[AW+] the moon lights up the dark

It had been a long night for the Lunar Knight. What little sleep he had gotten had not been with his pups and mate but on a desk hidden away in the Guida Office. There he could be certain no one would disturb him. Only those of the Brotherhood and above dared to enter the war room, where the round table sat representing the equal voice he held there, and very few would ever come knocking on the Guida Office doors when they were closed. Sitting in the dark, alone with his thoughts. Luca could not for the life of himself understand what had transpired. All he knew was Alistair was gone and now he, young and stupid, was the only leader remaining.

How was he going to do this alone? Jazper had founded the pack alongside Anann and brought up Alistair when he had needed another supportive leader. He supposed there had been a time when Jazper had been the only leader, and Alistair for that matter, but it brought little comfort to the man who lay face down in a desk. His stomach twisted and flipped in a tight ball, making him feel rather unwell at the thought. How would he explain this to the pack? What would they think? There were those among them who would easily remember Luca as a bratty teenager and a drunken young adult claiming that no one could touch him because his grandfather had built up this pack from the ground. Now that legacy weighed down his shoulders with immense responsibility.

As the sun peaked through the window his golden eyes squinted out from his folded arms. If he did not step up than what would happen? No…he had a family here. They were all depending on him, even though they did not know it yet. With a heavy heart and slow feet he moved from the desk, his mind working overtime to move his body into the large hall where so many announcements had been made. His call echoed through the chambers but it was a short howl, a summons without much heart. As members arrived he did not engage as he would normally, waving a dismissing hand to those who attempted to talk. Slowly concern filled the eyes of the Cavaliers and the normal chatter before announcements ceased to exist.

“Alistair is gone.” He spoke frankly, not wanting to drag out the announcement and scared that he would walk away before saying anything at all. “Despite my efforts to convince him otherwise he has left us due to personal discourse. He needs to work on rebalancing himself and felt he was unable to lead us while fighting demons of his past and present.” The explanation was vague but he did not want to dampen his memory and reputation among the Cavaliers but describing the ex-Soles self-loathing and insistence that he was a murderer unfit to rule. “I stand before you today still as Lune, but today I shoulder the responsibility of leading this pack alone. I promise you I will do my best in the upcoming days to lead you as best as I can, however we must all come together as Cavaliers. We must be brave and push on, standing united as brothers and sisters.” He paused, gulping down his nerves. “Will you stand with me?”

OOC: Dated late October.500+ words

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Optime | Fort Kingsbury (Courthouse) (+628)

Alex, let me know if Teagan/Indi interactions is a no-go!

She’d risen with the rise of the sun as she’d done for many moons before her long trip with Indi. There were things that needed taking care of. She had a new horse that needed to be worked with, and her falcon needed her daily training to remain in tip-top shape. After a brief warmup with Agrona, Teagan had let the falcon lose to stretch her wings in the crisp, cool, morning sky. Her horse, Apollo—whom she had found there to have been another one of the same name upon returning to the pack—had been next on her list of daily duties.

The stallion had a surprisingly gentle and easy temperament for being intact. She’d had the large beast on a lead when her father’s almost soulless summons had reached her ears. The Bracciante’s head had turned curiously to the sound of the call. She’d never heard her father’s voice sound so…hollow. Quickly, she’d returned Apollo to his stall and had made a hasty beeline to the Courthouse. Whatever was wrong, it couldn’t be good.

Her first thoughts had been of her mother, and then of her new siblings, but, reasoning had made her push those terrible thoughts away. He would have called for Teagan and Indi directly if such had been the case, not the whole pack. The cream-coated wolfdog filtered into the large hall, surprised to find herself amongst one of the firsts to arrive there. The Lune, her father, was alone, and there was something off about him that made Teagan suspicious. He didn’t have his usual flare of life about him, didn’t even bother to speak with anyone that approached him. After seeing him dismiss those that tried to converse with him, Teagan did well to steer clear.

She took up a position near the front in spite of her avoidance of trying to figure out what was wrong with her father. Once everyone was gathered, she was sure he would tell everyone what was wrong. There was no point in trying to pry the information out of him beforehand. Her canary eyes searched those that entered the hall for her mother or the familiar auburn hair of her littermate, Indi. When the sibling entered, Teagan gave her a small wave to beckon her to where the Stryder stood. “Have any idea what’s wrong with Dad?” She’d whispered in Indi’s ear when the koi-colored sister had joined her.

