[NEWS] December 2018

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'Tis the season! We hope everyone enjoys the holidays! Stay nice and bundled up, and try not to get too full on roast, cookies, and pie! Wink

Secret Santa

Our annual Secret Santa is back! Learn how you can brighten someone's day and participate here. We can't wait to see all the awesome art!


It's also Yearbook time again! Check out the info topic, submit your entries, and suggest some superlatives! Become a part of 'Souls history!

Birthday Events

Congratulations to Salena, who was the first to solve our very cool word puzzles and find the difference puzzle, as well as Vida, Kite, and Myst who weren't first, but still did them! We appreciate the participation, so have a little consolation prize. Shy

The birthday raffle is also going strong, with many super cool prizes unlocked already! Let's keep up the momentum through December and unlock them all!

A quick note to those advertising for the raffle though! We've had a few instances of players having their ads deleting for not following ad rules on the board they're advertising, so please be extra vigilant. We appreciate your taking the time to spread the word!

Ending Requirement for Pack Websites

After some discussion, we have decided to end the requirement for packs to maintain a website. Websites are often cumbersome to update and a technical hurdle for some; many leaders prefer to list information on the easily-edited 'Souls Wiki instead! Leaders can still opt to have a website, of course; it will just no longer be mandatory. Shy

'Souls Age Requirement Change

'Souls has been around a long time -- 17 years now! O: Throughout this time, a lot has changed, and a big part of that change has been our demographic. 'Souls has more adult players than ever now, and they are currently the overwhelming majority. With this demographic change has come new concerns about the interactions between adults and minors regarding adult subjects, as well as "grey zones" that may be uncomfortable to adult and underage players.

After a long internal discussion and two surveys, we have decided to raise the age restriction of 'Souls to 18+. Current underage players who are 16 years or older will be grandfathered in -- however, if they leave the forum, they will have to wait until they are 18 years or older to rejoin again. All new players must be 18 years or older to join 'Souls.

We'd like to take this opportunity to say that this is a membership requirement, not a genre label. We have no plans to change the atmosphere or core of the board, and do not plan to label or advertise the game as being "adult." The boardwide rating will remain PG-13 with mature topics marked, and mature discussion in the Discord server should still be limited to the #eggplant channel.



Spotlights for December 2018

Spotlight Soul

The Spotlight Soul for December is none other than Cedric Stryder (Jazzy), congratulations! Their player has done a fantastic job at playing this steadily developing character from a young puppy to adulthood, and they have consistently been one of Casa's top posters for months. They actively engage with pretty much every member of the pack, and we can't wait to see what more is in store for the young Stryder! Well done!

Community Soul

There is no Community Soul for December.

Soldier of Love

The Soldier of Love of this month is Vida! This month's artist is Kiri, so please direct your request to them! Shy

Featured Pack Adoptable

Josephine LaBelle, also known as Josie, is a southern belle who rocks the fence between sickeningly sweet and a snake in the grass. At 3 years of age she has traveled North America, taking in one adventure after another. Along the way she picked up Theo and has been taking care of him ever since. Her passions include feeding anyone who will let her and making beautiful clothes for trade. LaBelle is a proper lady and caregiver to everyone she meets, but be careful not to get on her bad side because her bite is worse than her bark (which can be vile). Thanks to her early interest in tailoring she has a basic knowledge of working with leather and furs, and dabbles in making leather armor, though she has much to learn!


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