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Ever had an idea in mind about your character or someone else's? Something that you would have loved to read if it were a book/short story/FanFiction?

Some that came to mind for me! (sorry, they're all Kamari-related xD)

Lockers and Sticky Notes,
Salsola Highschool AU that was inspired from a AU-type drawing I did a while back and built upon by the SL Discord chat (a lot from Alaine!)!

Summary: Kamari Kaiser is the new girl in the prestigious private school; Salsola, and she's not about to let her parents' hard-earned work go to waste. Unfortunately for her, her family's lower economic status has caused a stir in the students of Salsola, and she finds herself unwittingly thrown in amongst the whirlpool of drama. As if that wasn't enough, she's partnered with one Krios Heiwa. (KamKrios) (NeithxElphabaxBrocade) (+Other pairings)

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In this AU, I imagine Kamari being pretty intelligent and wanting nothing more than to keep her head down and suffer through the rest of grade school as quickly and easily as she can. She participates on the archery team, has taken martial art classes since she was a kid, but has a secret love for computers and a knack for hacking, viruses, and cryptography. If she could, she would wear the guy's uniforms--and her wearing a tie vs. a bow is her little act of rebellion (so, staying true to her Kaiser blood). Were it not for the skirt and form-fitting blazer she has to wear, people might have easily mistaken on which twin was the girl/boy. She's feisty, and doesn't take shit from the rich kids that try to bring her down. Very easy to get into a fight despite her short size.<br><br>

Salsola is a rich kid private school, and the only reason why Kamari and Kamil got in was because a particularly influential individual (Lokr) paid for their way in, though, this is not known to anyone but between Lokr and the twin's parents. Thus, also, why their being at Salsola High is odd. By all other means, they shouldn't be there.<br><br>

Upon starting at this school, the only person Kamari recognizes is Elphaba Revlis, having met her a few times when she was younger. Unbeknownst to her, Elphaba is the end-all-be-all of this school. Her grandmother is the school principal, and that's not to count Elphaba's political figure of a father. She's beauty, she's grace, and she'll eat your face with a deadly smile.<br><br>

She has a quite a few guys she hangs out with, one being the highly intelligent (nerd) and nice guy, Neith Heiwa, who has aspirations of being a doctor one day. He's an unfortunate victim of Elphaba's affections...as well as her tutor.<br><br>

Another frequent-presence is Brocade Valentine, an upperclassman with a natural talent for sports. Big on brawn, big on heart, though, he's heavily influenced by Elphaba...even if he already has a girlfriend (Etoile Montgomery). He's the group's main form of transport when they hit the town.<br><br>

Cousin to the Queen Bee is O'Riley Eternity, AKA "Pick a fight with him and be prepared to get your ass beaten and expelled." Resident cool kid with dark tendencies who knows he can get away with pretty much anything he wants. Highly perceptive, manipulative, and intelligent, and by the time you realize he's being fake with you, you've already given him what he wanted in the first place. He and Kamari often pass coded notes with a slight of hand. What they're writing, hmmm...guess you'd have to break the code first!<br><br>

Lastly, we come to Krios Heiwa (later named a Revlis when certain secrets get out). Project partner to Kamari, the two are the youngest of their social circle. They have quite a few classes together, and their mutual acquaintance in Elphaba makes it so that they have to suffer each other more often than they originally would have liked. They're both on the archery team, and there's on doubt that these two are some of the best archers on it. They bicker, they fight, but Krios turns out to be a surprising ally for Kamari, and turns out to be a true friend. Unbeknownst to her, he develops a crush on her as time goes by, something his half-sister, Elphaba, finds great amusement in. They have lots of cute kawaii-cliche-anime moments.<br><br>

Other characters
  • Helena Troy Lykoi - French transfer student who has a natural talent in the culinary arts. Sexy and she knows it. While once known for her ever-changing flings, she seems to have remained consistent with her recent polygamous relationship with Till Van Ulrich-Lykoi and Calla Valentine. Though, she's been carrying around a new little red tooth keychain. Is there a new fling in her life that she's keeping on the down low?