Once everyone had gathered, Luca finally explained why he had gathered everyone. His opening statement caused Teagan’s heart to clench, thinking the man who had been the Sole for all of her short life to be dead. She tried not to jump to conclusions though, and let Luca explain before letting despair grip her. The reason behind Alistair’s abrupt disappearance concerned Teagan.

Fighting demons? Had this anything to do with why he’d accompanied the girls outside of the pack at the beginning of their road trip? So many questions churned in the Bracciante’s mind.

Her father continued, revealing that he would be the pack’s sole leader with Alistair’s vacancy. He seemed nervous, and when he asked for the pack’s support, Teagan was the first to speak up, her voice bold and confident. “I will. You helped lead us through the despair of the Red Star and helped us rebuild in its aftermath.” Her canary gaze danced around the room, as if daring someone to speak ill of her father and his ability to lead them to success. Luca might not have been Lune long, but, he had shown his worth and strength when the pack had needed him most.

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Teagan Stryder
[Image: kezoZZ68_o.png]


Darkness was sniffing about the pack's weapons in the storage, with great curiosity in the weapons and their abilities, and how it was possible that the man might be able to use them to aid this pack and solidify his family here. A sword, maybe? To hack and slash his foe to the ground? Or perhaps, a bow? To shoot from afar and remove enemies without being too close to the fight seemed like a good decision as any. A spear, however, might be able to do both. Still, the man was at a loss. This was all fresh information for him. He'd have to figure out how to use these things, and how to use them well, before he could even consider himself useful for anything around here. He knew full well that he was no scout or hunter.

Before he had any more time to hopelessly deliberate, a call came from the courthouse from an unfamiliar voice, and though it was lackluster, the tune demanded attendance. Dark made his way from the stores and eventually into the room where it seemed that all of Casa de Cavalieri was coming to the call. A figure stood at the front of the room and quickly dismissed any that sought conversation with him. It certainly set the mood for the new soul that trailed into the furthest reaches of the room to escape a potential fury that might befall them. A lone golden eye sought the faces in the room, not holding a gaze to any for more than a moment before a voice brought his attention forward.

Darkness hadn't met anyone named Alistair, in fact he'd barely met anyone, and the fact that the stranger was missing only brought the golden gaze about the room once again. He searched for anything that could give him context. Whispers, expressions, any sort of body language once so ever, before a solemn gaze snapped back to the man at the fore. Lune. That must have been this person's place in the pack, and though Darkness didn't have a name to that face, he'd commit the rank and the features to memory, until a name was gifted to him. The alabaster man wasn't much for asking, and the room didn't seem to be in much of a mood for divulging.

The speech, or at least that's the closest thing Darkness to call it, was wrapped up in an inquiry. It didn't take long after for another, a female, to give her voice to the crowd that had been summoned here. Her words were a little more inspiring, but Darkness still didn't know what was going on, other than a leadership change? The hard glow of her eyes reached around the room, and when they passed Darkness, he made his call. A strong dip of his maw gave a silent acceptance of the question that had been asked by their Lune. If he was going to protect his kin, he had to very well protect this new pack and assist it in thriving, anyway he knew how.
Hartt had been out hunting yet again when she heard the call from her new Alpha, or Lune. With the pair of plump rabbits in hand, she first headed back to the fort and to the room her family had claimed. She tossed the rabbits down onto the small table in the room, intending to clean them to feed her family after the pack meeting.

Once she arrived where some had already gathered, the white fae headed over to where Darkness already stood. Her head dipped down in a small nod to her mate, a small smile on her face as she stood beside him. She hadn't met this Alistair that the Lune had spoken of, and she didn't know Luca very well either, but Veyra and Callum spoke very highly of him and he seemed more than capable of leading the pack. She looked beside her and saw her mate give the Lune a nod to give his approval. Her attention then went back to their leader, giving him a nod as well as she spoke. I will stand behind you.
Rohan wasn't sure what was going on - but everyone around him seemed so sad.

The pup heard the call of their leader and watched as pack members made their way to heed to call. His dark ears pinned back, concern awash through his small form, Rohan followed them and wondered the whole while what was happening. If it was something going on he wanted to know how to help, if there was anything a pup of his stature could possibly do. The call had seemed sad....concerned, and even the pup knew that something was off. His steps brought him to the courthouse, taking him longer since he was on all four small paws - still unable to shift. Regardless he made it there and moved to stand in the increasingly crowded room, ears swiveling to pick up random bits of conversation before Luca spoke up and called everyone's attention.

