[AW+] A Celebratory Distraction

The Syndicate had disrupted the normal day to day life in Casa di Cavalieri but Luca believed strongly it was time to move forward. His members needed distractions from the mess, and he was happy tor provide them. Already the re-use of the old library into a stable was underway, a lookout was being constructed, and the spare room on the top floor of the courthouse was being re-worked into a library. For his family, the distraction of incoming pups was more than enough, but the added pressure of Lyris hardly being able to hold down a meal caused him and his children to spend much of their time ensuring the matriarch was okay.

Today, Luca intended to add a little ceremony to the current distractions of the pack. Night should have received a mentor moons ago, but the war over their lands and her injured ankle had delayed the ceremony. The Lune knew that Jace had been teaching the girl regardless, meaning she likely would feel no difference in training, but there was meaning in the ceremony itself, a sense of passage of the youths of Casa, and now they had a second soul to train. After days had passed without Minerva leaving to find her parent, he had confronted her about the matter and learned that they had been separated over a moon ago. They family had been traveling east to sell goods when they were attacked.

Knowing that the girl obviously wouldn’t stand a chance out on her own he had convinced her to stay. Here they could get her back to full health and teach her how to survive the wilds, as all young wolves needed to learn eventually. With her agreement, he had chosen a mentor for her. News had spread of the ceremony, Howland and Isaac making their way around the pack to inform everyone the day before that the ceremony would take place at sunset the following day.

In preparation Luca had washed in the river and combed each strand of fur meticulously. Fenris he hoped the yearlings would dress appropriately. Without him or Lyris to chase them down it was always a chance they would show up covered in dirt or, given recent events, drunk. Once the Lune was dressed in his leather armor and bear fur cloak he made his was from the faded yellow home to the courthouse, taking his time so that the stragglers finishing their duties would see it was time. Upon entering the large hall he raised his muzzle to the ceiling and called for all to gather.

OOC: Dated the evening of October 12th. Mentor ceremony for Night and Minerva. No posting order.

400+ words

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Teagan just came back from her trip to [M] Portland with Mako, so, she’s kind of a grump right now xD

Things were a mess, and Teagan could have rubbed her temples for days with the headache she’d walked into upon returning to the Fort’s gates. She’d been gone for nearly a month, and, upon returning home, she’d found out that, not only was her mother pregnant…again, but that she was very ill as well, so much so that she’d even stepped down from her position as Sola. It worried her, and in her travel-weary mindset, she could have blamed her father for her mother’s condition. It took two to tango though, or, at least, that’s what Isaac had always chimed.

There were other matters to deal with too, like getting Mako situated into the pack. He’d met with her father earlier when they had arrived, and had been formally accepted with her rare voucher of his character. The wolfdog had shadowed her for the few hours afterward, perhaps feeling a sort of familiarity and comfort with the woman he’d fought beside and traveled with for the past few weeks. He’d be crashing on her couch until he figured out a room for himself in the courthouse.

The surplus of animals they’d brought back with them had been seen to, and the gifts and surprises Teagan had brought back with her had been stashed away until the Officer wasn’t dead-tired from her travels. Gift-giving was not something that came naturally to the stony Stryder, and she needed to be sure to keep her wits about her when she presented the items to their new owners.

So, tired and wanting nothing more than a warm meal and her old bed, she could have groaned when her father had mentioned there being a Mentor Ceremony that night and that it was pertinent that she attend. She wasn’t sure what youths were left in the pack that needed a mentor, that was, until she remembered the Hushhowls’ daughter, Night. The girl ran around with her brothers, if she recalled, and was much older than usual for receiving a mentor now.

With the rise of Syndicate’s attacks during the summer months though, it was likely the ceremony had been overlooked for more pressing matters.