  • Kaeli Blacksun - Of the unpopular opinion that Elphaba is not made of gold. She'll kick your ass in a fight, and she's a very blunt and to-the-point person. Her unwillingness to play the popularity game makes her a unique individual at Salsola. She and Helena don't get along.

  • Khael Mwinyi Lykoi and Katinka Holt - Khael is the creepy ass, scary ass chick who transferred in from the East. You might receive a cut from just looking at her wrong, might find a knife in your back if you cross her or hurt her girlfriend and school sweetheart, Katinka. She's the kid that you don't mess with. It's a wonder how Katinka sticks around her and is as sugary sweet as she is.

  • Loki Helsi - School councilor...too bad he's probably the one that needs counseling Regcry He's had a divorce, lost his ex in gang-related violence, and then lost his newest wife and his son recently. He shelters his daughter, Embla, as a result. Embla comes to work with her daddy sometimes, and most of the kids adore her.

  • Idrieus and Grievous Eternity - Idrieus is one the school's best fencers. She and Grievous totally bang each other with their eyes and think it's not obvious. There's a running bet on who will be the one to cave and finally ask the other out.

What Lies in the Shadows,
Medieval-fantasy-type AU!

Summary: Prince Krios Revlis has finally come of marrying age and he's not exactly thrilled about it. His sister, the Queen, Elphaba, won't take "no" for an answer though. The invitation is opened to the entire realm for possible suitors, and, the arduous, political cartwheels he has to do each and every time has the Prince beyond frustrated and wishing that his sister didn't get some sick kick out of this torture. Good thing for him, he has a personal Shadow that can keep things interesting. (KamKrios)

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Kamari keeps her "spy" type role in this AU by being a "Shadow," a personal "soldier" of sorts for the royal family. Think ninja-y, I guess, or something like the Sheikah from Legend of Zelda. Their duty is to spy when tasked out, to protect the crown, and to not really be seen or heard (basically, to be nothing more than a shadow). In this case, Kamari is loosely "assigned" to Krios by his sister, Elphaba, on recommendation of O'Riley, who has worked with Kamari personally on many occasions. Kamari follows Krios around and does spy-tasks for him on his suitors or on whoever Krios wants information on. She protects him with her stealth-fighter skills when he needs it (against assassinations, someone getting to rowdy, etc.)<br><br>

A slow-burn romance forms between them as Krios goes through the list of ladies that want his power (rather than his heart). Though he and Kamari do their usual bickering and fighting, they eventually grow comfortable with each other, but his role as a Prince and hers as a Shadow means that nothing can ever happen between them...right?

So! What about y'all? Anything that y'all would have loved to read about if someone had written a story for it? :O Doesn't have to be a super-detailed thought! Mine are long simply because my brain needs something to think about during the boring hours of my work xD I'm curious to hear to what AU's y'all have for y'all's characters (or, about an OTP that you love so much!)!

EDIT: Since this looks to have hit off a bit, here, have a code for if you have a more written out AU that you want to share!
[b]TITLE (if this was a book or FanFic, what would you call it, if anything?),[/b]

Summary: [i]Basic summary of your AU fantasy![/i]

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ALL THE EXTRA STUFF!  Make sure you put "<br><br>" at the end of each paragraph, otherwise, it'll all mesh together!

An AU where all of the 'Souls folk are birds, except for Salsola's indentured servants. Somehow, birds keep canines as servants.
Dogmeat Wrote:An AU where all of the 'Souls folk are birds, except for Salsola's indentured servants. Somehow, birds keep canines as servants.
^ ^ ^ this pleaaase!

