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Salsola Information PortalJoining Salsola? · Wiki · Ranks · Maintenance · Twitter At the center of 'Souls, there is a fabled land that only a small few can claim to have ever seen with their own eyes. It's guarded by tall, ominous pines; painful brambles, thistle, and thorns; deadly, hidden traps; and faceless, territorial Luperci. Rumors tell of a beautiful world within—sprawling forests full of bountiful game; gentle, rolling fields filled with meadow flowers; busy docks and marketplaces full of exotic and quality goods; and villages filled with attractive and alluring, sophisticated Luperci—after all, why else would it be so so well hidden?

Beyond the thistle and thorn, the dark and mysterious group pledge their allegiance under one name – Salsola.

Known elsewhere as The Thistle Kingdom and The Family, this pack is the oldest in the realm. From mighty warriors to frightening witches to silver-tongued merchants, Salsola calls to those who seek power above all else.

Come explore an immense claim of land, work your way up the ranks to join the elite, become a part of a Familial House or found your own, and delve deep into an extensive and sordid history where your mark can be made!

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Recent Events in the Thistle Kingdom
  • Pack Project - Clinic Root Cellar - In need of a way to store medicinal herbs and items long-term without fear of rapid spoiling, Arbiter Argive Hemlock heads a project to build a root cellar for the Clinic! The project will be completed and fully stocked mid-month of October!

  • November Newspost (Board) - The Fundy Land Bridge begins to solidify, making for easier passage. A boatful of colorful new bNPCs has arrived in Ethereal Eclipse.

  • November Newspost (SL) - The pack hosts one of it's regular Last Supper events, and investigates the goings-on in the lands surrounding the territory. Last minute winter preparations are underway.

  • October Newspost (SL) - Curious stashes are found throughout the territory. Some Salsolans are lucky enough to be rewarded with a worthwhile find, others, are less fortunate, and find themselves on the receiving end of an innocent (and sometimes not-so-innocent) prank!

Featured Salsolan NPC Like in most typical games, Non-Player Characters (NPCs), sometimes fall to the wayside, and are forgotten as played characters carry on with their lives and daily routines. In hopes of getting these NPCs some love, we feature a new Salsolan NPC every month! These NPCs can range from adoptables, to Pack NPCs, or to even some of our communal animal NPCs! You can earn 10 game points for including a featured NPC in a thread (claimable once a month)! Mirte Haumann Born in a busy trading port in the Netherlands, Mirte has been exposed to a great plethora of things since puphood; languages, cultures, a great assortment of exotic goods and textiles, and many, many different Luperci from all walks of life. As the daughter of a wealthy merchant and talented tailor, Mirte grew up with the ability to pretty much have anything and everything she wanted...everything except for the love and attention of her busy family. Attention-starved, this made Mirte strive to make herself better than her siblings—and anyone else, for that matter—leading to the talented and cutthroat merchant that she is today. Widowed and her children grown, Mirte settled for a life within the Thistle Kingdom just before the start of the Second Boreas Conflict, in which, she participated in. Now a Tradesman, she has since established herself as a talented linguist, tailor, and merchant within the Kingdom.

Mirte takes commissions! Are you in need of a new outfit? Something warm (but fitting of your high station) for the winter season? Do you have a present you want to have finished before the pack's annual yuletide season? Come visit her in the Marketplace and have her make (or fix) something for you!
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Familia Fortis Elegit!

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