Mako had, understandably, been rather confused about the whole ceremony, and it had been up to Teagan to inform him of the pack’s culture and make sure that he was presentable. He had been sure to tease and bicker with her throughout the whole ordeal, and it had been in his favor that she was too tired to let him feel her full ire. In the end, they were both washed and had donned a fresh pair of clothes to attend the ceremony in.

The new Recruit had put on his usual assortment of clothing, being sure to pick out the cleanest and newest set that he had. His armor that he’d worn when he’d fought by Teagan’s side had been cleaned, and dressed his person. His personal battle-axe was hooked into his belt, the shield left back at Teagan’s house. Teagan herself had a fresh tunic for the occasion. Her hair was pulled up into its usual ponytail. The new sword that Mako had forged for her was worn at her belt.

Just as Luca had told her, at sunset, he let up a summoning howl for the pack. Teagan drew her deer fur cloak about her shoulders, and Mako had ooo’d and ahh’d about how “regal and fierce” the warrior princess looked when the attire was paired with her scowl. She had pointedly ignored him as she led them to the Courthouse.

Once in the Great Hall, Teagan took up her usual spot towards the front and to the side of the room. Mako hovered near her, his piercing eyes scoping out the hall with quiet interest. The Stryder’s gaze focused on her father, some part of her quietly and selfishly pleading that the ceremony be quick. Others began to gather in shortly, and Teagan pointedly identified them by name and rank for Mako while they waited for the ceremony to begin.

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Teagan Stryder
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While things had been rocky for a while, slowly, they were going back into place. The most recent event of normalcy was the announcement of a mentorship ceremony. This seemed to give a boost of activity to the pack as it prepared for that evening with a bit more gusto than it'd had for the past couple weeks. Veri, personally, could be found in her home, making sure her family looking decent for the upcoming ceremony. Each child was bathed, clothed, and wore their respective rank cloaks with straightened shoulders. Rurik, on the other hand, was crumpled onto the couch and hugging a pillow just a little too intimately to his chest for her liking. He was awake, she knew that much; his ears twitched with every new sound being made in the house. And he was a terrible faker to begin with.

She could only manage to glare at him for less than a couple minutes before her mouth softened into a smile. Instead of poking him, or rolling him off the couch to make her point, she knelt in front of his face and leaned close to his muzzle. He knew she was there, by the slight twitching of his nose as he took in her scent. He remained prone, however, and she just got closer and closer to his muzzle. Before their lips touched, she smiled even more. "I love you, you lazy furball." she whispered, and then kissed him.

Before the final fight with the Syndicate, the old Veri probably would have rolled him off the couch to make her point, despite loving the man to pieces. Now, however...well. Seeing the man you breathed for slung into a tree and knocked unconscious, and then nursing him desperately for days to keep him alive....it changed a person. She was quicker to touch, to hug, steal a kiss, than she had been before. He didn't seem to mind, at least.

His grumble was cut off by the touching of their lips, where she lingered for a few seconds before pulling him away to see his bi colored eyes open and gazing at her. She licked his nose and smiled. "Now get up. The ceremony is in an hour." he grumbled at her again and shot a glare after her when she stood up and walked away, but his gaze was softened by the slight smile on his muzzle.

With his motivation engaged, Rurik was ready in a few short minutes in a cream shirt, black pants, his cloak clasped at his throat. His hair remained mussed, however, no matter how much Veri tried to tame it. Luca's call made her sigh, and she stopped trying to fix her mate's hopeless mop. With her hand in his, Veri and Rurik led the way to the Courthouse, Damon and Isobel at their heels. The four of them entered and found a decent spot to view the ceremony. As the hall filled more and more, a cream body leaned closer to her dark counterpart, his arm curled around her waist beneath the cloak with his hand resting lightly on her hip.
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A glance up revealed it to almost be time for the mentorship ceremony to start. Carefully, the tool and the piece she'd been working on were set down onto the workbench and covered with a cloth to protect them while she was away. Ghost green eyes winced slightly as the motion to stand pulled on the scar that now carved into her thigh. The wound was healed by now, but the new scar tissue had yet to stretch itself to accommodate any motions other than walking or sitting. Clawed fingers fell to trace the mark in her flesh, marveling, still, that this was her first scar.