Along the same line, an AU I’m sure resonates with others—other species becoming infected with the Luperci virus and shape shifting too. Give me michevious cat thieves and tough bear warriors. <I> <I> It’s like Redwall meets Game of Thrones meets The Road.
[html]<div align="center"><font size="4px"><b>Бе́шеной соба́ке семь вёрст не крюк</b></font></br><font size="2px">For a mad dog, seven versts is not far enough.</font></div>[/html]
Yes, please, to both of those! * O * Though, I may be biased for the bird one xDD I get a giggle out of the thought of a little head-honcho sparrow!
Oo also would be fun to do survivor/post apocalyptic with undead. :>

Or or or high fantasy with real magic. Smile
Seeing you here, Amanda...Lord of the Rings-style 'Souls! >Smile
gimme dat fellowship MEOW

Kamari would be a fancy ranger elf. :') Broc would be a cast off of Gondor!
Odalis Wrote:Oo also would be fun to do survivor/post apocalyptic with undead. :>

Or or or high fantasy with real magic. Smile

I'm a sucker for both of these. But also, what about urban fantasy with low magic? Or rural, post-apocalyptic fantasy with folk magic? Smile
gimme dat fellowship MEOW

Kamari would be a fancy ranger elf. :') Broc would be a cast off of Gondor!

Xcuse me but Kamari would be a rogue halfling. We all know Krios is the pretty elf ranger.

all I'm sayin is I may or may not think about the werewolf tribes from Werewolf: The Apocalypse a lot
Ordinary morality is only for ordinary people.
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okay but the REAL question here is which Hogwarts house everyone's in. Ciddy is a Hufflepuff, for obvious reasons, but I feel like he wouldn't feel a lot of loyalty/pride for his house or care about the house dynamics. He'd just want to make friends with everyone and like... he'd be too pure about it for anyone to try and correct him. Annnnnd that's how Ciddy becomes the accidental buffer/peacekeeper between houses lmao. He's very hard to get mad at. Also he'd def spend a lot of time sneaking off into the Forbidden Forest cause all animals are Good Boys which would lead to him getting lost.... frequently.
Ok so this is a super self-indulgent ramble about a 'Souls AU I've had in mind for forever and a day, essentially multiple small fragments based around the same central universe. It is literally the fanfic I would write in my head if I had more time and less responsibilities but also it is insular and selfish so I'm sorry that it doesn't involve more people's characters rn, WHAT CAN I SAY MY AU DAYDREAMS ARE SELF-ABSORBED. Inspired by a tonne of YA and high fantasy novels that I've read in my lifetime. It's all also ridiiiiculously tropey and unoriginal with heaps of anime filth piled on and potential smut around literally every corner so like, please forgive me. Please.

But uhh feel free to use it to build your own daydreams by slotting your characters in lol.

AU: The Others Must Fall - Fae vs Man
Quote:Set in a medieval fantasy Europe (think: fantasy knights, castles, kingdoms; think: big magic woods, every fantasy creature you can imagine), this AU revolves around the central theme of a great divide between humankind and Fae kind.

[html]<details><summary>Click for more!</summary><p>

MAN covers all the Kingdoms of Man, with regular mortals living in medieval-style technology, castles and villages and farms etc. Greater in population and more prolific than the Fae, their strength lies in their ambition, their unity and their relentless pursuit of domination over the land and the forces of magic. Witches and wizards, humans with rare mutations that allow them to use a corrupted form of Fae magic, are included in this.<p>

FAE is the loose term used to describe all manner of sentient non-humans, individuals who possess unique and uninhibited use of true magic. The Fae are made up of an uncountable variety of magic beings, from sprites, nymphs and water elementals to sentient magical beasts, like unicorns and sphinxes and giants. Almost all Fae are able to assume a humanoid-style form (in olde times, the purpose of this was to walk unseen through the lands of Man, and possibly to aid in hunting Man), though many scorn doing so.<p>

The Kingdoms of Man answer to their rulers, in the form of various dominion kings, lords, etc. Though mortal, human royalty are descended from noble lines believed to come from a distant ancestor possessed of great power - a devout religion is built around this individual. In this particular AU, the largest Kingdom of Man is CdC, making its noble family the highest power in the land of humans.<p>

