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'Souls maintains an official Discord server. Current, former, and prospective members are all welcome to join!

What's Discord? It's a chat and messaging program available for desktop and mobile (iOS and Android), but there's also a browser version, so you don't need to download anything if you don't want to! Learn more at the Discord website.

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Chat Rules

  1. All board rules apply to the chat. If you wouldn't say it in the Shenanigans forum, don't say it in the chat!
  2. Subject matter should be PG-13 in all general channels. Occasional cursing is okay, but don't go crazy.
  3. Use your 'Souls OOC name as your nickname on the server! If your OOC name is Fred on the board, it should be Fred in the chat! You can change your nickname for an individual server by clicking the server heading to the left and clicking "Change Nickname". If you're not yet a member of 'Souls, just use your regular / online nickname. :)
  4. Be nice!

Voice Chat

Discord has an option for voice chat! It's enabled on the 'Souls server, but keep in mind that the above rules apply to the voice chat as well. We wouldn't want to have to ban people from voice chat or disable it altogether!

Rule Violations

Staff are marked by differently colored usernames. Both moderators (green) and administrators (red) have chat kick/ban powers and can remove you from the chat for a period of time (or indefinitely).

If there are no administrators or moderators active in the chatroom and you feel someone is in violation of the game rules, you can direct message a specific mod or admin, @ message them in the chat, or you can @ all mods or all admins using @mod and @admin. If there's no response, you should PM the 'Souls Assemblage with a log or summary of what happened, the date, and time (+your time zone).

Logs are kept when users edit or delete messages. So just because staff aren't online doesn't mean we aren't watching. Also: invisibility is a thing. Maybe just assume we're always watching. :eyes emoji!:

Channels and Controls


The Discord server has several channels for different purposes. You can navigate easily between channels from the left-hand side of the browser or desktop app, and from the upper-left menu icon on mobile.

[Image: reghappy.png] [Image: regsad.png] [Image: regsleep.png] [Image: regangry.png] [Image: reghowl.png]


This is the default channel for general chatting and discussion. In additional to overall chat and board rules, please keep the following guidelines in mind:
  1. Keep spammy content to a minimum. This includes, but is not limited to, image/link spam, chatbot function spam, excessive caps, etc. Use your best judgment. If someone (anyone!) asks you to tone it down, please do so.
  2. Venting is okay, but remember, rudeness or passive-aggressiveness directed to any member will not be tolerated. Again: if you wouldn't say it on the board, don't say it in the chat.


This is for dedicated 'Souls, roleplay, and plot-related discussion. Feel free to ask for and plan threads here!
If you're planning a one-on-one thread though, it may be best to move the discussion to private messages. :o


If you're looking for quick help with something, ask here! The best use of #help is for simple questions with yes/no answers or asking for links to certain resources. Longer, speculative discussion topics, such as those on general realism, should be posted to Questions & Help instead. Technical issues should be posted to Maintenance.


Share your art, sketches, works in progress, and talk about art stuff!


In order to preserve mobile data for members using Discord on mobile, we prefer most pictures be funneled here! This is also where you can do all the spammy stuff and get it out of your system. :P


Depending on how things go and how popular the chat is, we may add additional channels for other purposes. Keep an eye out!

Controls and Commands

You can view Discord's Help section here.
  • Change your nickname in chat by clicking the upside down triangle next to the "'Souls RPG" title and clicking "Change Nickname".
  • Switch channels by clicking on them in the left-hand channel list!

[Image: reghappy.png] [Image: regsad.png] [Image: regsleep.png] [Image: regangry.png] [Image: reghowl.png]

Discord Bots

Our server currently has two resident bots. Each has some unique functions and several overlapping functions. Some are useful and many are just silly. Enjoy them, but don't go overboard. ;) Remember, bot command testing and excessive images should stay in #pictures-memes though in general, commands can be used anywhere as long as they're relevant.

'SoulsBot is an alias of Ub3r-B0t. ReginaldBot is an alias of Dyno. Feel free to reference each bot's official documentation for more information, keeping in mind that not all commands are enabled on our server. 'SoulsBot commands usually begin with "." while ReginaldBot uses "!"

'Souls-specific Commands

slot info
Function: Displays information and links relevant to requesting additional character slots. Note that the second command ("slot info") outputs fewer links and does not require a prefix.

pup info
Function: Displays information and links relevant to requesting puppies. Note that the second command ("pup info") outputs fewer links and does not require a prefix.

!rpg [section] [subsection]
!rpguide [section] [subsection] [subsubsection]
Function: Auto-generates a link to the specified RP Guide page. Note that the section names should match the URL and the commands are sensitive to the number of sections deep it goes. So !rpg should only be used for a page two sections deep while !rpguide should be used for pages three sections deep.
Example: !rpguide character species dogs (this will retrieve rpguide.soulsrpg.com/character/species/dogs)

Function: Outputs a link to the RP Guide.

Useful Commands

.define [word]
Function: Defines a word using Oxford Dictionary
Example: .define shenanigans

.choose [comma separated choices]
Function: Randomly selects one of the choices
Example: .choose this, that, another option

.translate [country code] [sentence]
Function: Translates the given sentence into the language of the defined country. Supported languages: ar, bg, ca, cs, da, de, el, en, es, et, fa, fi, fr, he, hi, ht, hu, id, it, ja, ko, lt, lv, ms, mww, nl, no, pl, pt, ro, ru, sk, sl, sv, th, tr, uk, ur, vi, zh-chs, zh-cht
Example: .translate ru how do you say this in russian?

hey soulsbot remind me in x [minutes/hours/days/weeks] to y
Function: Reminds the user to do y after the denoted x
Example: hey soulsbot remind me in 10 minutes to do my gotdang posts
Note: No command prefix is necessary for this. (So you don't need to start with . or !)

Maybe Helpful...?

!color [hex]
Function: Displays that color.
Example: !color 54fff9

Function: Displays a random color.

Function: Flips a coin.

.roll [# of sides]
!roll [# of sides] [optional: # of dice]
Function: Rolls the defined number of dice.
Example: !roll d20, !roll d6 4, .roll d6, .roll 4d20
Note: SoulsBot and ReginaldBot function slightly differently here. We recommend picking the one you like better and trying to just remember that one.


Random Animal Images


Other Images

.gif [keyword]

The More You Know!

.8 [question]
.anime [anime title]
.manga [manga title]
.pokemon [dex number OR english name]
!pokemon [dex number OR english name]

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