A shake of her head dispelled these thoughts and the liver furred wolfdog turned to ascend the stairs. Some of her mothers things still hung in the closet, and there is where Guin headed to thumb through the different pieces. Most of them were too showy for her tastes, but there was one...it was a rather simple thing, making Guinevere wonder if Lola had been keeping it for a friend. Still, the material was soft, the color just a few shades darker than that of her eyes. Curious, she pulled the garment out.

It was a dress, of course, but the skirt was shorter in front than in back. It came to mid-thigh length when she held it up to herself, whilst the back portion would drag just slightly on the ground. With a shrug the warrior princess decided to try it on. Having no clothes or weaponry on her person, she carefully pulled the material over her head and settled it into place. It was a little snug, pressing her fur flat, but Guin thought it was safe to assume that this was supposed to happen.

Pleased with what she'd found in the closet, Guin sat on the bed and started to braid her hair. She wasn't the kind to preen for hours in the mirror to prep for a ceremony, but...perhaps a little time could be given to look nice. Her mother would have liked that. For a moment, Guin closed her eyes and pretended that the fingers in her hair were Lola's. When the silver vixen was still here, her mother had tried to get Guin interested in dressing up, but the warrior princess had turned her nose up at the notion of getting gussied up.

A sad smile turned up the corners of her muzzle as she opened her eyes to stare at the wall. She had to stop this. She had to stop mourning. Guin had no idea whether her family was alive or dead. Why she assumed the latter...well. It was easier to mourn the dead than hope without proof. Guin turned her head to look into the mirror that still stood above the dressing table. With her hair braided like this, and her ghost green eyes staring back at her, she almost looked like her mother just then. Her vision clouded a little as she stared,
and stared. "I love you, Mom." she whispered to her reflection.

With a deep breath she stood and descended the stairs to grab her cloak and a small wooden necklace. The simple leather cord held an amateur copy of the hollow sun her Da had worn. She'd scrapped so many pieces as she'd tried to make it from memory, this was one she'd been the most happy with upon finishing. Now slipped over her head, she clasped her cloak across her shoulders and closed the door behind her to make her way to the Courthouse.

Already the room was filling with other canines, and she dipped her head to greet each one she passed as she made her way deeper to stand closer to where Luca had taken up, idly stroking the sun pendant with one finger where it lay above her bust.
Jace Wolfe
Word Count ♞ 324 :: Out of Character text

There were many activities that Jace enjoyed but parties and ceremonies were not among that list. This one, however, was not just any old random party but a heralding of adulthood that was fast approaching for the youngsters. It had been a very long time since Jace's own adulthood ceremony when she had first learned to shift as a half yearling. The older woman remained lost in her thoughts as the two wards that she cared for got themselves ready.

Jace was now tied to her lupus form for the remainder of her surprise pregnancy. It had been going hard for her already, with symptoms of illness and weakness settling into her body like one would shrug on a well worn cloak. The she-wolf tired easily and stayed closer to home now, giving up on her duties in brief to take care of herself and the lives she carried. She had energy enough for this however and sat with stillness as Temo tied beads and other decorative baubles into her mane and tail giving the grizzled arctic woman a shamanistic look to her.

Night was choosing her own adornments, looking through Jace's meager collection of jewellery. Honrin was strapping on his casa cloak and goofing around by pulling faces at the two girls, trying to make them laugh. Jace gifted the two girls with a rare proud smile.

The small mismatched family arrived within the Fort and finally the ceremony hall. As they neared Honrin excused himself with words about finding someone else and disappeared of into the crowd with Jace watching him go, a thoughtful look on her face.