The Fae, for the most part, are less organised than men and difficult to order in an obvious hierarchy. They are roughly broken into 'castes', depending on the nature of the Fae and how powerful it is, with lesser Fae such as pixies and trolls being below greater Fae such as elementals etc. However, one clear distinction is that they are led by the Seelie royals, a line of incredibly powerful Fae that are said to be the living descendants of the last great dragons. They are considered the only nobility of the Fae. In this particular AU, the Seelie Court (attended to by all manner of Fae) is Salsola, and the Seelie Royals themselves are those of Revlis and Eternity blood, aka Dragonblood.

OK so that is a tonne of intro-text, and tbh I could write a whole novel's worth of background info on this AU if I let myself, so we won't go any further. On to the actual AU head-cannons I have within this framework!

Quote:Summary: Seelie prince Lokr betrays the Fae realm by falling in love with a human woman, Semini. When this forbidden romance is uncovered, he is banished by the Fae Empress and leader of the Seelie court, Salvia. In banishing him, she strips him of his connection to Fae magic, effectively making him mortal!

[html]<details><summary>Click for more!</summary><br>

<b>Characters:</b> <i>Lokr, Semini, Salvia, Elphaba</i> <p>

The war between the Kingdoms of Man and the Realms of Fae has been going for as long as anyone can remember. After mankind killed the last of the Dragons, an ancient race of Fae whose descendants now rule the Seelie Court, a cold stalemate has ensued.<p>

Hundreds of years later - an impossibly long time for man, but little more than the blink of an eye for some long-lived Fae - a Seelie Prince discovers a human woman who has become lost in his woods. Impossibly, he finds himself enamored with her; Fraternizing with mankind is strictly forbidden, but love has a way of making unbreakable rules breakable.<p>

Unfortunately, the blossoming romance is in great peril. After being exposed by his own power-hungry daughter, Lokr finds he must choose between his lover and his life's purpose in the Seelie court. Giving it all away leads to immediate banishment from the Seelie Empress, who strips Lokr of his immortality and magic and exiles him to the Kingdoms of Man.<p>

Now a mortal, he must adjust to this whole new life - but so long as he is with Semini, everything will be alright.


Quote:Summary: The Seelie Empress is felled in a legendary battle against the great armies of Man. After her death, the Seelie court is thrown into chaos when princess Elphaba assumes the throne.

[html]<details><summary>Click for more!</summary><br>

<b>Characters:</b> <i>Salvia, Elphaba, O'Riley, literally all of Salsola</i> <p>

Struck through the heart by an ancient weapon - a powerful relic from the Dragon Ages that has somehow fallen into the hands of the CdC Kingdom of Man - Salvia, the great Fae Empress, has perished. Under her iron rule the chaotic nature of the Fae was somehow aligned, but without her as a powerful figurehead the Realms of Fae are crumbling.<p>

Determined to save her civilization from disorder, Seelie Princess Elphaba rises to become the next great Fae Empress. It is a fraught situation, with many of the Seelie court opposing her rule. With the help of her cousin O'Riley - a Fae with mysterious powers - she will bring the court of Salsola and all its Fae subjects back under control, one way or another.<p>

After all, time is running out - it won't be long before the Kingdoms of Man amass their forces for another attack.<p>


Quote:Summary: With the war between Man and Fae growing in fervor, the land itself suffers greatly. Magic is in Disorder; With each sacred tree burned and each leyline severed, the Realm of Fae begins to falter. Notable figures rise to the forefront, each with their own private ambitions!

