Heyo, simple question. Can my character be of this coloration? How odd can I have her colors be?

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I went through and found a bunch of examples of odd color mutations that could support my characters odd coloration and but I wanted administrative permission before submitting my joining application.

Here are examples:
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While the first two real life examples are altered (either through Photoshop or painted IRL), we are okay with minor unrealistic markings. Several characters have had darker "sock"/paw markings even if that's not a thing found in most canines. As long as it can be reasonably explained (i.e., no piebald/spotted purebred wolves) and isn't ridiculously out there, we are fairly lenient.

I personally think the character design is okay color-wise for a dog mix, and within the realm of stuff we have allowed before.
ooh! I'm not good at spotting photoshoopery! Glad you caught that, I thought they were legit color mutations!

Okay, thank you, I will put in my joining application now. Thank you again!

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