[P] on the salt sea and fields thick with bloom

Mewing gulls and teasing gusts of wind greeted the two young women approaching the beach: Galilee striding tall and proud, ponytail blustering around; and Minerva, mousy and eager to lay eyes on what her friend had promised. She might have come on a diplomacy mission, but it seemed to Lee that strengthening individual friendships was the key to maintaining pack alliances -- or so was her excuse if asked why they were gallivanting around the beach.

You have to come see the dolphins, she had told Minnie once official and polite talk was out of the way, grinning toothily and wagging her tail hard enough to sway her hips.

They were almost there now. Just beyond this rise, Lee knew they would see shimmers on the ocean and the salt spray, the elegant bodies leaping from the water, twisting, splashing. The grass beneath their feet became more brittle and sparse, mixing with sand as they crested the hill, and Galilee shot Minnie a tongue-lolling smile and barked: Race ya to the water!

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The Lune had gathered the Cavaliers and asked them to go out and build connections to other packs. At first she really hadn’t been sure what she could do, she wasn’t a diplomat and had no skills trading with other packs. She hardly knew anyone outside of the pack! Perhaps it was time she start going outside of her comfort bubble of the packlands….the idea caused her to frown slightly. She hadn’t meant to become so attached to Casa, but her childhood she had never known a life of staying in one place and it brought her great comfort and routine.

After some thought she finally came to an idea she was comfortable with – going to see Galilee. The thought of the peachy colored member of the Court caused her stomach to flutter. Although she didn’t know the other girl very well they had met twice and both had left an impression on the young Griffith. How could she forget that cocky smile and how she leapt into new situations with such confidence? Lee was the opposite of Minnie, and so the cream girl was in awe. Not to mention the rush of feelings she had gotten, much to her naive surprise, when soft feminine hands had guided her in a dance.

On the way to the Court she began to second guess herself. She had only really met Galilee twice and yet she was going to go call on her? Would she think her strange? At the dance she had seemed enthusiastic to see her again so surly the same would be true now? Thankfully the reunion went off without a hitch, the Haskel eagerly greeting her and insisting she come see something ‘cool’.
Unsure, Minerva followed her friend through the territory until they reached a beach. The Cavalier’s Fort was near a beach, so the squawks of gulls didn’t cause her any additional anxiety, but the word ‘dolphins’ did. “Dolphins?” she asked, but she was too late. Galilee was already racing ahead of her. Slightly flustered the Cavalier called after her, “W-Wait for me!” before chasing after her. The last thing she needed was to get lost in unfamiliar territory.

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The mousy girl called nervously after Galilee, who slowed her pace but did not stop running. The tall shoregrass bent around her as she ran through it, rustling in a salty breeze, and soon her paws kicked up sand. It wasn’t until the sand grew dark and soft and wet that her feet slowed, and she stopped when the foamy surf lapped around her ankles. In the distance she could see sparkling arcs of spray where her friends jumped and flipped their tails. She stuck two fingers in her mouth and let out a long, high whistle. An elated chirp greeted her.

Finally, the Haskel turned back to Minerva, grinning at her in reassurance. “C’mon, let’s go in! It’s safe, I promise.” She reached out with a hand to squeeze reassuringly at the younger girl’s, then let go to wade into the shallows. The waves rolled against her, turning her fur from gold to a dark sandy-color that brought out the reds in her coat. As they broke against her muscled back, she turned back to Minerva.

“You might wanna take that off if you don’t want it soaked,” she said, gesturing at the tunic the Cavalier wore – honestly thinking nothing of it. Lee cared little for modesty; she was a wolf, after all.

Turning, she thrust her feet against the sand and swam out a few yards. Treading water there, she looked curiously at Minnie until a smooth, rubbery head brushed under her arm. Grinning, she stroked Hurley’s face as it breached the surface, his intelligent eyes peering at the newcomer. Through a series of whines and clicks meant to emulate his dialect, she explained that Minerva was a friend – and to go gently and cautiously when he met the less bold girl.

She chased after the seemingly carefree girl with a smile on her face. Minerva put such pressure on herself to be perfect, to act in a certain manner. Galilee, to the contrary, always seemed to rush forward with such vigor. For a moment the Cavalier youth let herself feel the freedom that her companion exuded. As they ran over the hill the smell of salt hit her nose, a smell she wasn’t use to by the Bay. As they ran, Minerva marveled at the large body of water before them, her turquoise eyes catching the gleam of some strange things moving in the distance. Slowing as her paws hit sand, she looked to Galilee with questioning concern. Was it safe to go out there with those….things?

Thankfully the girl was one step ahead of her voice, confidently declaring the water safe, her touch tightening before releasing, allowing her to dive into the water. The quieter girl began to tiptoe into the water, unsure. She had swam before but usually in private to groom or to cool down, not really for the fun of it. As the golden girl suggested she remove her clothes a red hot feeling filled Minnie’s cheeks. Growing up with parents that lived quite the humanized lifestyle as traders, she had been surrounded by a variety of Luperci-made clothes her enter life. Still, there was sound logic to Lee’s suggestion. Pulling the tunic up over her shoulders she gently folded it and placed it safely on the sand before turning back to the water.

Slowly she waded into the cool water, sending a shiver down her spine as she began to adjust to the new temperature. Paddling towards Galilee she suddenly stopped short, her face falling in shock as a strange grey creature appeared before them. Lee seemed unphased, in fact she acted rather familiar with the odd thing, even making unworldly sounds. Moving back a bit Minnie observed, her heart racing and telling her to flee but her curiosity getting the better of her. “Wh-What is that?” She spoke in a shaky tone.

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Unclothed, Minerva waded into the shallows and trembled at the temperature -- but she only hesitated when the rubbery head broke the surface with a puff of mist from his blowhole. Her voice tremulous, she asked what it was, and Galilee flashed her a kind look.

"He's a dolphin," she explained. "His name's Hurley. I know he's big, but he's really nice, I promise." Her voice lowered lightly, her tail waving behind her in the water. "You trust me, right?"

Nudged by his companion's foot under the water, the dolphin swam forward. He circled around Minerva in a wide berth, clicking curiously at her, then with a pump of his tail came up closer. There he waited, turning on his side to show a fin and part of his pale belly: offering himself up like a dog to be pet. While he waited, he made a few comments toward Lee; she still didn't understand most of what he said, but his tone had her laughing. He certainly liked being the center of attention.

"Feel him, he's really different than other fish," Galilee urged. She came closer with a stroke of her arms, her feet touching down on a sandy bar.

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