They made their way to the front of the assembled wolves where Night and Minerva would be called up to receive their mentors and also so that poor heigh impeded Jace could witness the proceedings without having to peer between assembled legs. The aging woman's stomach hung low, swollen with its precious cargo of new life.

Shoot to thrill, play to kill

I got my bow at the ready

Gonna fire at will

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She had been staying with the warrior woman and her family for almost half a moon now. In all honesty she wasn’t sure how long she planned to stay but no one seemed in a rush to get rid of her and she was enjoying having a camp to stay in, food in her belly, and other canines around to observe. The woman that the Lune had placed her with, Jace, was kind enough and Minerva had been pleasantly surprised ot learn she was also caring for another young wolfess, Night. It was the young wolfess that had told Mini all about the other younger canines, mostly the Lune and some wolf named Lyris’ children. Jace, on the other hand, did to speak much to the social aspects of the pack but had already begun filling her head with ideals of what the perfect Cavalier was.

With news of the ceremony came a certain level of fuss. The elder woman, whom Minerva had mostly seen in her pregnant Lupus form, had Temo decorate her mane, Honrin adorned a cloak, and Night had gotten all dolled up. Minerva felt anxiety bite at her insides. How important was this ceremony? Eager to impress she had groomed herself to perfection and tied her milk chocolatey hair into fancy braids, the way her mother use to. She wore no clothes as they made their way into the Fort, the brown and white guard ushering them through before closing the gate behind them. After loosing her family she had traveled on four paws, finding it easier to make her laughable hunting attempts in the form she was most familiar with, having only shifted about a moon before the attack on her family.

Minerva had only been inside the courthouse a couple of times, during her own exploration and during her introduction to the territory. Seeing all the faces of Cavaliers gathering around almost caused her jaw to drop. A lump formed in her throat as she looked around, wondering which one of these Cavaliers she would call mentor. Silently she prayed to the spirits that she would be blessed with someone kind.

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Slowly and surely the wolves of Casa di Cavalieri began to gather. As they gathered the Lune nodded to each. They all knew what the Lune was going through so very few inquired how he was, with Lyris sick and pregnant most knew it was best to leave the matter of the ex-Sola alone. Tagan was e of the first to arrive and Luca gave her a smile, reaching out to touch her gently in solidarity. The poor girl had arrived home to find her mother in quite the diminished state compared to the healthy and fierce female she had seen before leaving. They were all worried for the Matriarch, and Luca could not even begin to know how his quiet daughter was feeling. Yet, there was a spark of hope in Luca’s eye as he saw the male beside her, Mako. Perhaps he could provide Teagan with some comfort, he had to be rather special for his girl to bring him home.

When it seemed as though most of the pack was present Luca left his position where he had been greeting in the crowed and found a spot close to the back of the hall. Waving a hand up the the air he spoke, “Alright everyone, settle down.” He spoke in warning. Conversations diminished until only silence remained. With all eyes on him the golden Lune began the ceremony. “Today is a special day. The Syndicate drew our attention away from such ceremony but with the return of peace it is high time we celebrate Night Hushhowls initiation into training.” He gave a pause to allow some nods of approval and verbal agreements from the group. “Along side Night we also have a new member, young Minerva Griffith was brought in under our protection a mere half-moon ago and has decided to stay with us.”

Looking around for the Wolfe family he spotted the two youths and motioned for them to come forward. “Come on up here Night and Minerva.” The pair of youths slowly made their way to the front of the crowd and Luca could easily see the contrast between the two. While the dark Night beamed with pride and practically bounced with excitement, the malnourished looking girl he had found starving by the border moved in small steps, her hands fidgeting in front of her body.

Looking first to Night he cleared his throat and spoke so all could hear, “Night has been ever patient waiting for this day. Everyone can see how much she has grown over the past few moons and it it obvious she is more than ready to continue her training. For you, Night Hushhowl, I have chosen someone who has been by your side teaching you already.” Turning his gold eyes into the crowed he spotted the Wolfe matriarch and beckoned her, “Jace. You stepped in to comfort and teach Night. It is my hope that today you will also fill the role as Mentor, preparing her to be as fierce as you are on the battlefield and as hard working you are off of it.”

