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Out of Character Organization

Roleplay Information

  1. Quick & Dirty Guide to 'Souls -- Start here if you're brand new!
  2. Plot -- About the setting
  3. Rules -- Gameplay rules and conduct guidelines
  4. Joining Information -- How to Join
  5. Procedures and Regulations -- Various rules and procedures
  6. Pack Formation -- How to Make a Pack
  7. Area and Setting
  8. Western Forefront
  9. Northern Tides
  10. Eastern Realms
  11. Sticks and Stones
  12. Seabreeze Brink
  13. Staff
  14. Mature Topics

Got a Question?

Important Threads


  1. Maintenance Thread -- Need something fixed? Spotted an error?[/b]
  2. Auxiliary Characters -- List of players who play multiple characters!
  3. 'Souls Store-- Purchase icons and titles here.
  4. Pride Images -- Display badges of 'Souls pride!
  5. Advertise for Us -- You can help us out by posting advertisements for 'Souls.

  1. Game Statistics -- Quick pack stats, male/female and adult/puppy ratios, and Loner/Creature listings
  2. Open Threads -- Search for All Welcome threads.
  3. Character Services -- Add your character to the list or request a thread with a particular character.

Resources & Goodies

Graphics Resources
  1. Requests -- Request graphics here!
  2. Studios and Shops -- Browse the shops and studios of people willing to make you stuff.
  3. Resources -- Find awesome baubles and stuff!
  4. Testing Thread -- Test your graphics here!
  5. Inventory Icons -- Free icons to represent your character's stuff!
  6. Color Your Own Kiritar -- Free 'Souls-only lineart created by Kiri!
  7. Modifying Your Profile -- Learn how to edit your profile, from the information to creating a custom CSS thread.

Games and Fun
  1. Community and Spotlight Soul
  2. The Catacombs
  3. Word of the Day
  4. Remember, each pack has its own game!
  5. 'Souls Yearbook

'Souls Wiki

  1. How to Edit the Wiki
  2. Wiki Editing Guidelines -- Learn some basic, 'Souls-specific guidelines. Templates are available for your use.
  3. PM Wiki Editing Language -- Learn how to edit the Wiki in PMwiki language.

Other Resources

Pack Organization

Active Pack Summary -- A quick guide to all of the packs, organized so you can look at them side by side!


Casa di Cavalieri

Del Cenere Gang

New Caledonia


RP Guide Organization

RP Guide

Character Basics


  • Essentials -- All about wolf behavior. If you're new to wolf roleplay, we recommend reading this page over.
  • Joining -- The definitive guide to behavior properly during the In Character joining process.
  • Fighting -- The combat system explained! Information about powerplay, godmoding, etc.
  • Reproduction
  • Puppies -- A guide to the development of Luperci puppies.






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