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The news had been a shock to Myra but she accepted it for what it was. A man and a woman enjoying one another. Never mind that Myra had feelings for him, even if she never told him until later on. She was worried about how the future was going to go. She wasn't going to leave Raine, and she wouldn't give him an ultimatum either 'me or those kids'. That would be terrible. Especially since she helped him get them from Anathema. They had talked it out, though he had spoke more than she did. She had been stunned, torn, uncertain. Even now she was still stunned to the point she had not mentioned it to anyone. Obviously everyone would know there were pups in the pack now, and that Raine was taking care of them, especially since he needed a midwife to feed them. They were so tiny...

She was walking the fort, in no particular direction. She just wanted the fresh air to help her think. She couldn't stay stuffed up at home forever especially with this big a thing. Her mind was in turmoil. To accept everything for it was or want everything the way it was. She couldn't help but want the past, where they didn't have to worry about puppies or thoughts of Raine with any other women. Yet she was his, and he was hers now. So if he did that while they were mated... or together, she would have a problem. She shook herself to get the thoughts out of her mind. She dwelled on it too much. No, now she needed something to do, something to occupy her mind with.

She found that she'd been close to the training center and stopped to stare at the training equipment. She sighed thinking if she went in there she would be nothing but frustrated with herself. She snorted and walked past it, not feeling like having one of those moments. She felt that no matter what she did with her left arm, it would be useless. Then she stopped and turned around, picking up a rock. Then throwing it. She wasn't paying too much attention to where she was throwing it, but she was aiming it at the targets. The first one hit with a thunk right on one of the targets, but Myra was so deep in thought of how upset she was, that she did not pay any attention to what happened after the rocks left her hand. She threw more, and more, her arm aching a little each time. She didn't hit the targets all the time but most of the time and had she paid any attention she would have been amazed at how well she'd done with the arm she was having so much trouble training.

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The Officer had had her hands full ever since she’d returned from Portland. Her mother was ill and pregnant, Minerva needed her lessons, Apollo and Agrona needed their daily training, and Mako was still getting used to his new home within the pack. Between duties and what small free time the Stryder could afford, needless to say, Teagan hadn’t passed out all of the gifts and trinkets she’d brought back with her from Portland for her siblings. Had she been more proactive about it, perhaps they might have been given out already. However, Teagan was not one to spread her kindness actively or willingly, so, the gift-giving came at her convenience.

Having held onto a few of the times for a little more than a week now though, the warrior princess decided it was high time to hunt down one of the remaining recipients. Today, it was her younger sister, Myra. With a bag thrown across her shoulders, Teagan put her nose to the wind and followed the scent of the Garcia. She found the girl easily enough. The sound of something hard hitting against wood had Teagan curious, particularly, knowing that Myra had hurt her arm pretty bad after the Junior Recruits’ First Blood.

When her canary eyes came upon her, she found the runt tossing rocks with more-or-less success at one of the targets in the training arena. The lack of any real thought or power the Cadet seemed to put into each toss was cause for Teagan to raise a curious brow. Any other time, Teagan might have praised a Cavalier for training, however, it was obvious even to her emotionally-stunted self that something was…off with her sister.

“Have you decided to take to tossing stones rather than using your knives?” The older sister questioned abruptly, announcing her presence as she came to stand near the fence that surrounded the training area. Her hands came to rest upon one of the runners.

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