He waited for the elder to arrive at the front, confirming herself as mentor before turning to the cream and earthen toned girl. Without fancy clothes on, like Night, it was still obvious she would need another moon or so to fully recover her body weight. It was clear how nervous the girl was so Luca smiled warmly and spoke in a calm manner. “Minerva. You were brought to us by chance or by guidance and you have chosen to stay. Being a Cavalier is not an easy fate, but I know you will try your hardest to learn our ways and grow into your new home. For you I have chosen my daughter, Teagan.” Turning to where the gold and black girl stood he waved a hand, motioning for her to come to the front as well. “Teagan is an excellent warrior, she is a born and raised Cavalier. As one of our highest ranking members it is high time she get the opportunity to become a teacher as well. I hope she will serve you well as a mentor.” Secretly he also hoped that Minerva might soften the canary eyed warrior. Where Minerva need someone to toughen her skin, Teagan needed someone to soften hers.

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It's always darkest before the Dawn.


The day had finally come, she was going to get a mentor. Night had been waiting ever so patiently for this day. She understood why she was having this ceremony so late at least. After all, the Syndicate took precedent over her gaining a mentor, and her leg had still been healing so it wasn’t like she could have been training until it was fully healed anyway. Besides, it would have been incredibly embarrassing to have to wobble up to her Lune and needing a crutch in order to walk. Thankfully, she was able to walk without the assistance of the crutch, saving the girl from such an embarrassment.

Arlen had joined the dark fae in Jace’s home, assisting her in getting ready for the ceremony. She had wanted to look her best, having her friend help her into the dark purple dress he had gotten for her. Her hair was pulled back with a matching purple ribbon, her fur smoothed out as she ensured she looked great for the ceremony.

The dark fae was bubbling with excitement as she made her way to the Fort with Minerva and the rest of her adoptive family. Night couldn’t wait to find out who had been chosen as her mentor. Once everyone had finally arrived, Luca began, calling the two girls forward. A large smile was plastered on the dark girls face as she approached, nearly unable to contain her excitement. It seemed he was starting with her, speaking about how much she had grown and how he had chosen someone who had already been teaching her. Night looked over to her adoptive family, her eyes falling on Jace in the back as she was named as her mentor. The dark fae couldn’t have been happier with the choice, but couldn’t help but wonder if Jace had known she was being chosen.

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The call had come from nearby, of that the red fighter was certain. He turned to Morty, who was busy washing the half-dried blood off his ratted clothes. She seemed to know what the howl meant; he, however, did not. Flicking his clipped ear, the man tilted his head curiously and sat up on the mat. "What's going on? Is there a meeting?"

"Looks like it," the mud-brown woman said, peering out the door. The male took his chances with her skill with bandages and whatever she stuck in his side, and slowly rolled forward until he sat squarely on his haunches. He begun the motion to stand, but the medic noticed his movement and grabbed his arm, roughly pulling the man up to her level. His eyesight blackened for a second with this motion, his head not used to the change in posture yet. "Hold on there, big guy. Can't have you fainting during a big gathering." Morty held him steady as the larger man's body swayed before righting again and stepping carefully out into the Great Hall, the medical woman making sure he didn't fall.

His legs still felt weak, although his wounds no longer hurt with every motion thanks to Morty's handiwork. Still, he didn't want to move around too much in case it did start to hurt again. He saw many packmembers gathering while Morty stayed with his near the side, leaning against a wall. he recognized Luca standing in front of everyone. The two had arrived later than most, as the Hall was growing crowded with each canine passing through the doors. Fen began to feel uncomfortable in the crowd as a knot grew in his stomach. Whatever the Knight man had planned, the red warrior hoped it would be quick.

