[DND] Come Fly With Me

The sun had set leaving the Fort peaceful. The spring evening was cool but the bugs had come out regardless. There was nothing that Luca hated more than creepy crawling bugs. Ever since he was little he hated how grasshoppers would hop out of seemingly nowhere, spiders would come down from the ceiling in front of his face, and the June bugs would buzz around at night making a skin crawling buzz. It was this all too familiar buzz that put a maniacal smile across the Lunes face, he had an idea! The Lune left his cloak and axes in the house but picked up a pair of bracers before leaving. His sense of direction steady and he moved in a nearly straight line to his target – the stable.

He and he mate had worked on the bird cage for weeks and now it seemed like it had always been there. The two stall wide chicken wire cage kept the birds of prey safe while allowing them a large window to fly in and out of as they pleased. Unlocking the wire door the Lune entered to see the four falcons that called Casa home perched on various wooden branches. “No visit from your gentleman friend tonight Marahute?” He asked with a giggle. At the sound of his voice one of the younger falcons began to fluff his feathers, his dark eyes focused on the golden male.

Noticing the male falcons attention he smiled and opened the small bag that he had attached to his hip, pulling out a small slice of meat. “Come, come Murdock. I have a job for you.” The falcon floated onto his arm, gripping his talons into the bracers as he grabbed the meat from Luca’s claws. The Lune pulled a long, thing string off of the cage door and tied one end to his companions leg before exiting the cage and closing it behind him. Although he knew the falcon would return for food he was uncertain if he had put in enough training with the bird to fully allow him to go free.

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Teagan Stryder

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The day had been a prosperous one for the Cavalier. A bit of hard training earlier that day and some much-needed alone time in the form of a long patrol afterwards had put the Stryder into a rather content state. It was rare that Teagan was found not busy with something or another, but, it was something she felt she had well deserved. The last time she had relaxed had been…well, longer than she cared to admit.

When the sun had rose high into the afternoon, the young woman had retired to the sisters’ shared bedroom in the Courthouse, and she had spent the hours musing over Indi’s most recent project. In their travels, the koi-colored sister had picked up leather-working from their less than favorable escort—more like, tagalong in Teagan’s opinion. She’d done small things thing, weaving strips into accessories and the like. Fancy things for personal appreciation than something of useable value. But, Teagan had never said a word of it to Indi. It was hobby Indi had found she liked, and she did make some aesthetically pleasing work…even if Teagan found no use for them for herself.

Indi had been rather secretive as of late about a particular project she was working on, which made Teagan curious. No amount of idle chitchat or watching the littermate as she worked yielded what she was mysteriously working on though. Deciding to call it a day as far as that avenue went, Teagan had stepped out to grab a bite to eat. A quick visit to the kitchens and a stop by Isaac’s shop had left the wolfdog satisfied for the time being.

She had been on her way to fetch Apollo for an evening patrol when she spotted her father leaving the stables with Agrona’s brother on his arm. She hadn’t seen much of the golden leader as of late, and, seeing him with Murdock, felt he wouldn’t be too entirely busy that she should avoid him. If he was training the falcon, perhaps she could help. It had been a long time since they had done something together.

Quickly altering her path, she swiftly moved towards the Lune. “Father!” She hailed. She noticed the weird look and vibe to him as she drew closer, like he was one of her brothers that were off to cause mischief. Giving him a questioning look, she asked, “Where are you off to with Murdock? It’ll be dark soon.” Surely he didn’t plan to go out on a patrol with the young bird? Within a few hours, the poor thing would be useless, and it would take more than that to do a thorough scouting of their boundaries!

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Teagan Stryder
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