Offboard Puppy question
So i just have a question about what counts as an off board birth and what does.

Basically this pertains to a mother being off board while the father is on board could the father travel off board to have a puppy that you don't have to pay puppy points for or would you still have to pay puppy points for the off-board birth? Additionally, would the puppy born take up a ynpc slot or would it be a CNPC slot if the mother expires and has to be dropped off with the on-board father?

just let me know if i am not being clear but here's an example:

Coyote(male) and Coywolf(female) hook up offboard while Coyote is on a trip to an offboard territory(but is an active character onboard as well), this is where Coywolf lives and stays for the duration of the pregnancy. Coywolf then has Coyote's babies offboard, with Coyote present. Coywolf is unfortunate and expires shortly after birthing Coyote's babies, so Coyote is stuck with them. Would Coyote be able to bring his babies back on board and take up his ynpc spots or is this illegal? What about if Coyote pays puppy points for whatever surviving pups he plans on bringing back with him?

Hopefully i make sense?! This might have also been answered before but dont recall seeing it anywhere D:
The puppy would be a cNPC, with the usual cNPC restrictions (i.e., can't be advertised or played until 7 months of age). They are born off-board, so they can't be made yNPCs; this would definitely be skirting yNPC procedures.

It would be different if the mother was on-board, as a cNPC of the father for example, and then the father paid puppy points to produce a couple of yNPC children. They would count as yNPCs in that case, but not if the father knocked up some off-board character. Only one puppy can be brought back with him in the example you outlined, unless a second puppy became another character's cNPC or a pNPC or something like that. Hopefully that makes sense. c:
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That makes sense! Thanks for the quick response! :DD

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