[html]<details><summary>Click for more!</summary><br>

<b>This is a character dump for where I think characters might fit into my AU!</b><p><br>
  • <b>Salvia:</b> Empress of the Seelie court. First true ruler to unite the Fae, who are by nature anti-establishment and selfish. Killed in battle by an ancient weapon, a relic from the Dragon ages, that has somehow fallen into the hands of man.
  • <b>Lokr:</b> A Seelie prince from a powerful Draconic line. Banished after falling in love with a human, and stripped of his Fae magic - becomes mortal.
  • <b>Elphaba:</b> Lokr's daughter, a Seelie princess. After her grandmother is killed, she becomes the new Empress of the Seelie court. The Dragon is strong with this one; There are even rumors that she is able to take on the legendary form.
  • <b>Krios:</b> A Seelie prince from the royal line. His mother was killed in the war against Man; His father exiled for falling in love with a human; His half-sister is a firebrand who now sits the Seelie throne. Poor guy.


  • <b>O'Riley:</b> Though a descendant of the dragons and therefore possibly considered a Seelie prince, the Fae blood is dominant in O'Riley. Nobody can really tell <i>what</i> kind of Fae he is - his lineage runs through the Volva, a dark line of Fae able to corrupt magic itself. He is the right-hand of the new Empress of the Fae realms, Elphaba.
  • <b>Brocade:</b> A griffon Fae able to take the shape of a handsome dad-bod. Very powerful and lion-like, a true warrior's spirit. Could tear a human man to pieces in the time it would take you to blink. Has seen some shit, as he is the General of the Fae army. Keeps close council with Elphaba - <i>very</i> close council ;>
  • <b>Helena:</b> A fire elemental/phoenix who serves in the Seelie court. Knows everything about everyone; She has the ear of the new Empress. Don't piss her off or she'll turn you into ashes.
  • <b>Kamari:</b> A lower-caste Fae from the nymph/satyr line. At one with the forest; Can speak to all beasts and the plants seem to answer her call. Has worked her way up into the Seelie court to redeem the shortcomings of her lineage; Is now the royal protector of the Seelie prince Krios. More powerful than her appearance belies.
  • <b>Kaeli:</b> An icewarg, a large elemental that looks like a direwolf covered in ice. Wargs are feared by many, even other Fae, for their unquenchable appetites. Uncivilized and fierce, Kaeli is feared by friend and foe alike.


  • <b>Semini:</b> A human woman from a fishing town. Unbeknownst to her, her grandmother was a Fae selkie/water siren.
  • <b>Odalis:</b> A girl who was kidnapped from her village by a bad man, who stole her away into the woods where he was killed by Fae. Odie was allowed to live; She serves the Seelie court, and the new Empress has a particular fascination with her.
  • <b>Neith:</b> A doctor from the human world who has been captured in the land of Fae. His sister was killed by a Fae creature, and he carries a seed of darkness in his heart because of this. The Seelie Court finds his human ways entertaining and have allowed him to live as a 'guest' (read: prisoner). The new Empress particularly likes to play with him.
  • <b>Teagan:</b> Princess of the Kingdoms of Man, and a fearsome General in the human army. She is the one who wields the ancient weapon that struck down Salvia. She's also super buff in a She-Ra sort of way. Elphaba loathes her but would also do nasty things to her if given the chance.
  • <b>Andrew:</b> A farmboy whose family home and lands were cursed many generations back by a capricious Fae, the phoenix. His attempt to hunt the fabled bird to free his family from the curse instead ends in his being captured by it; However, rather than burning him to charcoal, Helena is fascinated by the human and decides to keep him as a pet. She enchants him into obedience with a glamour-spell made from one of her invaluable feathers.


  • <b>Calrian and Malik:</b> Sons of Lokr and Semini. Their grandmother's banishment severed their father's connection to the Fae realm, making him mortal - but it did not extend to his sons. They are half-breed Seelie princes; Though half-breeds are not unheard of, they are generally outcast from both the Realms of Fae and the Kingdoms of Man.

Seeing this, and the interest in settings with post-apocalypse, folk-magic, rural landscape, undead, etc makes me want to rear my head a little.

For a while, have been habouring an idea with Jace which I never got around to putting up, heck. .3.