The cloaked man moved to the back and began to speak, although a lot of words went over the crimson male's head. He looked questioningly at Morty, who gladly filled him in on the things he didn't know. With her commentary in his ear, Fenris watched as two young-looking canines forward. One was a light cream color, and the other was... black. The knot grew in the pit of his stomach, and he was afraid he would be sick. His instincts screamed at him to leave. He doubled over, with Morty the only thing keeping him on his feet. "What's wrong, Fen?" She asked, concern in her hushed voice; she didn't want to disturb the ceremony.

"I feel sick," the male said, clutching his midsection and breathing heavily. Morty decided the best thing was to head back into the Medico office for now instead of trying to wait until the end of the event. Even though she had little knowledge of sickness, being more accustomed to wounds and broken bones, she knew anyone on the verge of trowing up was a bad sign. She led the larger man back to where they came, casting an apologetic glance at the Lune as she did so.

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Logic is the beginning of wisdom, not the end

In the Wolfe camp, everyone was getting ready and there was no exception with the elder black patriarch. Temo was not one for crowds and gatherings but when there was a need for his attendance at the ceremonies, he would always make sure to look his best. To this end, the black male had cleaned and oiled his weapons bandolier belt until the black leather shined and not a speck of blood or dirt remained on any part of it. The weapons were also cleaned to the point of spotlessness and well polished with oil. His fur also received the full treatment and was cleaned and brushed to the point that not a hair could be found out of place. Even the rabbit fur lined cloak that was draped over his shoulders had received similar treatment with no hair out of place nor was there a wrinkle that should not be there. The two that had been entrusted to Jace were to be featured in the upcoming event and the wood wright warrior wanted to look his best when they arrived at the ceremonial grounds.

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Practically wiggling where she stood the girl trembled from excitement and anxiety. She wasn’t very familiar with the Cavaliers around her, being so new, but Night had given her a run down of her likely mentors – the higher ranked wolves. There was even a possibility that one of the leaders would be their mentors. Secretly she hoped Luca would take her on, he seemed nice, and it would mean she didn’t have to meet anyone new right away. Although she was not unsociable, Minerva was already quite overwhelmed and not having to impress anyone else would give her some relief.

Silently she fidgeted, her eyes wandering around as Luca called everyone to attention. Suddenly she heard her name. Her head twisted towards the front, her nose twitching and hears perked in surprise that she had been called so quickly. Seeing Night practically skip forward in excitement she decided she needed to move or be left awkwardly behind. Taking a deep breathe she moved, ‘Just put one foot in front of another. One in front of the other.’ She thought to herself.

He began with Night, leaving Minerva to stand there with her toes wiggling as he spoke about her growth. Finally he spoke her mentor’s name, Jace. Lucky! Not only did Night not have to socialize with someone new, she got to learn from the woman that was already teaching her. A perfect arrangement of convivence. Then his golden eyes turned to her and she froze. He didn’t beat around any bushes, naming her mentor fairly promptly and describing her as his daughter. Looking around she decided that any daughter of the Lune had to be okay, then she say her mentors serious face. Oh no.

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When she had arrived, her father had touched her shoulder, their unspoken words to one another understood with the simple gesture and the meeting of their yellow-hued eyes. They had spoken very briefly when she had returned hours earlier, and the Stryder knew that there was more to be talked about between them about what had gone on in the pack in her absence and her abundance of goods she’d brought back from Portland. As well, a matter of what exactly was going on with her mother.

They’d gone their separate ways, her father to meet and mingle with those that arrived, Teagan to make sure the wolfdog Recruit was properly educated on his new home. It wasn’t long before the Lune commanded everyone’s attention and began the ceremony. He introduced the new apprentices, one, Night, who had been born within the pack, the other, a girl that Teagan had never seen or met before. She looked young and scrawny, and did not look to have any resemblances to anyone of the pack. The girl must have been a stray that the pack had taken in during the Stryder’s absence in Portland.

