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at first I sought to be an anchor

The young male’s voice was strong, deep enough though still betraying his youth, with an edge of wariness rather than actual uncertainty. He was a warrior of a pack, and the number of battles he’d fought meant nothing when it came to defending his family. The black shape of the other werewolf was nearly his size, but he’d no problem drawing blood even if some of it turned out to be his own. The presence of the frightened dog behind him only strengthened his resolve as his lips curled back to reveal teeth not yet yellowed with the wear of an older knight’s fangs. He was young, but that meant nothing about what he’d do.

His fears were disproved (or at least briefly lightened) when the dark wolf submitted. Though civilized by most Luperci standards from life in the Court, Skoll was a canine who adhered to those deeper instincts, and the show appeased his dominant side. He relaxed only slightly, green eyes taking in the shape of the elderly Luperci as she came closer into sight, giving her name and her reason for being here.

The woman, Soran, mentioned visiting two courtiers, and the boy nearly smiled. He suppressed the urge but allowed his expression to soften slightly, even as he beckoned for Keziah to remain behind him. “Why are you leaving at this time of night, Madame Aatte? If you were a guest here, why not stay?” His ears flicked back briefly, and he betrayed some of his boyishness as he stated with all of a one-year-old’s wisdom: “It’s dangerous out there.”

just a really short post bringing this over! please poke me if you want more :3 ; 264 words

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