Quote:Summary; A 'Souls AU based in Poland, heavily inspired by a game called 'Darkwood', so it'll have survival/surreal horror elements. The land is overgrown, nature having become ravenous, with the cause of the infection leaving behind supernatural and biological threats to the Luperci now reclaiming the land. Somewhat higher level of technology than in Nova Scotia, the superstitious Luperci live in remaining hamlets, wary of tribal paranoia, while using their belief and physical wards to protect them from the supernatural.


The past; Just as a small meteor decimated a part of Nova-Scotia, a small cluster had broken away many years before, scattering and crashing into Poland, scarring much of the country. Then came the infection that virulently spread and put humanity into a long slumber, seeping into the land thus forever scarring it. The remnants of humanity were left to become decayed and overgrown after many years, the former residents becoming a lingering background disturbance that seems restless.<br><br>

Luperci arose here as they did elsewhere, with Jackals and Dogs making up the native majority, at first having very little conflict with dangerous non-Luperci creatures. These the people grew in mind and body, learning and mimicking the ways of the people from before, books of stories soon expanding into more that taught and inspired, but had to hide from the unexplained things in the woods. It was with the discovery of strange mushrooms and plants being combined and burnt, creating a odd incense, which seemed to help ward off both infected and supernatural creatures, and claimed to 'calm the angry spirits' that created a new sense of power. Suddenly able to spread from their primitive colonies into formerly human space, they began to learn how to reclaim and repair what they could over the years.<br><br>

The land; After the meteor cluster arrived, much of the country was permanently scarred. The land is a mishmash of soft meadows, dense woodlands and stretches of stagnant swamps from where the water replaced what the meteors broke, with mountains rising in jagged peaks. Large swathes of Poland surrounding the craters are choked with distorted flora, if not impassible, then lethal even in the day let alone the night. Travel to and from places usually cover the network of broken roads which still remain, lined with little shrines that Luperci touch for luck and care, and random trails that appear and disappear, seemingly overnight. <br><br>

Daylight is easier to hunt, scavenge and trade, the land being bountiful with nourishment and the growth of beautiful things, of life. While the Night compel Luperci to seek shelter, hang up wards and incense burners while retaining constant vigilance; even when nothing threatens them for much of the time, the idea of somebody wandering away or something trying to break in during the night, is itself reason enough.<br><br>

The people; The Luperci of Poland are a hardy lot, living in and loving a place that seems cursed, bound to the land just like the forest that both nurtures and seems to imprison them, taking what humanity left behind and occupying any place they can (notably being wary of dense urban locations), with natural or unnatural forces making aggressive expansion impractical. Mostly comprised of native Jackals and Dogs, Coyotes and Wolves are present in smaller numbers. The new people hold a strong mixture of discovered local folk-lore and Luperci pagan belief, bringing discipline and solace to the new world. Attaining a preference for flowing, often colourful clothing, they freely practice spiritual worship and rituals, working with the land to their advantage, they freely use incense-burners within their homes, above doorways during the nights, some carrying larger versions during travel.<br><br>

The dangers; At times, the brave Luperci struggle to remain healthy, optimistic and sane, as they are threatened with a constant background threat from the land itself and the actions of other Luperci. Uncommon visions in their sleep can make them question their reality, maybe inspire them to create or destroy, to warn them of something... or simply to walk into the woods one night, never being seen again save for perhaps a feral shade in another person's dream. At worst, those who fall can become cannibalistic Savages; Luperci who have lost their minds and slowly losing their mutating bodies, or return as the lingering Husks; un-burnt or non-consecrated bodies that have risen, things that range from effectively being root-coated zombies to barely-humanoid aberrations. Then there is the threat of being taken away by the otherworldly; both former-Luperci or truly surreal things that stalk the living... or the very locations themselves being haunted.<br><br>

Magic; Many Luperci are capable of channeling energy, though it is often entirely subconscious and typically linked to joint spiritual belief, the use of objects and rituals or drawing from deep within, thus it is ambiguous to many whether it truly is magic or not. Some can focus to sooth with a touch, stride where others would falter in the face of the unnatural, or embolden kindred with chanting.<br><br>

