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Optime | Night | February 3rd | Thackary Village
Outfit, Necklaces: 1, 2


Anathema was on fire and chaos. The Nocturne-Phoenix family had rushed out of their home, they had been woken up in the night and seen their home in flames. Fire had spread quickly and the wooden houses so close together were easy victims to the all-consuming fire. Anathemans were also fighting the people that had set fire to the village, Kentaro's forces. A small silver figure walked quickly and with purpose and a borzoi woman striding close to her. Her face was pure murder as both women were headed to the clinic.

Avinalora was furious, her home was on fire and it was because of that fucking bastard. She never would have thought that it would come to this. How low was it for them to attack them in their homes, children and mothers sleeping at night, only to awaken to their home in flames. She had told the medics and anyone with medical skills to attend to the injured best they could while the two healers went to try and save the clinic. It was winter and these were all the herbs they had. The vixen would be damned if she let it burn without trying to get the herbs within.

The fires were close though both healers rushed in. The fox-tailed female and the witch dog both had bags to carry the herbs in jars and in leather pouches. They raced in, digging through the storage and grabbing whatever they could and placing it into the bags, gently though these jars were tough and it would take force to break them. The women worked quickly, trying to save the precious substances when the roof caught on fire. They had collected quite a bit but then they looked up to see fire and both rushed out, the winter wraith almost tripping as the roof collapsed behind her. Wide-eyed for a second as she gazed upon the clinic, her clinic, Anathema's clinic.

And then the snow waif looked to her colleague. Take this up to the Helios. The woman nodded and took the bags as the woman charged back into the fray. She was here to heal and help the injured, though she didn't mind getting her paws wet with blood. She wasn't much of a fighter, she had a hell of a punch and her claws were dangerous weapons, but that was all she had. But the jackal would never forgive herself if she didn't try to fight. The pale pixie walked in the direction of the fight.

And then a familiar scent became apparent from the normal scents. The ghostly jackal scented the girl, Mystery. The peculiar coydog had become somewhat of an apprentice to the healer's half-sister. What was she doing here? The kid was young and couldn't fight. The fox found the girl cornered by a coyote, one of Kentaro's men. He wasn't too big though he was still taller than her. The woman's eyes narrowed dangerously and she walked towards the man. Get away from her! The grey-scaled Bathin shouted.

The merle's mismatched eyes widened as the man turned away from her and settled his sights on the source of the voice. She was a tiny thing and didn't have much in weight or assets. Though he liked them feisty and a smirk pulled at his lips. She would be easy. He looked down at her and actually lowered his head and crossed his arms. "And what do you think you'll do to me, bitch?" The man said and then added, "But don't worry, I like 'em feisty."

Mystery, run. The moon-washed mother said and the hesitated but ran in the direction of the Caverns. The woman hoped that Adrian was safe. She made a face of disgust as she heard the man's words. And that turned into anger. She had been threatened in this manner before, but she could fight now. Well, sort of at least. A knife was attached to her belt, but she had another purpose for that now. He actually lowered his head to grin at her and the woman smirked. He thought that that was a yes but then the woman's fist came out of nowhere with all the force in her body. She was also pissed off and had adrenaline in her system. The man wasn't ready for her fist to smash into his face and he fell. He was bleeding from his mouth and was on his knees groaning and holding his cheek. He opened him mouth to say something, but then the woman's knee came out from nowhere to smash into his jaw. Her left leg was throbbing from the use but she was to angry to care. And then her claws ripped down his cheek, deep and earned the winter Phoenix a scream.

This is for Anathema. The monochrome fox said, only to get blindsided on her left side and hauled away from the coyote. She was on her back, again. Why did it always have to come to his? She slapped the woman that was on top of her, claws out and scratching her cheek. A knife dug into her right shoulder, causing the woman to hiss, but look at the woman defiantly as she was pinned.

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Crappy post aaaaaaaaa
Word Count: 800+

The very first moments of the conflict had taken Auspicium by surprise. The land he called home was slowly being swallowed by fire and chocked with the smoke of an inevitable war, each waking moment was turning into a living nightmare for him. All his light blue eyes could see was chaos, no matter where he laid his eyes on the flames would be there. The roaring sounds of his angered and frightened packmates confused him the most.

He was running straight into the heart of the flames terrified, confused, and angry. His racing thoughts made it impossible for him to fully process what was going on. He couldn’t stop thinking about the possibility of one of his packmates being stuck with no way out inside the maw of the flames. Or about the fact that he wasn’t prepared to defend his own family. Or the fact that he didn’t know who Kentaro was, and how he didn’t know whether he had actually set the village ablaze or not. The silvery secui could now be seen standing in front of the burning buildings, his distress was clear on his face and the unbearable stench of the smoke and heat of the flames only made it worse for him.

His head was about to explode, his entire body ached. He tried to remember the Angela’s commands. “Find Kentaro”.

The words ringed in his ears. “Find Kentaro”.