It seemed to be a critical phrase, Rohan heard gasps going through the crowd and frowned, furrowed his brows as bright blue eyes focused on Luca. He knew what the man was saying but the significance wasn't clear to him - to him, Alistair was gone on vacation and would be back soon. The pup didn't realize that it was more than likely permanent. Either way, when Luca asked if his pack would stand behind him the pup felt the patriotism course through him and wagged his tail fiercely, showing that he would indeed stand behind the Lune - small as he was. His voice wouldn't be heard amongst the booming adults, probably, so that was the only indication he gave, but he hoped it was enough.

Lyris is in Lupus with Myra, Remus, and Arlen hanging around as lil fluffs (+500)

As Lyris laid down on her bed that night, curled tightly in her Lupus skin with nose under tail, a whine left her throat, unbidden. Luca's side of the bed was cold, and while normally it was not an issue to slumber without her mate's warmth, that evening she felt a nightmare bubble beneath the surface of her consciousness, an unkind feeling of cold trailing her spine. It was not unusual for Lyris to sometimes sleep solitary- in fact, in some occassions it was sought out. But Luca had left her with a hurried kiss and a worried glimmer of unhealthy gold in his sights, and she was therefore unsettled for the lifespan of the evening. Without the Knight's anchoring figure to rid her of such threatening nightmares, Lyris was aware her hours of sleep were limited that night. And so she slipped carefully from the bed's cold sheets and nosed into her children's room to find their three small sides rising and falling with blissfully ignorant sleep. With a glimmer of jade eyes, the mother left her house- door shut tight- and raced the moon.

She ran until her throat burned with the frozen air and her legs became weak from incessant movement, and only then did she turn around. Slowly she made her way back through the maze of the Sugarwoods that she had delved deep within. With no hurry, she allowed herself to admire with each frost-encrusted step the silent beauty of a forest encapsulated in the cold of a blooming winter. Only the creeping rustle of a frigid breeze amongst the naked tree branches would twitch her ears, the rest a gorgeous absence of noise. When she arrived back in Kingsbury, the sun was not very far from rising. Checking on her puppies briefly once more, Lyris slipped into an exhausted sleep stretched across the ragged couch, nose on her paws. It was the only rest she would have for the following hour, until the sounds of little puppy bodies pattering across the wooden floors would waken her once more.

* * *

Luca's call sent Lyris into a characteristic silence. Nudging Myra and her brothers towards the courthouse, the mother guided her children silently, scenarios of the potential announcement unfolding one after another in her heart and mind. Of course, there could be only one that made sense. She knew the answer before the Lunar King even revealed it. Alistair was lost to the wilds, and it was not by accident.

When the Lune said exactly that, only his choice of words different, Lyris lowered her ears, Lupus form unusually low in its natural grace. She wanted to be purely angry with the once-Sole, but she could only find a vague loss in her emotions. He was a king with his flaws, but he had filled an essential role. Luca would now be forced into shouldering the weight- Lyris knew that he would, for her mate would die before he quit on anyone or anything- and the huntress could only see a pain of responsibility to come. She saw it in those golden eyes when he lifted them to ask his Cavaliers for help, and it was all she could do to quietly lift her scarred features, an indescribable expression held regally among them. With a handful of strides, the Mani stood with full height in her wolfish form at the waists of their oldest daughters, while their youngest offspring sat with rapt attention at her feet. "I will stand with no one else."

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Words: ---
Date: 25 Oct
Place: Courthouse
Form: Optime

The white Knight came to his brother's call, standing in the Courthouse and listened to him speak, his brow furrowing. Callum would never have thought that Alistair would have left the Cavaliers, certainly not without speaking a word to any of them.

He had nothing but good memories of Alistair, from the time he was fairly young, in the varied roles the wolfdog had held under his grandfather and then alone, and then later with Luca at his side though Callum had not actually been present for that change. While Alistair was not quite as important to him as Jazper was, the ex-Sole had been present for a great many important events in Callum's own life. He had not been Callum's mentor, in fact they had barely interacted till Kalidas had attacked him, but Alistair had received his Corpo oath and had officiated his wedding with Veyra.

Ultimately, though, the decision to leave had apparently been Alistair's own. Though they would miss him, Cal had no doubts of Luca's ability to lead them, and he heard several others say similar. He opened his own mouth, too, saying, Of course I will, Luca.

