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<p> Her letter had told him that the time was nearing. He still had not told Elody of what he had done, for he wanted to surprise her with the news. Elody would be excited right? She not only would have herself a new beautiful baby girl, but she also would have herself another baby to care for. She'd have a house full of children again, something to care for and love. She would have purpose in Salsola other than being a <i>scout</i> and a <i>warrior</i>. That was the job of Coaxoch now, while Elody could spend her days in luxury and with a babe at her bosom. He had been unawares of Elody's pregnancy until she had begun to show dramatically, and Till had been relatively angry at her for it, but it was not something that he could be <i>actively</i> angry about, and instead, he told her that next time she must tell him of the good news. Inside though, Till wondered why the woman kept it a secret for so long, and <i>who</i> she was sleeping with on the side that the baby girl <i>could</i> have been. The girl had less evidence of his lineage and more so of Elody's, so while he did not express his suspicions, he did watch the girl closer than he had Coax and Valtin.

<p>Skrak and Barkek had come to retrieve him, and Till had told Elody that he would be gone for a little bit, but it was urgent that he leave on this day. While the woman had protested, Till told her that she had Coax and she had Nephele to make sure all of her needs were met and that he would come home as soon as possible as he did not want to miss anything of his new babes' life. Till was surprised that it seemed to work for Elody enough for her to let him go to the Outpost. Till took Korosk on the ride, for Till needed to also return the horse to his owner - for Till held up his end of the bargain and struck up some <i>other</i> deals in order to have a few foals in the future. Hopefully these foals would be a fateful companion with Coax and his sister, for he wanted them to both have a pony to grow up with. He also had been able to breed Maschine with Cleome's mare to produce another steed of his own. Jun, too would give birth soon to Maschine's offspring, so Till would have even more foals to distribute to the Family.

<p> Korosk had a brisk pacing, and while it had taken them a few days to get to the Outpost, Till barely slept and only let Korosk rest because he seemed to be feeling worn a bit easier that he noticed. Till didn't blame the stallion though, he had a pretty active week after months of him being lazy and old. Till hoped that this was not a sign of his vitality for he wished Korosk a longer life than it currently had been, for Lillith had told him that he already outlived <i>one</i> of his owners. Either way, this might have taken them longer than expected because of the slow Percheron stallion. Three days passed of them walking, and riding along the path that Till knew and they had finally been greeted at the Salsola Outpost. </p>

<p>Till immediately found himself running to Lillith's quarters for he knew that she was probably about the burst. He had been <i>just on time</i> because once he had entered the room, he had been greeted with a screaming from the woman that he knew to be so stoic. Till's ears flipped back lightly as the Trombetta woman laid there sprawled out, and <i>alone</i>. Till had never been scared of her before but now he <i>was</i> and he almost left the room when Lillith piped up. <i style="color:#b53f16">"Where are YOU going?! Come here and fuckin help."</i> the woman snarled as Till immediately turned around and came forward towards her. He hadn't even watched his own mate give birth much less did he do much with helping with it, so he didn't really know what to do. Plus, Elody did not scream like Lillith was. Was this..normal? </p>

<p>Lillith was panting heavily as she felt the contractions become stronger and stronger. She didn't ever remember Neith and Elektra being so <i>painful</i>, sure there was some pain, but she was able to suppress it and stay quiet. This one <i>hurt</i>, and she couldn't keep the pain from having her call out. She heaved and pushed. She really couldn't understand or spend too much time thinking about the complications of this pregnancy because of the painful way that the child in her belly was treating this birth. She felt like the child was pulling out her insides on the way out with sharp tooth and claw. She knew something was <i>wrong</i> from the very beginning of this because she thought that pregnancy and birth should become easier, not <i>harder.</i> </p>

<p>Blood poured from her nether, and there was no pup to accompany it, and this also worried Lillith and Till. Till's eyes were wide as he looked at her and flailed lightly. <b>"Lillith, I don't-"</b><bR>
<i style="color:#b53f16">" Just stay here Till. Just....Stayyyy..."</i> she interrupted him, unable to actively think about what she needed him to do. She pushed again as another contraction swayed her speech. <bR>
<b>"Are you sure you don't-</b><br>
<i style="color:#b53f16">"No I don't need <i>anyone</i> else here."</i> her words were almost demonic in their tone and Till could swear that he heard her growl, but he easily could have mistaken this for a groan of pain as it ripped through her stomach.</p>

