Secondary character
I have a character that I've been planning almost as long as Cidro (which was months before I joined), but I know I won't be joining with her for a very long time. I want to flesh out Cidro's character a lot more before I devote any time to a new character. However, I was wondering how early you're allowed to make an account for a future secondary character. I won't officially join with her for a while, but I'd like to have the account so maybe I can test-drive her somewhere down the line or start hacking away at her wiki. If anyone could let me know I'd be super thankful!
You're allowed to make an account and test-drive or create a wiki page for a future character whenever you want! Shy You just cannot officially join (i.e. post a joining application and begin roleplaying) until you've met the requirements.
Thanks! I'll get right on it then ^-^

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