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Quote:In the new "Interests" field in profiles, is BBCode enabled? For some reason I cannot put in a [url][/url] link there? I wanted to link to my player wiki but it only seems to show up as code in that field.

The Interests field isn't a custom field, so BBCode is not enabled. :c It's like how all the OOC fields on the old board weren't HTML/BBCode enabled except 'Information'.

Nat, did you just call me Tammi. ._.

Miyu, try clearing your cookies (I'm thinking most login issues are due to the fact that the old and new boards have the same cookie names), but also note that you can permanently be invisible via UCP>Board prefs>Hide my online status. Then you can just swap accounts and quick login and still be invisible, I'm pretty sure.

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Thaaank you Kiri that is an awesome feature~~ <3 And I have noticed things get wonky if I have the archived site open in another tab, so I'm sure that's it. I'll stop breaking things now!
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I noticed that the online list doesn't seem to want to wrap names onto a second line and so the name at the end of the list is getting cut off. Here's a screenshot to show you. In this case Vesper's been cut off. Just thought I'd point that out. I dunno if it's doing it all the time, I thought I saw it wrap the names to a second line before, but I just saw it hadn't this time around and captured a shot of it.

EDIT: I watched for it to happen again and it looks like the names are wrapping just fine now... O_o

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Won't let my create any new topics in the role-playing sections in packs and neutral areas. Is this because I'm locked or something, or is it a bug?
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That should be fixed now!
Salvia Eternity Wrote:That should be fixed now!

Thank you ^^
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I think that some titles are broken. Posts after Panda Behr (and Salvia too, I think) all have a weirded out font/suchnot. The posts before Panda/Salvia are normal, but then after, they're completely different. I'll screenshot it in case I'm the only one seeing this, but the font matches Panda's second title. So I don't know.

edit: screenshots: and
Hm. I'm not getting that issue in any of my browsers. If you're using IE8 or lower, that's probably why. If you're using IE9, make sure compatibility mode is off.
should prob check title coding before assuming IE problem cause taht's what it was XD tho i think newer IEs are finicky with broke code where FF/Chrome etc will just accept it. both salvia and panda needed after one of their titles. should be fixed now, report back if not
I've changed my settings so that I see 20 replies per page per topic. However, when I view the thread in forum view, it doesn't display the two pages if replies are greater than 20. I must click on the thread name and then click on the paginated numbers (1, 2, 3, etc) to get to the next pages.
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While Inferni is undeniably cool, I don't think the 'Souls Assemblage account is supposed to have its color. ;)

I am only aware of this happening when viewing "unread posts," as it obviously shows up fine in the actual topic view.
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That happens when we use the multimod, for some reason -- though I'm telling it to post from the 'SA account and it does, it gives the 'SA account my IF red. o_o No idea why dis happen, but maybe Kiri can fix!

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