<p><b>"I hate-"</b><bR>
<i style="color:#b53f16">"Just Shut Up Till."</i> snapped the woman as she gave a big push and was granted then with the head of the child. She felt it pop out from her slit and he motioned to Till to be prepared to grab the pup. <bR>
<i style="color:#b53f16">"He's stuck, you are going to have to help before he suffocate"</i> she spoke to him, growling lightly as the male moved in between her legs and he grabbed onto the head of their child. She felt the rapid contraction fall over her again and started to push again. ,<bR>
<i style="color:#b53f16">"PULL!"</i> she told him and he did pull, which with another pop, the pup was finally let loose from the woman. Lillith panted heavily as she watched the male just look at the creature in his hands. Till felt sadness for some reason, but this might have just been because he didn't know what to do with it and she leaned over and motioned for him to bring it to her. She grabbed the babe, bit off the sack and cord and started to lick him. Once the bloody red turned into a rustic one she was sure that he was clean and she put him to her breast. </p>

<p>Something was wrong, and Lillith knew it. She couldn't catch her breath, and the blood did not stop flowing from her even though she did not feel any more pups within her. He was a large babe, having been the only one within there for what she figured a long time. The pup did not cry either, and while this was normally a bad sign, the boy seemed hungry enough to suck her dry. He whimpered a little bit as he tried to find the nipple before Lillith helped him by moving her breast to rest between his front legs. She was so <i>tired</i> and Till's face annoyed her lightly as he looked on with interest and a stupid smile on his maw. He knew the scene to be bloody, but blood never bothered him at all. </p>

<p>Lillith motioned for Till to come next to her and lay there with her as she leaned back into her bed of furs. It was bloody there but the warm liquid did not feel unpleasant to the woman. Till was inclined to try to clean it up but Lillith didn't make a motion for him to try. Instead he laid next to her with his bloody hands placed on her stomach and his pink nose near their child. He still smiled to her and nudged the nursing babe only once and he licked any remaining blood from him before Lillith placed a hand on the silver crown of the man that she had practically raised herself. She stroked his hair softly, as she felt herself drifting into a slumber. </p>

<p>Till stayed with her for most of the night but did not neglect the pool of blood that had been at the woman's core. She awoke only briefly at his touch but looked at him and dismissed his touches for he was merely helping clean her up. Till did this dutifully, his gentle hands caressing her, and cleaning her slit, legs, and feet. He even pulled the ruined pelt from under her to also give her a fresh pelt that was one of his favorites. When he finally was done cleaning her, he left once more to bathe himself in her hot bath. He thought about names while he relaxed in the water, and smiled as he realized that he was now a father of three beautiful children. </p>

<p>When he finished bathing himself, hot water long turned <a href="http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/BloodBath">cold and turned a deep crimson</a> from the remnants of the woman's birthing blood on him having been washed off, Till dried his fur as much as he could before going back to Lillith's side. Her breathing had slowed and she snored softly as she held their son in her arms. She looked so peaceful to Till that he almost wished that they were mates instead of him and Elody. Till knew, deep down that Lillith and him would never be together in any circumstance because of their mother and son relationship. She saw him as nothing but a son, and it had been only out of greed that she had let him give her another child. He was unsure of why she really did it but maybe it was to get more infamy within Salsola, or to continue her bloodline, he really couldn't be sure, but her sleeping there, she was beautiful. Her rusted red hues paired with matching dark earthy hues had him observing her in a new way especially as the light in her home flickered upon her breast.</p>