Luca beckoned both girls forward, offering a pretty speech for Night first. The dark Hushhowl was given to Jace. It was a decision that Teagan found herself approving. The Wolfe woman was formidable and had proved herself able to protect both herself and her pack despite her age. The scars on her pelt told of how she was a survivor. Having fought alongside the woman before, she didn’t doubt her father’s decision. Jace would definitely prepare Night for the real world. The pregnant Wolfe moved to stand side-by-side with her new apprentice, and everyone’s eyes turned to the remaining girl.

Teagan’s sharp eyes caught on to the girl’s nervousness as she stood in the spotlight. She didn’t know how socialized the youth was with her new pack, whether her anxiousness stemmed from standing before a crowd or not being familiar with anyone in the crowd. Teagan listened eagerly to what her father had to say about the new Cavalier, and, when Luca named Minerva’s mentor, the Stryder finally realized why her father had been so adamant about her being there.

She felt Mako’s eyes on her, curious and brimming with interest that she knew would be questions asked later on. Teagan ignored him though, instead, moving forward at her father’s beckoning hand. The warrior princess came to stand beside her first apprentice, her canary eyes unreadable as she looked down at the teal-eyed child. Her questions were answered by his speech as to why he had thought it a bright idea to give her an apprentice the day she returned from her nearly month-long trip. She was suspicious of his actions, but, she would not voice them here.

Her biggest concern, at that moment in time, was what kind of Cavalier that he had assigned to her was. A trouble maker that needed discipline? A cry baby that needed firming up? Or a lost soul that simply needed guidance? Teagan hoped, for Minerva’s sake, that the new apprentice wouldn’t be a problem child.

They would have a lot of learning to do of each other.

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Teagan Stryder
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Iorek had heard the call for all to gather and he had just finished getting ready. Isaac had told him there would be a mentor ceremony and told him to look presentable. The male didn't know what a "mentor ceremony" was and didn't know what it meant to "look presentable". He had asked Iofur about it and the man just said that he should look pretty and dress up. The beast didn't have much in clothing, other than the cloak he had been given when he became a Cadet. He decided to wear his colorful flower crown and decorated his mane with some flowers and feathers. He decided to wear the key necklace Riley had given him, it was his only piece of jewelry he had. He also wore his normal bandages and Birdflower perched on his shoulder. Since the wolfdog didn't have much in clothing, he decided to attend in his Secui form.

The massive medic padded down to the hall. He still wasn't used to being in a room with so many people and decided to sit near the wall but still being able to see the front. He recognized many faces in the hall and his bobbed tail wagged when he caught sight of Teagan. She was back from her trip an the beast wanted to greet her, but this wasn't the time and the woman had a scowl on her face. The beast also saw Jace and was wondering why she was here when she should be resting. He also saw Fenris and almost went over to tell him to stay in bed since his wounds were still healing, but Morty was with him. He also caught sight of his brother, whom had dressed to impress. Iofur stood tall, posture alone set him apart from his brother. He wore a shorter cloak made of bear fur and trousers as well as a leather vest attire. The wolfdog looked towards the front when Luca began speaking.

The brown behemoth listened to the golden king's speech. There was a new person? He caught sight of the girl who seemed young. Where were her parents? Was she an orphan like he was? The beast was surprised when it was said that these two would initiate training. He thought that the mother was one to teach her child, that was how he had been raised. But neither child seemed to have mothers, so maybe the motherless would be trained by packmates? Maybe they would be paired with other mothers? That seemed like what was going on with Night as she had been given to the arctic queen, thought the woman couldn't train her now and not for a while. The chocolate-saddled brute's head tilted.

Well, the crimson-eyed Cavalier's theory had been thrown out the window when the new girl, Minerva had been given to Teagan. He didn't think the warrior had been a mother so he was back at square one, having no idea why the now apprentices were given to others to train. But the shy knight was still happy that they would be training.

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