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'Souls has a general rating of PG-13. However, we allow mature and explicit roleplaying threads as long as they are properly marked.

Mature OOC threads are allowed within reason -- for example, if a member were to write a rant about their family life that involved PG-13+ cursing, this would be acceptable so long as the thread is marked; for a member to detail their personal sexual exploits would be inappropriate even if the thread is marked.

Mature text is allowed in profiles with a mature content warning. Mature material is prohibited in board-wide accessible areas such as thread titles, character names, avatars, and signatures. For an explanation of what is and is not mature, see below.

Mature Roleplay Marking

In order to properly mark mature written content  as such, you must adhere to both thread title and the warning tag procedures.

Thread Title

All mature or explicit threads must begin with "M" in the thread title. That is, the thread title and not the topic description. The first box, and not the second box. Please make sure your mature thread marker is the first thing in your thread title.
  • OKAY:
    • M - The thread title is here
    • [M] - I'm a thread title
    • I a[M] a thread title
    • Thread title is here - M

Warning Tags

Additionally, the following content warning should be included at the beginning of the first post (or the beginning/OOC area of your profile, if you're using them in a profile). The mature content warning tag must be the very first thing in your post: do not place it below table images, headers, etc.
  • While optional, we encourage players to include specifically why they're marking a thread as mature.
  • TIP: If you need to mark a thread mature, but you are not the thread starter, post in the Maintenance thread and ask to have the topic tagged.

Wiki Code
Used for profiles and other content on the Wiki.
(:include Site.MatureWarning:)


WARNING: This thread contains material exceeding the general board rating of PG-13. It may contain very strong language, drug usage, graphic violence, or graphic sexual content. Reader discretion is advised.

Specifically, this thread is marked mature because of: explicit gore.

PG-13 Explained

The following applies primarily to written content, as it is the most prevalent type of mature content encountered on 'Souls. If you have any questions about what is and isn't considered mature/explicit, please contact a staff member or PM the 'Souls Assemblage.

Foul Language

Threads that use "one of the harsher sexually derived words" one to four times needn't be marked mature. However, the word should generally be used as an expletive rather than a sexual meaning. A single use of foul language, intended sexually, may be enough to have the thread marked mature. In addition, even if the language is concentrated in one post, if it is numerous uses for that single post, the thread should still be marked mature.


General drug use is not generally grounds for marking your threads mature. Passing references don't require a mature marking; however, if the thread revolves around drug use, drug creation, and the effects of drugs, etc. it should be marked mature. Graphic depictions of "hard drugs" or severely intoxicated characters require a mature marking.


Sexual content almost always requires a mature marker. The exception to this would be, for example, a single paragraph where a character is thinking about sex in a thread otherwise irrelevant to sexuality -- e.g., a character "checking out" another character. Graphic sexual content may be played on the board, but it must be properly marked.


Violent content needs to be marked mature where it is gory or overly explicit. A fight thread that simply describes the actions of each fighter does not need a mature marker; a fight thread where both players describe grievous injuries received while fighting would require a mature marker. Threads containing gore, carnage, death, and so forth do generally require a mature marker.

Mature Images

Mature Artwork

Artists are allowed to post and share mature artwork on the board, but in addition to being clearly marked, such artwork must only be linked and not embedded. Artwork exceeding a PG-13 rating includes, but is not limited to, work depicting exposed genitalia, drug use, and explicit violence.

Mature Photographs/Table Images

Members may use photography of a mature nature -- including blood, gore, drugs, cursing, etc -- in their table graphics. However, we require mature marking of any threads where a member chooses to use a table with one of these images.

Please note that while photography of a mature nature are allowed to be displayed on the board, very explicit material such as pornography, sexually explicit content, real images of human death, etc. are prohibited. If you are uncertain, do ask, but it is typically better to err on the side of "no."

Mature Images Warning

Used for forum profiles and for members who have not been accepted to the game yet. As these members cannot post HTML, they must use the bbCode version.


WARNING: This thread contains images or graphics of an explicitly violent, gory, or racy nature. Sensitive readers are advised to disable images or to read in a text-only format.

Specifically, there are images of: explicit gore.

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