[DND] Surprise!

A sense of peace and joy filled the Lune. Fall was in full swing and the trees surrounding the den had turned a brilliant mixture of brown, orange and red. For the past moon time had stood still, the changing leaves hardly significant when compared to the miracle of life the waddled before him. How quickly pups grew and changed compared to the seasons. His two daughters, once wiggly puppies where now yearlings out on their own adventures, learning the lay of the land for their own. Now, three new bundles of fluff and love filled the empty space that Teagan and Indi had left behind as they entered adulthood. Of course no one could ever replace their baby girls but there was plenty of room for the family’s love to spread and so it had.

The puppies had recently begun to walk, and what a cute wobbly walk it was! From under the patchy shade of the trees Luca and Lyris watched the three at play, tired but mindful eyes watching. When Tea and Indi had been pups the pair had been overly cautious, particularly with the river nearby, but now the mated pair felt more relaxed. Squeaks and high pitched growls filled the air as Arlen, Remus and Myra played in the cool grass. The three would begin to eat meat soon, words would form, and their eyes might change from the baby blues. It all happened so quickly and Luca was eager to hold on to these puppy months while he could. With a sigh he rubbed his head against Lyris’ in a show of affection. What more could they ask for?

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Optime (+778)

Teagan is wearing a tunic to help cover her chest wounds (to hide from mommy and daddy xD). Let me know if the assumptions are okay or not, Alex! Also, Ann, Melissa, let me know if Myra’s reaction is good. I’m pretty sure y’all said she wasn’t quiet/meek or anything as a counter to her runt-y size?

It felt like it had been too long since the sisters had set foot on the soil of their home. They’d seen so many things, met so many Luperci, so, coming up to the familiar border had put a feeling of excitement in the Stryder’s heart as much as it did had nervousness. They had left Miwa—the Sapient healer that had helped them and had escorted them back home with the intent to collect Sapient’s payment—with Jonas to converse with Alistair about the details of the exchange. The horses had been put into empty stalls, Agrona had been returned to the aviary, and when the girls’ belongings had been hastily shoved into their room in the Courthouse, they’d set off to find their parents.

Eager as she was to see their parents again and tell them of all the things Indi and she had experienced, the sisters’ misadventure a few weeks prior made her worry what they might do. Teagan’s injuries were still in the process of healing, and Miwa had strongly advised against shifting while the wound was in the process of sealing and becoming a scar. So, she had remained in her Optime form and had clothed herself in a simple tunic—something unusual for the once naked teen—to help hide the bandages and obviousness of her injury. She wanted their reunion to be happy, not filled with worry for past actions.

They’d gone to their childhood home first, only to find the place largely empty with only a few signs of someone having lived in the house recently. It was a curious find, as they both knew their parents hadn’t gone away on business—surely Jonas would have said something if they had? Theories had formed in Teagan’s mind as the sisters had sniffed about in an effort to figure out where the two Cavaliers would be.

It had been Indi who was able to find a promising trail first, and the girls had set off towards the gardens. Teagan had lagged behind a bit, mentally trying to prepare herself for what would likely be an overload of emotions everywhere by everyone. She knew she couldn’t move around too freely, lest she pop a stitch, but, being stiff would also make their parents suspicious. So, she went for a nonchalant approach, knowing that her solemn expression would be considered normal next to Indi’s usual excitement.

As they neared the garden though, Teagan was sure to catch up to Indi and gently pull her back by the shoulder. “Remember,” she whispered, “Don’t say anything about the party, Sapient, or…you know—” She looked down at her chest and the bandages she knew that lay beneath the cloth material, “—unless they bring it up.” She wasn’t sure how much had been said in Sapient’s letter, but, if Lyris and Luca didn’t know something already—particularly that Teagan had been at death’s door or that Indi had murdered someone—they didn’t need to know about it at all.

Teagan didn’t want their freedom to be taken from them permanently because of a stupid mistake.

With that, the cream-coated sister let Indi go and continued their pursuit of their parents’ scent across the river. Once across, Teagan couldn’t help but to notice the path on which they were following. It seemed awfully familiar…

Tiny yaps and sounds of puppies playing caused Teagan to stop. Her mismatched ears pricked forward in attention and she gave Indi a confused look. Since when had the pack had puppies? Last she remembered, she and Indi had been the youngest litter in Casa di Cavalieri. Even more confusing, why did their parents’ scent lead them towards their old den?

The Stryder pushed forward without waiting for an answer, wanting to get to the bottom of this new development. The trees began to clear out, and, before they knew it, the sisters stood at the edge of a small clearing of which they had spent their early days in. It was where they had been born, their birthing den. Three pups of varying colors tumbled in the patchy shade, and, not far from them, were Luca and Lyris.

Teagan was silent, not knowing what to make of the odd scene before her. Her canary eyes were captured by the stubby-legged balls of fur as they wrestled, only to stop as they took notice of the sisters’ presence. The smallest of the three—the one with the light-colored coat—disengaged from its play and yapped at Indi and Teagan.

Whose were they?

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Teagan Stryder
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