The Watchers; There are quite a few individuals who are more attuned to the supernatural more than others; detecting sensations, anomalies and unseen threats in the area, becoming more resistant to the effects of the land. These individuals tend to make up the majority of the 'Watchers'; Luperci who act as a varied mixture of witch-doctor, supernatural investigator and hunter of monsters, wearing protective, flowing clothing from head to feet, typically a wooden mask, leather-cloth shawls, skirts and boots, a burden-basket or recovered back-pack, as well as carrying long-weapons, bows and incense-burners to ward of dangers. They often stitch wards and sigals into their clothing, drawing, tattooing or sometimes even carving symbols into their skin.<br><br>

Their appearance is often known to imitate a kind of woodland spirit, 'The Deer Folk', more obviously shown in the wooden deer-mask and its protruding branch-horns. These resilient individuals also make up the majority of Luperci who are found dead in the woods, whether from their occupation, or the side-effects of being exposed to the unnatural so much and so often.
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<a href="#!" class="scent-warning" title="...Actually smells of; Something indeterminable and old, creaky leather mixed with faint scents of death, decay and blood, fighting against the scents of Jackal and then Coyote. Also might smell of raven-feet if you really concentrate."></a>
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<a href="#!" class="skill-fighting" title="Skilled in use of Fisticuffs and two-handed Axes."></a>
<a href="#!" class="skill-medic" title="Is a skilled medic, dealing with his condition helps, may need to improve his bedside manners."></a>
<a href="#!" class="skill-scholar" title="Can read and write very well, shame most of these savages can't."></a>
<a href="#!" class="skill-spirituality" title="Has Christian leanings, prays with Hope Lykoi."></a>
<a href="#!" class="skill-stealth" title="Is naturally silent, can be quite sneaky if he really tried, bit heavy-footed. Can pass information to and from Maja without arousing suspicion, if nobody can speak bird."></a>
<a href="#!" class="skill-social" title="He's something of a benevolent if disinterested spectator, and a hermit. Maja is much more outgoing, a touch obnoxious too for giggles."></a>
<a href="#!" class="skill-trade" title="Can trade trinkets, creepy, creepy trinkets."></a>
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Yep, using this for storage and visibility 8D

Pirate themed AU

A nobleman sent his knights out to capture and enslave a family who was unable to repay their debt to him after their small merchant ship was sunk in a storm. The young son barely managed to escape with his life, fleeing to a small town just outside of the nobleman’s jurisdiction. There, he was taken in by the fishermen of the community, learning about the trade, and helping out on the docks while he was still young. As he grew older, he proved to have a keen sense of seamanship, and his strength allowed him to work as a sailor and physical laborer on the boats.

Eventually, he earned his own ship, granting him the freedom to begin his search for his lost family. His boat is a nimble schooner, requiring a crew of up to 14, with a carrying capacity of nearly a ton, and is ideal for hiding in the shallows in wait for a raid. One day, he managed to capture a (mostly empty) treasure galleon, limping it home with the crew he was able to spare. The multilevel ship was subsequently moored in a lagoon, where the pirates made their base, using the frame of the ship, and adding bits and pieces onto it to create their pirate haven.

Along the way, the young captain meets a variety of luperci who join his crew and eventually, he comes to think of them as his chosen family.

Those individuals are:

Hnnnng, I did myself in when I drew AU art Dx

A story/game/anime/manga that follows four agents that form an unlikely bond with one another as they serve the Shield, a first-line and defensive branch of the secret and elusive ghost organization known as Salsola.

Every Great City has its darkness, its secrets, and its skeletons that have long been locked in the closet, and Soulscity is no different. And where there is shadow, there is Salsola, an organization that runs on its own rules, unbound by any country or city's laws. Their business? Selling those secrets and finding those skeletons.

Song, first of all, how dare. Second of all, how dare you x2. I need this in my life right now and all the time afterward.
I blame song for everything all the time forever

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