upon the wood of the porch and then disappeared once again into the night.

That night she escaped the prison that Anathema had become, riding away from its borders as the sun began to rise in the sky. Now her only companions would be her horse and her corvids, which danced on the winds above her as true embodiments of the Shadows that they served. Where would Lillith end up, she did not know, but as soon as she broke the barrier of that dark territory, she felt reborn and stronger than ever.

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