<p>Till hadn't given Isabella a second thought or why she had not been present. He did not care about the fallen Ambassador as she had not cared for him.<br>
Till shifted down to his large secui form and laid down next to Lillith, putting his large head onto her. He smiled lightly and fell into a slumber there with her, silently promising that he would stay with her until she wished he leave. He silently wished that she didn't ask him to leave, and that they made a life here together. This was a fleeting wish, though for Lillith and Till knew each other intimately but Lillith was not a <i>lover</i>. She was not the tender hand that Till needed in his life, and she was ever loyal to Isabella. That was the reality of it, and there was nothing that could ever change that. Till didn't let these realities weigh him down, and instead he just laid there and let himself fall into a deep slumber, in which the male dreamed of nothing. </p>


<P><center><b>Two days pass.</b></center></p>

<P>Lillith seemed rather chipper today when Till had come in to serve her a meal and visit the boy. She had been humming and singing to the boy when Till had come in, a tune that was unfamiliar to Till but not so complicated that he couldn't replicate it. He held a wide, content smile on his maw as he brought her some cooked eggs, and a large slab of cooked meat that was still on the bone. She passed off the boy to him while taking the food from him. She looked at the food hungrily as Till settled beside her with the child in his hands. He smiled down at the boy that looked like the spitting image of her, but shared his pale face it seemed, unless his markings got darker when he grew older. Till looked at Lillith as she began to eat carefully. </p>

<P><b>"Have you thought of any names for him?"</b><bR>
<i style="color:#b53f16">"Every time I look at him he reminds me of a Dirge. I have thought a lot of this though, and he just seems like that's what he should be called."</I> the woman replied as she ate a bit more, licking her fingers as the salted meat slithered down her throat. It was easy to tell that Lillith was sad though, for she missed her family, Isabella, Ondine, Delfina, Neith, Elektra. None of them were here to see the newest member of their family, even though the boy would be primarily raised by Till and his wife. He was still Trombetta blood, and would always be Family to her, and so would Till. She smiled at that, at least, for the boy was big and healthy, and his father was ever so present. Till was proud of both the boy and Lillith though, and that shone in his eyes as he looked down at her and again joined her to speak with her on her level. <br>
<b>"Dirge is a handsome name, I agree that he does seem like a Dirge."</b> Till replied with a wide smile. She was good at naming her children, and having a name for him would make it easier for when he brought the child back to Salsola Proper to be raised with his own new child and Coax.
<b>"Are you feeling any better Lillith?"</b> the Bastard asked for he knew that birthing took a lot out of a woman and she was no different. <br>
<i style="color:#b53f16">"I feel a little down today, but I think it's because my wife isn't here. I'm still very tired too."</i> she told Till, truthfully. She loved her family and her wife especially and had been more than happy to come out to the Outpost with her when she decided that was the best bet for them. They were part of old Salsola and while that was not a bad thing, they had long stopped being promoted and only lost their ranks the more time that went on. Lillith would rather be in Portland as a trader than to be disgraced like Eris had been when she had lost her "edge". </p>

<p>Till nodded his head to her and still smiled pleasantly. <b>"Did you need anything else from me? I want you to be comfortable."</b> he asked her, not thinking much about where her wife was, seeing as she had been disapproving of Till and Lillith's relationship regardless of the fact that it was 100% business and no play. Till didn't particularly think of why the woman didn't favor him, nor did he really care or think of it often at all. Often times, Till forgot that Isabella even existed. Lillith still picked at her food while Dirge started to suck on Till's finger, but then spit it out when he realized there was no milk to be had from the pink flesh of his finger. Till let out a chuckle at the sensation and looked from the rust and brown fluff ball to the woman who had the same pelt over a chub canvas. <i style="color:#b53f16">"I could use a bit more water"</I> the woman told the Bastard in between her chewing meat and swallowing the warm chunks of flesh. </p>

<p>Till nodded his head and turned to her and gave the pup back to her. She laid the boy to her side while she continued to eat and the Bastard left the room to get a bucket and more, fresh water for Lillith to drink. He trusted that she would be okay for these ten minutes that he would be gone. Till had no sense of impending doom, for he had not known much about birthing and the complications of it. Her body felt more weak than that of her previous birth </p>


