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I want to try to touch a few hearts in this life

It was hard to believe that things had been so calm moments ago. The few seconds that had transpired since then and the spitting growls and punching blows spanned into minutes, hours within Alyssum's mind. There was nothing but them, and the urge to get the best of him and put him down. The feeling was familiar enough, felt many times before, and the lunar queen went through the actions needed to achieve her primal want with ease.

The hit landed with a softness, but the pain lingered after it moved away, and the female knew a mark would be left under her fur. That thought boiled and festered within her, and the anger that pulsed through her moved her forward with an aggressive speed. She felt him wriggled between her arms, but they were already falling, and she knew that she was able to keep them on the floor before they hit the ground. She felt his chest rumbled under her, and he begun to flail again, this time in attempts to gain the upper hand. But, an equally spitting snarl showed it was not going to be an easy feat, and she moved her own hands in an attempt to hold down the man by his forearms.

She would not allow to be bested, not by this mute, snarky fool. She was not where she was at that moment because she let people like him make her roll over belly-up. He would be the one to submit, not her, and she'd be damned if it was any other way.


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