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Optime | Fort Kingsbury | Fore-dated: Sept 7th (+473)

Angry Teagan!Train ahead, look out :|

News of the teenagers’ brash stupidity had spread rather quickly in the Fort. If it’d just been one of the Cavaliers’ youth, it might have been one thing, however, it had been nearly all of them that had participated in the thoughtless stunt. Their “victory” had earned her younger siblings nothing more than a displeased snort, and, her cousins had been more ignored than they usually were.

Going after a bear after only just completing their First Blood? She had thought that having been born from the pack’s Sola and Lune or from her aunt and favorite uncle might have put them a little above average as far as intelligence went. Apparently though, their reckless emotions and over-confidence after a simple ceremony had blinded their sound reasoning. Sure, she had Indi had felt like they were on top of the world after their First Blood, but, they had never done something like this.

The only plus side that came of it all was that the pack could use the bear fur, as well, Issac could cook them the delicacy of bear meat. There was no sympathy to be garnered from the Stryder for the teenagers’ injuries. They deserved every scratch, bruise, or broken bone they’d gotten in her opinion. It was lucky that they hadn’t gotten someone killed.

Her irritation and avoidance-anger could only fester for so long though until Indi had started to berate her for being too harsh on their younger relatives. It had only been by the koi-colored sister’s insistence that Teagan had begrudgingly made her way to her parents’ home. Teagan knew her younger siblings were more or less okay, their arrogant parade up to the Fort’s gates being evidence as much. No, this home visit was only to get Indi off her back.

As usual, Teagan didn’t bother to knock and properly announced her presence upon entering her parents’ home. If her siblings had an issue, Teagan would gladly show them the door. At a year old, they should have already left anyways. Teagan and Indi had moved out well before their year mark and First Blood. It was about time her younger siblings did the same.

Teagan’s canary eyes searched the main living area, finding it barren of a breathing soul for her to prey upon. It meant either the newly-promoted Cadets were suffering in their shared bedroom, or, they had wandered off into the Fort somewhere. The Stryder crossed over to the teenagers’ room, easing open the cracked door with a swift palm strike to the wood without preamble.

A quick sweep, and the Officer found her unfortunate victim. She scowled at her red-furred brother. “I hope it was worth it,” she growled, arms crossing over her chest as she cocked her hip.

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Teagan Stryder
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