Callum Knight

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Most days it was a half and half wager on whether the Medico would rise early or not. Today was such a time. Morty had asked her to double check the stores of herbs in the Medico office for what they might need to restock on. Famiglia rank cloak clasped shut, Veri made sure her son was awake before she left in order to prod her daughter out of bed in a few wee hours. The deep chill of winter hadn't quite settled into the air yet, but something in the atmosphere sent shivers up her spine. Mixed blue eyes scanned the Square as she cut across the corner toward the steps into the Courthouse to find all was, seemingly, well. Perhaps she'd walk the Fort later. That decided, she slipped inside and toward the workspace she shared with the older grey Medico.

Cloak discarded on the back of a chair, she set to work. Only a few minutes in, however, and a brief howl from the Hall startled her. From the sound it was Luca, but...something was off. Concerned now, the cream wolfess carefully brushed her hands clean of any herbs that might have clung to her fingers and turned to exit the Office, only pausing long enough to pull her cloak back over her shoulders. She had a sense that it's presence might be appreciated. The off note to the Lune's call had drawn others to the Courthouse quickly as well. Veri slowly navigated her way to the front, but off into the corner so she wouldn't obstruct others. She wanted to be close to Luca for whatever this would turn out to be.

While she watched more canines enter the Courthouse, she observed those that tried to converse with Luca be turned away by a dismissive hand. Others caught on to this as well and soon the building was quiet despite the number of bodies within. That is when the Lune decided to speak. The words he uttered struck her ears like bricks. Gone? Alistair? Why? Her gaze sharpened onto the leader of Casa as he continued with a vague explanation of why the Sole had left. Either that's exactly what Alistair had told the younger male or Luca wanted to abstain the truth. Either of these option were possible.

With the heart of the announcement done, the Lune then went on to say he was still their leader. With his plea finished, Veri was heartened to hear the members pledge themselves to him, sparked by none other than one of his daughters. The Medico glanced toward the koi-furred girl and, should her gaze land on the Famiglia, gave a firm nod of agreement in her direction. Mixed blue irises turned back to Luca as Veri took a step forward, her head high. "I will stand with you. You won't be alone in this." she promised to the Lune, her gaze fierce.

On the heels of her pledge came another from a much deeper, male voice. "I will also stand with you." Veri looked to see Damon among the crowd, tall and proud, with Isobel by his side. She looked tired still but alert enough to understand the situation. The coywolf didn't speak but her stance was supportive, if not slightly grumpy, with a tail that wagged firmly with her allegiance.
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~~ That chill you felt I felt it too ~~

Concern flitted, there was something wrong, it pulled at him. He could see it in the way Luca turned away those who would speak to him before everyone had gathered. He folded his arms across his chest and looked about, wondering where Alistair was and feeling a cold ball of anxiety curl up and settle in the pit of his stomach. This was not a good sign and the one time he managed to catch Luca's eye, the fear he saw there shook him right down. Something had happened, something bad. Quickly his mind shifted to terrible things, death, maiming or enemy attack. But surely they would have heard, it was hard to keep secrets in the Fort, too many eyes around at all times to watch and see.

Silence descended on those gathered and as more arrived they too felt the oppressive silence weigh down on them and joined in with it. They waited and he held his breath as Luca stepped forwards and began to speak. It all rushed out on an exhale as he spluttered, Alistair had left them? He listened in abject solemness, eyes wide, not daring to even believe. But Luca would not lie about such a thing. He felt a small hand slip into his and turned his head down to see Sylvie, her face drawn and brows heavy with concern. He gave her hand a squeeze and she squeezed back, her claws digging into his skin, he relished the pain and let it ground him once again. Leaders had come and gone and yet Casa still stood, stronger than ever.

The Jazperson was no longer in good health, plagued by sickness and pain and oftentimes needed long hours of rest to keep himself going. Otherwise he might have stepped forwards to help his nephew lead and ease the burden. His eyes turned to Lyris, she was an obvious choice too, young and strong and capable. Married to their young Lune, it would do them good to have a mated King and Queen to follow, with their children, the royal family. He could see around him as Luca asked them to stand besides him, their resolve sharpening and one by one their voices cried out., including Sylvie next to him, she was proud of her charge and Lorenzo had barely ever felt so proud as he did then, of this pack that his father had raised from the ground upwards.

"Aye, Ah will stand!" His voice was loud, a warrior's call that echoed around their great hall. His good eye gleamed fiercely. Lorenzo was one of the last links to the old ways, to the old times when pride and justice had been done. Beside him a second voice called just as fiercely, to let her voice ring out against their ears, tall Ghita spoke too,

"Aye. I'll stand with you Lune." With her hair tied back and the sharp, determined look upon her face she appeared as the warriors of old. The seed was strong.

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