But who was he? Was he the one guilty of attacking families during what would have otherwise been a peaceful night? Could Auspicium prove that? He hadn’t been there! He had only witnessed the first mayor flames swallowing the houses, he didn’t catch a glimpse of who started the fire. What if this was all a misunderstanding and 'Kentaro' wasn't guilty? Why would anybody do this when there were entire families inside? He certainly didn’t know if he could go after someone that could be possibly innocent. He wanted to shut his thoughts up, but the memories of an unpleasant past resurfaced with his uncontrollable thoughts. Was he going to lose another family? Another home? What was he supposed to do?

What would he do if he did find Kentaro? How is he supposed to fight Kentaro when there are entire families losing what they worked so hard for? Some were even being attacked! Finding the man was clearly not his top priority, that was clear to him. But once again, how was he supposed to help? Auspicium was no fighter, he could only rely on the commands of his instinct.
What if he tried to put the fire out? But how? The heat became worse and more suffocating the longer he stood closer to the burning buildings. He had to decide something before the fiery tongues reached his body, but he was almost completely frozen on the spot. The wolf's attention was finally driven away from the burning village when he heard a familiar voice yell not too far away from where he was. His head immediately shot to where the voice came from. Avinalora.

At first, he was relieved to see the medic hadn't been trapped inside the fire. His relief was short-lived, he then saw the jackal medic getting herself into a fight with the same man that had torn his ear around the borders. Avinalora was trying to save Mystery, the strange, tiny girl who would occasionally talk to herself. The wolf watched as the jackal punched the coyote right in the face, the man fell ended up with a bleeding mouth, just to be met with the knee of the frail woman minutes after, as well as a swipe of her claws. The snow-painted woman looked simply terrifying.

Auspicium's muscles finally moved, he wanted to rush up to the man and help his friend finish the job. Seeing the woman fight made him want to run into the fight, almost all of his fear and confusion were replaced by a surge of adrenaline and pure anger. Before he could reach the man, but she was quickly pinned down by another loner. Avinalora attempted to slap the other woman, possibly in an attempt at getting her off, but a knife met her skin before she could fight back any further. Panicked, the silver secui followed the impulses of his instinct and hurled himself at the woman, his front paws seeking to push the woman away from the medic. A wild snarl emerged from the depths of his being, his attention quickly shifted from the loner back to the jackal.

"Avinalora, run!" He yelled, not knowing what to do next. He wanted to make sure his friend was out of the battle, he knew the frail state of the winter jackal wouldn't allow her to fight much longer, but then again he also doubted the female would be able to run too fast. The wolf would have to fight both loners if he wanted the medic to be safe, but he didn't know how he would be able to do that. With a rush, he felt his fear surge back into his body. He didn't know what to do during a fight, he wasn't as nearly as fierce as Avinalora and had no fighting experience whatsoever. It was time to improvise, and hope he wouldn't get himself killed while trying to save the medic.

Let's sink into these dreams soon as we leave this place
By Silverfrost!
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Optime | Evening | February 3rd | Thackary Village | Outfit | Necklaces: 1, 2
Lol, that is an awesome post ^^^^

NPCs Used: Rickard ("Dick") and Annie
Avinalora Phoenix

Avinalora spat in the woman's face, another act of defiance since that was the only thing she could do at this very moment. The adrenaline that had been powering her for the last five or so minutes had been gone and now her left leg felt like someone had just kicked it...hard. She didn't let it show on her face as she bared her teeth and glared the small wolfdog in the eye. Like hell she was going to give in or let the bitch have any satisfaction. The rogue snarled in return and the two women struggled, the vixen trying to get any sort of upperhand while the hybrid tried to yank her knife out from where it had been buried in the ground.

The mercenary and the winter wraith were locked in a battle. The jackal had freed her arm earlier, only to get it pinned again. She had left her normal knife on the drawer in the bedroom, it was probably in the ashes of their home by now. Gods, she wished she could do something. And then a grey shape shoved the loner away from the Bathin. She recognized the scent, one of her pack-mates, Auspicium. The fox-tailed female grabbed the knife and yanked it out of the ground, it had been loosened by rogue and had the Seere been a second late, the woman would have pulled it out of the ground.

The ghostly jackal would not run, not like she could anyway. Though a quick glance towards the coyote showed that he was slowly coming to his senses. The woman staggered to her feet and held the knife. She didn't want her pack-mate to have to deal with two attackers and she hoped that her display of ferocity earlier would dissuade the loner from attacking her again. Or at least she hoped it would. The grey-scaled jackal marched over to the emerald-eyed mercenary, her leg protesting with every step.

"You better fucking leave before I change my mind and stab you through the neck." The moon-washed mother threatened, her voice sharp and the tone was laced with venom and ice. Her green eyes narrowed as the man's eyes met her's and she held the knife close to his neck. One jab and crimson lifeblood would spill on the snow. She would not hesitate to kill him, though she just wanted him to leave. The monochrome fox hoped that he would chose wisely.

Rickard looked at the knife nervously. The bitch was crazy and tasting the blood in his mouth and the pain coming from his face, he had no idea if she would go through with it. Damn it, he'd come back later. The man got to his feet, moving away from the jackal and her knife. He staggered to his feet and backed up before he ran with his tail between his legs.

And then the snow-colored medic looked back at the other two fighters. She would help if she could, though her leg was starting to actually affect her as she limped.

I'm headed straight to the castle
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