[AW] Found out fast life is a game,
you're out real quick if you don't know how to play.
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Since her arrival and subsequent acceptance within New Dawn, she had made leaps and bounds toward social progression. Still, with the moon hovering overhead like a silent beacon, she was sitting outside with her dark gaze turned skyward. She was restless and hadn't been able to sleep so after pacing around for about a good hour or so, she had finally given up and opted for something that was more serene. From her position, she was even able to see the way the stars flickered and the way the cool breeze felt as it tickled the outer layer of her cream-colored fur. From the very corner of her peripheral vision, she spotted a firefly darting around in hapless circles before falling to the ground. Turning her attention briefly toward the now-dead bug, she noticed the way the light it once emitted faded into nothingness, leaving only blackness in its wake. She tilted her head briefly then shrugged her shoulders, directing her attention skyward.

It was a pleasant night, to say the least. Her ear twitched briefly as the silence ensued. It wasn't particularly uncommon to see her out here, pondering things that either made no sense to her or simply weren't the typical things a wolf her age should ponder. Age-wise, she was practically an adult but more often times than not, she felt anything but. There were some nights when she wondered if she had made the right decision and others when she knew she made the right decision. During the day, even though she was uncertain, she learned what she could, socialized, and helped where it was needed. At night, she felt as if the den she had chosen for herself was too cramped and for the most part, the den was unoccupied, unless she was holing up in it during bad weather.

Shrugging off whatever it was that she was feeling, she eased down onto the ground and yawned, flopping unceremoniously onto her side. Not that she was lazy or anything but if you let her, she found no qualms with staying right where she was for hours on end. A part of her was almost hoping somebody would tell her to do something, anything. She hated sitting still because it made her feel vulnerable but when there was nothing else to do, she was no stranger to just taking a nap. If she could stay busy long enough, it wasn't uncommon for her to push herself too far and a lot of the time, she claimed it was to better herself so she could be of more use. It was just how she operated, lest she become completely useless. Indeed, she was odd, but she managed.
OOC: So, this is obviously not my best, even though it's 448 words long. It's six am, and I'm about to crash.


After the storm's harsh weather, the peaceful autumn nights were a breath of fresh air. It seemed to Sky as if the world had shifted, as if the whole of the planet was turned on its side, giving them a brisk breeze of good fortune. She made little effort to greet the dawn now, happy in knowing it was there, even if she couldn't always see it. No, spending the mornings curled up in Shawchert's arms seemed far better an idea than greeting the chill alone. No matter how odd it seemed or how fearful of commitment they both were, they finally, in a strange way, had their happily ever after- and she wasn't going to spoil it this time.

Still, even if she did spend those extra few hours with him, the nights where she couldn't sleep were hers alone. Such as this one. The aging wolfdog found herself restless so when sleep wouldn't come as it usually did, she nuzzled her sleeping lover and heading out into the woods on all fours, grateful for the silence and the cool air. She sighed almost happily as her paws carried her towards the pack's den, where she used to sleep before Shawchert came to live with them. Not far from it, near freshly turned earth and stone, a white wolf. Kiara?

No, this was the new girl. Oh, what was her name? No matter. The healer trotted over and whuffed a hello, though that tail sprang up and her posture spoke of dominance, of high rank. She would say nothing for now, but those eyes did not speak of danger or trouble- simply curiousity and a demand for respect.

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