Rejoining with my character
Am I needing to rejoin??
Also, what do I have to do to get Aiyana back? Same stuff? She was just a day behind, don't know if that matters...
Not really sure what you mean by "just a day behind," but standard procedures regarding third characters apply?

ETA: Ah, okay, it seems your two characters were recently removed for inactivity. Technically, because being removed for inactivity counts the same as dropping the characters, you should not have been able to rejoin with your second character until two weeks have passed since the "drop." This was an oversight on our part, so we won't take back the acceptance of Adonia. However, you WILL need to re-request permission for a third character (four weeks after Adonia's rejoin date at the soonest) and then rejoin with Aiyana then if you are approved. :>

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Ooh...well...-hugs Adonia- my take indian giving :P

Thanks Kiri for letting me know what I'd need to do to get Aiyana back :3

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