<p>She felt <i> so tired</i> lately. Tired enough to where she could barely even move. She thought, at first, that it might have been just the exhaustion of motherhood, or the exhaustion that set in after having a big meal but this felt so different. She felt so much more <i>weaker</i> than the last birth and she did not feel like she was going to recover. Fear, for once, would swell in her breast as she laid there with the son of fire and dirt - a ghostly face that was unlike her own that was marked with crimson rust. He was beautiful, like she had been when she was a youth. She remembered all that she could then, her mother and father, Zera'im, a youthful Korosk, Anathema. These were all things that were deep in the past, times that she had not visited in so long, for she had been so busy making new memories with her daughters and son - her wife. It was again that she felt as if she missed the woman, for she had been absent, and confusion set into the mother's head, not remembering exactly <i>why</i> Isabella was not at her side.

<p>Fear was like a flower that blossomed in her chest just as pain started to set in. She inhaled sharply as what felt like a knife had stabbed into her stomach as if she was being sliced open. Her nose caught the scent of rotting flesh, another smell she was not used to, and it was strange that she even smelt it at all for she knew that Till had bathed her, had been keeping up with rubbing her fur with essential oils as she had asked him to do, for she loved nothing more than smelling good. She felt wetness down near her core and she reached a weak arm to touch her slit, and when she pulled it back she was greeted with an off color blood, dark against her already dark colored hand, and when she had put the fingers to her nose she found that <i>this</i> was the smell that was of death, or rotting.</p>

