[NEWS] Info Updates, the Outpost, Yearbook!
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News & Updates
The Outpost

What's this? A caravan from Freetown has arrived and begun setting up shop. These traders aren't so grand as the last -- there haven't been any specific invitations to packs. Canines coming north have begun whispering about it, though!

Please take care to read the guidelines -- this is very much an experiment and its success and continued existence hinges on your adherence to guidelines, canon, and other aspects of the outpost. Do everyone a favor and be awesome!

Procedures Update

Our Procedures have undergone a rehaul -- while there are some changes to the way things are done, most of the changes are for wording and clarity. Please re-read these procedures at your earliest convenience and make sure you understand our changes. :)

Posting Permissions in Joining and Requests & Suggestions

We've made some changes to forum posting permissions in the Joining and Requests & Suggestions forums in an effort to reduce confusion and the posting of well-meaning, but incorrect, information. Ordinary members (active or otherwise) may now only start topics both of these forums, but they may not reply. Leaders will still be able to reply to topics in the Joining forum to post pack acceptance messages. Only administrators and moderators can respond to topics in R&S. Let us know if something about your permissions seems to be amiss!


The 2012 Yearbook has been released. Thanks for participating -- this yearbook is huge, and so many awesome characters and players, whaaat!


Everyone keeps chugging along! Good luck and keep writing -- and remember, Open Threads are awesome!

Graphics Widths

Since we're on a new board and no longer have any skins of the older, skinnier width, we've revised our graphics rules to reflect the new maximum width of 698px for tables and signatures. The board automatically truncates anything wider than this anyway, rather than stretching the board. The signature height limit is still 400 pixels.


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