<p>She did not <i>understand</i>.<br>
She felt so alone suddenly, so confused in such a way that she could not make sense of anything anymore. Lillith's thoughts became frantic as she tried to think of who to call out to. Where was Isabella? Where was Neith, Elektra? Did they even really, truly exist? Where was Delfina, Ondine? Who was supposed to be watching over her? Who was with her during the birth of this boy with the pale face? She looked at the boy, equally confused and a weak arm touched the squeaking child. She turned the boy towards her and looked at his face. Till? No. Till was a monochrome man, there was no way that she would breed with him, he was her son? Was he her son? No..Till was a bastard, wasn't he? <bR>
None of her thoughts made any sense anymore, and she found that the shadows were closing in around her. They had materialized as if they were summoned, and they inched closer like monsters coming to consume her. She had not felt this sort of fear since she was a little girl.
<i style="color:#b53f16">"Momma? Where are you?"</i> she asked, a child-like tone falling on her androgynous voice. She whimpered as she looked at the shadows surrounding her in fear. Her hazel eyes were wide, and she looked around as they surrounded her, they stalked ever so close, but they seemed to be blocked by <i>something</i>. <br>
<i style="color:#b53f16">"Momma don't let them get me!"</I> she cried, unable to understand what was really going on. She had always known about the shadows even as a youth, and she did not fear them once upon a time, but these shadows were venomous, they were coming for her with ghastly green teeth bared in aggression towards her instead of towards her enemies. Why she had called for her mother remained to be seen, but nothing seemed to make sense anymore.<br>
She wanted to run, she even tried to push herself up off of the bed only to come crashing down onto the floor next to her, leaving the child on the bed alone to cry. <br>
Lillith whimpered too as she laid on the floor - the dirt was cold against her face and it felt so <i>good</i> there. It was much more comfortable than the bed, and for a minute she forgot her fear, and she forgot everything that was going on around her. There was still blood oozing from her core though, the fluid thick and creamy, dripping down her leg and into the dirt of the flood, clumping up and pooling around her core. She didn't feel much of anything then, just the cool earth against her hot body. She hadn't realized how hot she had been until she had touched the cool earth. She inhaled, and exhaled deeply, and her hazel eyes closed lightly as she laid there. <br>
She thought about her mother, mostly, how the woman's dark eyes would cast over her in a protective gaze, how her mother did almost anything for her, how Panda had been so uncertain in the beginning, but as they both grew, Panda knew that Lillith was the most important thing to happen to her. Lillith remembered the bobcat that attacked them, and how Panda had protected her valiantly, and she remembered Venom and his valor. Was she wrong about them? Maybe she just hadn't understood their position back then. Maybe she was just <i>young</i> and <i>stupid</i>.
These were not the things that went through her head. Lillith's head started to feel numb as she laid there, face first on the ground, and the shadows began to creep into the sides of her dulled vision. Her hazel eyes were half-lidded as she laid there, not sure if she was actually <i>seeing</i> anything or if she was dreaming. Her breathing was not labored, rather it was peaceful - stable. <br>
Lillith suddenly found the strength to move herself back onto her back and she even was able to crawl over to the wall to prop herself up. She placed a talon-clawed hand on the side of her bed, gripping it with all of her might as she pulled herself from the ground and she leaned against the wall. She sighed heavily as she leaned harshly against the wall and she groaned in pain as the stabbing in her stomach returned. The smell of death flooded her nose again, and confusion still came across her mind. She grabbed at her belly so hard that her talon-like claws dug into her skin enough for crimson blood to bead at the tips of her claws.<br> She felt so <i>hot</i>. Her wolfish pelt felt much too long for her now. <bR>
<i style="color:#b53f16">"Where's Isa?"</I> she cried, she hung her head low and she whimpered softly, her ears turning flat against straight hair. She didn't understand what was happening to her, and when she felt the fear well up in her, she felt like a child again. She looked up and saw a pale face looking at her.
<i style="color:#b53f16">I'm sorry Momma. I love you...</i> she spoke as she hung her head again, finally leaning it against the wall and slouching slowly. With one last exhale, she stopped breathing, and she saw and felt nothing but shadows consume her being. </p>
<p>Till rushed into the room that he had peeked into as the woman asked him where Isa was. He was so confused about what she was asking of him and how she had ended up on the floor that he had not understood that these were her last gasps, the end of her. Till felt sorrow well up within him suddenly as he almost dropped the two buckets of water that he had gone to get as he rushed forward and fell to his knees before her, blood and pus disregarded as he put his hands to her face and he patter her cheek just hard enough to get her to wake up if she had just passed out. <b>"Lillith?! Lillith?!"</b> he called to her with no avail. Till whimpered as he looked at the woman and then he put his head up to her chest. He found a very weak heartbeat, but was not trained in how to revive a being. He did not know what to do. He had no one to run to, to call to help her. He didn't know where Isabella was. He didn't know who in the Outpost could help him. He didn't want to leave her, and he couldn't just carry her around. He didn't know what to do, and panic started to set in. <b>"This can't be happening "</b></p>
<p>This had been the one and only time the Bastard could ever remember not smiling in the face of danger. Nothing about this was funny. Nothing about this was something that he could smile to. Till did not know what to do. There was nothing that he <i>could</i> do he didn't think. Instead, he sat there next to her and cried softly. </p>
<p><i>He</i> had done this to her. <i>He</i> had been the one to do this to their family, and this was a guilt that he would never live down. Till sat there with her until she started to become stiff, and until the fat pup started to cry out of hunger. Soon he would have to tell someone about the death of the woman, and soon he would have to go back home to Salsola proper. He'd have to face her wife, her children to tell them of what happened, or he could disappear completely. He owed them an explanation though, even if they would hate him for eternity, even if they would strike him in anger, or tell lies of him to Salvia. He simply would have to get to her first, he thought, for this was one thing that he did not want to die for, for he did not mean for this to kill the woman. He did not know that she would die, and had he known, he never would have done it. He never would have pressed her for this, he never would have hurt her or her family. </P>
<p>She'd be here now if it wasn't for him. He' live with this guilt until the day he died, and he would always have a constant reminder of what he had done, just as he had done to Dullahan after the male had assaulted his family. </P>
<p>Till pushed his knees to his chest and sat next to her dead body, it leaning on his shoulder and him starting to cry. The tears that stained his cheeks definitely made him look weak, and the crying of the child on the bed only got more intense as the seconds dragged into minutes. </p>
<p>It had come to a point where he could not ignore the child, and he suddenly got up and took the small child in his hands. He looked sadly at the pale faced boy and whispered the name that Lillith had given him. <b>"Shhh, Dirge, it will be okay. We will get you some food soon, I promise."</b> the male whispered to the child as he held the boy close, still soaked in blood from the waist down and now desperate to find someone that could provide him with a temporary wetnurse so that he could take care of the death of the boy's mother. </p>
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